31 October 2019

BLACK CAT 6 Featuring Guitarist Neil Citron Release First Single "Don't Hesitate" On Oct. 31, 2019

Declassified Records is proud to announce the first single from their newest artist BLACK CAT 6 entitled “Don't Hesitate” will be released on Halloween, October 31, 2019 to all major digital music outlets. Black Cat 6 was formed in August of 2019 and features Grammy winning musician/producer Neil Citron on guitars, keyboards and vocals, Luke Fattore on drums and Jon Pomplin on bass guitars.

“Don't Hesitate” is the first single from the upcoming Black Cat 6 album “Scratching My Itch” due for international release from Declassified Records in November 2019. The music touches on the best of blues, prog, fusion and metal, with a contemporary edge that’s provided in part by the addition of an 8 string electric guitar. Classic yet modern, with a groove satisfying to music fans of all ages and tastes.

After relocating to Nevada, Neil Citron began doing sessions with drummer Luke Fattore on various recording projects both as a guitarist and producer/engineer. Immediately they hit it off and following the successful release of his latest album with “BangTower” and plans to tour on temporary hold, Neil began recording some basic tracks with Luke for a couple songs he'd recently written that were more vocal based rock. It became apparent very quickly this new music was something special. They enlisted bassist and label owner Jon Pomplin and the songs were added to and finished within a few weeks.

“Don't Hesitate” was engineered, mixed and mastered by producer Neil Citron at Hidden Fortress Studios, Las Vegas and will be available 10/31/19 on all major Digital music outlets including Amazon, CD-Baby, BandCamp, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and others.

The new Single is officially released and can be found at the following locations:

CD-BABY - https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/blackcat61
BANDCAMP - https://blackcat61.bandcamp.com/releases
APPLE MUSIC - https://music.apple.com/…/a…/dont-hesitate-single/1484586618
SPOTIFY - https://open.spotify.com/artist/6tp8PFFiljBxx1KYh2NfEO
AMAZON MUSIC - https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Hesitate-Black-Cat-6/dp/B07ZJPXQ8X

For more information on Black Cat 6:
Face Book - www.facebook.com/blackcat6band
Official Website - www.blackcat6.com
Declassified Records - www.declassifiedrecords.com

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Ted Wulfers has a new album and it is a diverse mix of rock, blues, jazz, pop, well, you name it and he does it. Check out my interesting interview now on my Podcast and you can read my review here if you are interested  https://www.thefinalonvinyl.com/article.html?id=123.

30 October 2019

New Age Meditation Review: Joss Jaffe-Meditation Music

Release Date: October 4, 2019
Label: Be Why Music

The art of meditation goes back for thousands of years. So, what can the modern-day human do to alleviate stress, get centered and refocused on all the important things? Yes, some sort of discipline or meditation that has been proven to work successfully for many people, that is how.

Coming from my perspective, I have heard hundreds of recordings that can be considered and or used for meditation. When one looks at the most recent release from Joss Jaffe, titled quite simple and direct, Meditation Music, that covers an expansive area.

Soothing sounds of nature like waves or birds tweeting are commonalities in this type of musical mixture. There is something about connecting with mother nature that grounds us all, its automatic, and it happens quickly and makes you feel good. I think most folks would agree with that assessment.
What makes the seven tracks on Meditation Music different and special? What sets it apart from all the others available? What I read on the back of the CD cover was telling. The use of proven scientific methods, music and sound waves, can be a very unique and effective combination. Joss proves that to be true on the seven tracks on this CD. The intent is to enhance your life and tap into your spirit to relax the physical states of delta and theta that can be reached by stimulating the brain with sound waves. The technology such as binaural beats (track 4 ”Deep Theta”) and isochronic tones (tracks 1 “Deep Delta and 6 “Aura Massage”) makes fine use of the modern research developed over the years.

I decided to choose “Temple Clouds” to add to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist. It is a perfect example of having enough time for this kind of exercise to take hold. It lasts for 10:20 minutes and it is very effective. This is coming from not as just the music listener or reviewer of the music, but as a potential student of this type of practice.

Where science meets music and nature and they all converge to formulate medicine for the mind and body is what Meditation Music accomplishes. There are no pills, miracle ointments, mental or physical exercises to excite the adrenalin glands, just pure sound with the right mix of nature, tones, and music. All of it becomes one as you enter the state of being that brings renewal and peace. Who in their right mind would not want that? Or those not in their right mind that need healing and recovery can use this as well. All of us have our moments of panic, distress, or clouded thinking, and at times need a helping hand to refocus.

We are led down different paths in life and have so many doors to open and close. You can trust me when I say that you need to open the door that Joss Jaffe presents with Meditation Music.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
October 28, 2019

Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

1. Deep Delta (432)
2. Dream State
3. Temple Clouds
4. Deep Theta (432)
5. Morning Sun Drops
6. Aura Massage  
7. Zen Forest


Blues-Rock Guitarist Chantel McGregor Releases New Live Album "Bury’d Alive"

Chantel McGregor has released her highly anticipated new live album “Bury'd Alive” which is available on CD and digital download.

Chantel and her band recorded “Bury'd Alive” at the prestigious venue, The Apex in Bury St Edmunds, UK on the 29th of March 2019. Being one of Chantel's favourite venues, The Apex seemed the obvious place to record her first live album.

“Bury'd Alive” brings together tracks from her first two albums, “Lose Control” and “Like No Other”, together with crowd favourite, the anthemic track “April” which is only available on this album, all played by a power trio, with no studio trickery or multiple night recordings, this is exactly the excitement and performance as it was on the night!

Produced, mixed and mastered by Wayne Proctor of House of Tone at Superfly Studios, the album was sure to sound incredible and capture the night as it was, a night and album to remember.

Watch the album preview here: 

About Chantel McGregor:
'Up next was someone I have seen before, Yorkshire’s very own Chantel McGregor. Her shy, “girl next door”, off stage persona combined with her soft spoken Yorkshire accent belie the power and energy of her performance on stage. Chantel didn’t become a professional musician by accident.

She’s been performing live gigs since the age of 12, schooled at a music college and achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Popular Music. Along with her current band members, Colin Sutton on bass and Thom Gardner on drums, they form an awesome power trio playing an eclectic mix of blues based tunes, composed by Chantel, ranging from traditional blues numbers complimented perfectly by the purity of her singing voice, to a much more raunchy blues rock style.

And boy, can that girl play guitar! With several complicated solos she proved that she can shred with the best of them as her and her guitar became one. I know that there were plenty of people there at the Blues Stage to see Ritchie Kotzen later that day, Chantel included, however I was left completely mesmerised and for me, Chantel was guitarist of the festival.'

For more information: https://www.chantelmcgregor.com/

To purchase Chantel McGregor's “Bury'd Alive”:
Amazon EU - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Buryd-Alive-Chantel-McGregor/dp/B07X58NH4J/ref=sr_1_1
Amazon USA - https://www.amazon.com/Buryd-Alive-Chantel-McGregor/dp/B07X58NH4J/ref=sr_1_1
Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/gb/album/buryd-alive/1480855158

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29 October 2019

District 97 Announce the Release of New Studio Album "Screens" – OUT NOW!

DISTRICT 97 is undoubtedly the most musically adventurous rock band in the world to feature an American Idol Top 10 Female Finalist. For over a decade, this quintet from Chicago has melded an adventurous instrumental prowess with the look, sound, and stage presence of Leslie Hunt.

Bill Bruford on Screens: “It’s almost intimidatingly skilful; tremendous refinement on previous work – you’re doing what you do only better. Great recording sound.”

Mike Portnoy: “District 97 continue to prove to be one of the most unique bands in modern Prog!”

Through world tours and a stream of studio and live releases, the band has garnered a worldwide fan base; collaborating with the late John Wetton and drawing praise from numerous rock luminaries along the way.

“Screens retains the essential elements of the District 97 sound, while also incorporating fresh, exciting influences” the band says. “The synergy of the new lineup is well beyond what we could have expected. We're so excited for everyone to embark on this next chapter of District 97.”

District 97 will celebrate the Screens CD Release in Chicago at Martyrs' on Wednesday, 11/13. Tickets available at http://www.martyrslive.com/wed-nov-13-8pm-12.

Look for Spring 2020 dates with Prog/Fusion masters Brand X to be announced soon.

A video for one of the new compositions “Sheep” can be seen here:

Screens and its accompanying live show are their most ambitious effort to date.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

The album can be bought/streamed digitally here: http://district97.net/news/screens-now-available

The CD is OUT NOW and available here: https://geni.us/D97004CD

For more information: http://www.district97.net/shows

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28 October 2019

Folk Review: Jack Tempchin-This Guitar and Tonight

Release Date: August 23rd, 2019
Label: Mailboat Records

Jack Tempchin is a folk artist famous for providing the world with what is now recognized as the California Sound. He entered the music world as a member of the Funky Kings in the 1970s and then proceeded to cowrite multiple radio hits in the 80s. He worked closely with Glenn Frey, co-writing songs such as ̈True Love,” ̈The one you Love, ̈ ̈Sexy Girl, ̈ and ̈"Party Town.” Originally from Encinitas, the city of San Diego proudly congratulated him on his success in 2012, when the mayor announced a “Peaceful Easy Feeling Day” to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Tempchin’s song released as a single. Tempchin’s newest album One More Time With Feeling is filled to the brim with emotion, amazing instrumentals, and lyrics sufficient to inspire his audience. 

Tempchin cleverly titled his newest album, since every single one of these songs has plenty of feeling to reveal. This album tells the story of a man going through a rollercoaster of emotions, all closely linked to love. The first song on this album, “True Love,” maintains a smooth melody, giving off a serene and calm atmosphere that suggests introspection and reflection on Tempchin’s part. It shows Tempchin first reflecting over whichever romantic battle he continues to describe in the rest of the album. “True Love” is a consistent theme throughout the album, repeatedly singing “True Loves got a lifetime guarantee” in “Never had the chance to say Goodbye.” “Love’s First Lesson” takes a much more solemn and reflective tone, claiming that loves first lesson is a broken heart. Tempchin demonstrates to his audience a glimpse of his love life and includes the highs and the lows, the good times and the bad times. 

Tempchin especially demonstrates his capability of writing a multitude of songs corresponding to multiple different genres in One More Time With Feeling. Although he does stick with his home genre of folk, Tempchin bounces from songs that are upbeat and fun to songs that are sad and tear-jerking. The title track, “One More Time With Feeling” is a song you can get up and dance to, its energetic. However, “Always Magic When the Sun Goes Do” is smooth, calming, and reflective. Whereas the instrumentals in “One More Time With Feeling” feel like they’re urging you to get up and dance, the instrumentals too “Always Magic When The Sun Goes Do” feel like they’re comforting you after a breakup. Tempchin’s One More Time With Feeling provides its audience with a whirlwind of emotions. From adrenaline to introspection, Tempchin demonstrates his amazing talent in each one of his songs.

Key Tracks Include “Never Had The Chance to Say Goodbye”, “One More Time With Feeling”, “Love’s First Lesson”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

Ana McLaughlin-Muzikman.net Staff
October 21, 2019

Rate The Tracks

01. One of the Good Old Days
02. Peaceful Easy Feeling
03. True Love
04. One More Time With Feeling
05. Never Had The Chance To Say Goodbye
06. Back To The Old Me
07. Loves First Lesson
08. Out in The Desert
09. Always Magic When The Sun Goes Do
10. Big Lincoln


Magma's Simon Goubert Releases New Album "NOUS VERRONS..."

Featuring Stella Vander of Magma!

The voice has always been part of Simon Goubert's life.

First, in the theater background of his childhood, it was spoken in all its forms. Sometimes whispered, other times recited, in the end it was always applauded.

Then it was sung. Whether divine when illuminating György Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna, velvety as Billie Holiday’s or husky like Tina Turner’s, the voice has always transported Simon Goubert... all the way to his meeting Magma.

His ten years collaborating with Christian Vander, whose music revolves around voices, have taught him to fine-tune this very special instrument.

Throughout his career, Simon Goubert has always used the voice, be it singular or plural, subtle or orchestral. But for this album, the musician wanted the voices to be front and center: Stella Vander giving life to Pierre-Michel Sivadier’s lyrics, Annie Ebrel elevating Breton poems and, finally, American rapper and slam poet Mike Ladd.

The instrumentalists are also an eclectic group of kindred spirits, first-rate artists met by Simon Goubert over the decades.

These musicians, whom Simon has always admired, excitedly embarked on this new journey with him. To succeed in this unprecedented adventure, these performers and improvisers have pooled together all of their know-how.

Gathered around Simon Goubert, these artists form an extraordinary band with Michel Edelin (flutes), Vincent Lê Quang (saxophones), Sylvain Kassap (clarinets), Sophia Domancich (piano), Emmanuel Bex (organ) and Hélène Labarrière (double bass).

With all of those talents combined, Simon Goubert has delivered his most beautiful album: the one that most resembles him.

Watch the album trailer:

To order: https://www.seventhrecords.com/en/catalogue-ex-tension-33/simon-goubert-nous-verrons--1290.html

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26 October 2019

Classical/New Age Instrumental Review: Gabriele Saro-SensationS

Release Date: October 9, 2019
Label: Independent

Gabriele Saro gets across the meaning of his recent release SensationS with a cover that says it all. I cannot say that I have seen a more sensual cover come across my desk in the classical-new age genre. It threw me off at first glance and created a different impression in my mind, which of course, was totally off base.

The music compositions and violin are provided by Gabriele, Andrea Del Piccolo is on piano and Francesco Pinosa rounds out the bottom end with his cello. It is a very effective and poignant trio that delivers the vastness in musical compositions and execution throughout the fifteen tracks. The tradition and discipline of classical music is on display in all its glory on this release.

The maestro on the violin is amazing. Some of the sounds Gabriele coaxes from that instrument sound as if two people are playing not just one. It is very different from what I have been accustomed to on instrumental albums like this.

What you will experience are all kinds of SensationS consistently. I must say that this group of tracks was aptly titled by the creator. And not to mention of course the perfect title for the album. It all comes together for you the listener when looking at all aspects offered on this broad selection of songs. As it mentions in the liner notes of the CD, this is “to reach states of deeper harmony with our ego, through the harmony that only its vibrations can give.” Yes, the harmony of the music and the vibrations of those sounds can sync with your heartbeat, your thought process will hopefully translate with ringing truth in your soul. For my senses that is what I look to discover in instrumental music of this nature.

Every track can bring moments of beauty, perfection, the silence of your emotions, and ultimately the focus you seek arrives through that process. Everything in life is about the process, through our minds, hearts and innermost beliefs. The only thing that heals as it does, is music. It comes with no orders from your doctor and it’s not a prescription to fix you. This is the purity of the heart translated through gifted musicians.

SensationS is everything it can be and everything you desire it to be. The giving of the music and the elegance of the classical foundation, with a new age flair, is the perfect marriage for the creators and all listeners ready to embrace it. What more can one ask for from a shiny metallic disc producing all of this sound? It is just what you need at any time during the day or evening to breath in and feels the gratitude of the wonderful artists that give us this gift of music.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
October 26, 2019

Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

01. Morrow
02. Stilness
03. Bliss
04. Merriment
05. Enchantment
06. Contrasts
07. Regrets
08. Accord
09. Torments
10. Chills
11. Nostalgia
12. Gracefulness
13. Delicacy
14. Liberty
15. Serenity 

25 October 2019

Latin-World-Rock Review: Santana-Africa Speaks

Release Date: June 7, 2019
Label: Starfaith, LLC

Santana is back at it, with their newest album Africa Speaks. This one features the incredible vocals of Buika, who helped co-write all songs on the album. Aside from the obvious rock genre, this album includes jazz, blues rock, and African roots. Everything about this album screams “take me to the Sahara.” If you’re a fan of Santana, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of the songs. For those who aren’t familiar with the band, don’t let the title throw you off. This album kicks ass.

The first track is called “Africa Speaks,” and it is an anthem. It starts with a spoken story, which is common in African culture. The bongo drums and chanted vocals are clearly what has given this album its African influence. Buika takes over with her otherworldly vocals. Something about the smooth transition between each note is mesmerizing. “Yo Me Lo Merezco” has a 70’s open road rock sound, like a Latin Woodstock sort of song.

There are also songs on the album that aren’t so heavy with African elements. “Blue Skies” starts as an easy-going song. It instills that hazy, looking up at the clouds feeling. Then after the four-minute mark, it pretty much just becomes instrumental. The guitar solo is great and all, but I think the song would have been more cohesive without it. “Breaking Down The Door” gives us more classic Santana vibes. There are more Latin sounds in this song with the horn section, smooth electric guitar, and Frenchy-accordion. These songs aren’t super “lyric-driven.” Most of the lyrics get lost under the instrumentals. It also doesn’t help that the Buika isn’t singing all the songs in her first language.

The album ends with “Candombe Cumbele,” which is another song with strong African elements. Buika’s vocals are incredibly rich and raw. You can tell that there is hardly any vocal processing on her cuts. The African influences are a cool idea for a rock album, and Santana nailed the concept. There’s something that draws the ear in when listening to music from a different culture. Santana brings a new flair and style to typical rock music. I think this album could even be liked by younger listeners. With all the remakes going on, I think that Disney needs to collaborate with Santana on a new Tarzan soundtrack. It would be a nice way to expose that younger audience to Santana’s music. That’s just something I would love to see happen, but who knows, Phil Collins might already have a claim to it. With Santana being such a well-known band, you might have already heard the album. Maybe you’re just here to hear someone else’s opinion, but in the off chance that this is news to you, go check out Africa Speaks. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Lily Clark – Berklee College of Music Intern
October 20, 2019

Reviews Provided By:
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01. Africa Speaks
02. Batonga
03. Oye Este Mi Canto
04. Yo Me Lo Merezco
05. Blue Skies
06. Paraísos Quemados
07. Breaking The Door Down
08. Los Invisibes
09. Luna Hechicera
10. Bembele
11. Candombe Cumbele


"The Fall: Box of Ten #2" with Free Bonus Disc "Cork 21st July 2012" Now Available For Pre-order

The Fall were an English post-punk band, formed in 1976 in Prestwich, Greater Manchester. They underwent many line-up changes, with vocalist and founder Mark E. Smith as the only constant member.

First associated with the late 1970s punk movement, the Fall’s music has always pushed & challenged boundaries, with Mark. E. Smith at the helm on and off stage, the band has always been characterised by an abrasive, repetitive guitar-driven sound and tense bass and drum rhythms, along with Smith’s caustic lyrics, described by critic Simon Reynolds as “a kind of Northern English magic realism that mixed industrial grime with the unearthly and uncanny, voiced through a unique, one-note delivery somewhere between amphetamine-spiked rant and alcohol-addled yarn.”

The Fall have been called “the most prolific band of the British post-punk movement.” From 1979 to 2017, they released thirty-two studio albums. They were long associated with BBC disc jockey John Peel, who championed them from early on in their career and described them as his favourite band, famously explaining, “they are always different; they are always the same.” Earlier this year, Smith died at the age of 60, effectively putting an end to the group.

No other band in the world can touch The Fall’s magnificence and sheer volume, which are captured here in 'Box of Ten #2'. Issued on Cog Sinister, The Fall’s official label, and following on from the “Set of Ten”

This is a limited-edition set (only 500 units) of 11 discs of previously unreleased live recordings, spanning three decades. The earliest recording taken from 1984 and the most recent 2014.

Includes free bonus disc The Fall - Live in Cork 2012.

Each limited edition box set contains:
The Fall - Live in Hanover 1984
The Fall - Live from New York Tramps 1984
The Fall - Live in Motherwell 1996
The Fall - Live in Edinburgh 2001
The Fall - Live at the Manchester MOHU 2009
The Fall - Live in Newcastle 2011
The Fall - Live in Leeds 2012
The Fall - Live in Cork 2012
The Fall - Live in Nantes 2013
The Fall - Live in Dublin 2013
The Fall - Live in Nimes 2014
The Fall - Live in Nimes 2014

Release date 1st December 2019

To pre-order: https://www.musicglue.com/cog-sinister/products/the-fall-box-of-ten-number-2-with-free-bonus-disc-cork-21st-july-2012

Press inquiries (North America): Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

24 October 2019

Rock/Prog Rock-American Tears-White Flags

Release Date: June 21, 2019
Label: Escape Music Ltd
The renaissance of 70’s power keyboard legends, American Tears is in full force with their second release in as many years, White Flags.  Not only are they influenced by keyboard-driven progressive rock of the album-oriented 70’s such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Genesis, and Deep Purple, they helped define the genre. Founder Mark Mangold’s boundless musical energy and skill spawn critically acclaimed, yet commercially unsuccessful releases Branded Bad and Tear Gas in the mid-’70s.  American Tears would morph into Touch in the early ’80s yet remain clouded in anonymity.  Mangold moved on to collaborate with artists such as Michael Bolton, write hits for Cher and Benny Mardones, and release his solo records.
The band’s current incarnation unearths an ambiance from a time in rock history when keyboard solos reigned supreme. Tom Scholz’s masterful Hammond organ solo on Boston’s Smokin comes to mind.  Mangold’s keyboard riffs are rife with passion and energy. The moment you feel him about to wind down and wrap up, he reinvents the song and takes it to another level.  In this regard, American Tears defies formulaic structure. To the delight of the listener, these songs keep going and going. After all, if you’re enjoying the ride, why would you want it to end? 
In a recent interview on The Final on Vinyl Podcast (or play below), Mangold quotes Pete Townsend when The Who was accused of sounding self-indulgent and pretentious “Thank you very much,” said Pete, clearly proud of being labeled as such. Mangold is justifiably proud, as well.   
Listening to his vocals on White Flags, one is reminded of the soul and range of The Cult’s Ian Astbury.  Each song on White Flags is consistently upbeat with a broad array of tempos and melodies.  Two of the more soulful tracks which accentuate his vocal range come in the form of “Give me More” and the album’s closer “White Flags.” 
To Mark Mangold, White Flags is about surrender and sacrifice.  Giving up the battles and giving all of oneself is a sure path to freedom. The lyrics, vocals, and driving power keyboards echo that refrain.  Those who remember American Tears from the ’70s will enjoy this next chapter in their evolution while an emerging fan base is sure to keep growing. 
Tom Endyke - MuzikMan.net Staff
October 19, 2019

Key Tracks Include: “Hell or High Water,” “Fire Down Below,” “Turn U On”, “Turn the Page”

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01. Turn U On
02. Wake up City
03. Hell or High Water
04. Waltz of the Angels
05. Fire Down Below
06. Give Me More
07. Love is Love
08. Turn the Page (Blue Dog)
09. Pitch Black
10. Keep on Movin’
11. White Flags