30 September 2019

Folk Rock Review: Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Dragons

Release Date: August 16, 2019
Label:  Magnolia Records/Thirty Tigers

Dragons, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors latest release, starts breathing fire then settles into the cozy creature comforts of Alternative Country music. I wouldn't call it Alt-Folk because there is too much foot-stomping rhythm. I wouldn't call it Alt-Rock because there is too much acoustic styling and harmonic balladeering. Alt or even straight-up Country defines it better. 

"Family," the opening track gets you from the get-go. It will have you running to the kitchen for a jug to blow into, or a pair of spoons to slap on your knees. It's a celebration of your own, ripe with reality. "It ain't always pretty, can drive you insane…". Despite its energy, the song comes across as a bit derivative. I couldn't help think of the Lumineers Hey, Ho. Alter the simple bass drum beat slightly and replace "Hey, Ho" with "Family" and you've got an eerily similar song. 

"End of the World," keeps the fire burning and deepens the dimensions with rich lyrics and harmonies diving in and out of thundering choruses and soft interludes. From here, the band moves into a set of lovelorn and lovestruck ballads replete with hackneyed country platitudes. This grouping of songs – collaborations with The Lone Bellow, Ellie Holcomb (Drew's wife), Lori Mckenna & Natalie Hemby – alter the course of the album, taming the dragon and chaining it to a tree. The slower turn has some merits as the melodies are rife with emotion and the pain in Mr. Holcomb's voice sounds drawn from experience.  

The album cover represents two images of Drew Holcomb and following course; the album struggles to find its identity. Despite the stylistic dichotomy, all these songs have sincere, wholesome, and heartfelt threads ARE woven through them. If you're a music fan who values songs over albums, you'll undoubtedly find some gems on Dragons. As a whole, however, it feels a bit disjointed and ordinary.

Key Tracks Include: “Family”, “End of the World”

Tom Endyke-MuzikMan.net Staff
September 22, 2019

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01. Family
02. End of the World
03. But I’ll Never Forget the Way You Make Me Feel
04. Dragons
05. See the World
06. You Want What You Can’t Have
07. Maybe
08. Make it Look so Easy
09. You Never Leave
My Heart
10. Bittersweet

Laura Espinoza and Lunden Reign Release New Single Feat. Missing Persons Legend Dale Bozzio

“Somewhere There Forever” ft. Dale Bozzio by Laura Espinoza and Lunden Reign

Dale Bozzio, legendary lead singer of Missing Persons, makes a special guest appearance and joins Mindy Milburn on vocals to record Laura Espinoza and Lunden Reign's newest single, “Somewhere There Forever.” This is a quirky, eclectic song about a person who doesn't want to let go of someone they love and miss very much, but that person is now only in their memories.

“Walking down a graveyard path near here, 
Drinking in the moonshine chasing fears,
You are calling so loquacious, You are falling so impatient
Then I realize you have disappeared”

Along with Dale Bozzio, Mindy Milburn & Laura Espinoza, “Somewhere There Forever” also features some of LA's most talented musicians including Geoff Pearlman (Echo in the Canyon Band); Michael Bluestein (Foreigner); Matt Denis; Noel Jasso, Miranda Miller & Julian Tomarin.

Listen to “Somewhere There Forever”: 

“'Somewhere There Forever' takes me back to the '90s with No Doubt's 'Tragic Kingdom' and 'Letters to Cleo.' This is the sound that I had hoped those bands would continue with on the radio, but that never happened. You continue to create music we wish we heard on popular radio. Great job.” - Warren Kurtz, Goldmine Music Magazine

“Somewhere There Forever” will be released world-wide on October 1, 2019 on all major music platforms including: iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

This is the second single released this year by Laura Espinoza and Lunden Reign. Their song “Follow Me to the Sun” was released in April, 2019. Both will be combined into the bands upcoming third album slated for release in mid 2020. Both songs written by Laura Espinoza.

The band features Laura Espinoza - guitar; Mindy Milburn -lead vocals; Matt Denis -bass & Noel Jasso - Drums and will be performing in the fall on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

To purchase “Somewhere There Forever”: 

“Somewhere There Forever”

Music & Lyrics by: Laura Espinoza

Walking down a graveyard path near here
Drinking in the moonshine chasing fears
You are calling so loquacious
You are falling so impatient
Then I realize you have disappeared

Is this really a life without you?
An hourglass without sand

When I met you I never ever
Thought I’d see you there
Lying somewhere there forever.

Driving down the coast without a care
Speculating you are sitting there
Music blaring, people staring
Moonlight glitters, thrills we’re sharing
Then I realize you aren’t really here

Am I really just holding onto
Dreams without you here
Venerating, just speculating
You are waiting there
Waiting somewhere there forever.

This is just how I feel
This is why life always matters
This is just how I deal
When it’s time for the ever-after

Is this really a life without you?
An hourglass without sand
When I met you I never ever
Thought I’d see you there
Lying somewhere there forever

Walking down a graveyard path near here
Drinking in the moonshine chasing fears
You are calling so loquacious
You are falling so impatient 
Then I realize you have disappeared
Then I realize you have disappeared
Then I realize you aren’t really here

© 2019 by Laura Espinoza

Laura Espinoza: Laura is a songwriter/guitarist, playwright, and TV producer. She is the primary songwriter for the critically acclaimed original alt rock band Laura Espinoza & Lunden Reign. Laura recently won a NARAS songwriting contest, exclusive to Grammy voting members where she participated in a private songwriting workshop with Busby, Rodney Jerkins, Shane Stevens and Sarah Hudson. She has performed on stage with Luis Maldonado (Train), Terri Nunn (Berlin), Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) & Prescott Niles (The Knack), and started her career with Matt Sorum (Guns n' Roses) She has recorded at Capitol Records, Hollywood, Abbey Road, UK and is the host of “The Rock Radio Show” on KBU-FM, Malibu.

For more information:
Website: LauraEspinozaandLundenReign.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/LundenReign
Twitter: @LundenReign
Instagram: instagram.com/LundenReign
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LundenReign

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

28 September 2019

New Age Chill: 7and5-Rhythm of Life

Release Date: September 20, 2019
Label: Nix Records

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7and5 is Mr. John Nixon, a man of many colors that has produced a lot of music over the years. I am now embarking on my third journey with his instrumental voyages on the Rhythm of Life.

I love the way this album started with “Gravity.” It is an energetic opener and just the perfect setting to get your pulse to rise. It makes it rise in a chill kind of way, the only way John knows how, with thumping dance-like beats and a layer of keys that invite you on this magic carpet ride of music. I absolutely love it. I made it my Spotify Playlist pick without a second thought.

If I had been born during a different decade, I think I would have lived in the dance halls filled with trance and thumping beats. But alas folks, I am a rocker at heart that happens to enjoy a wide variety of music and I have a true appreciation of any creative process. Music just happens to be my sweet spot that I derive so much happiness and peace through. It serves as the looking glass into my soul, the mirror of my true self. Speaking of that, check out “Reflection,” it’s an epic ride on the clouds that brings you peace and makes your heart smile.

With music that portrays the Rhythm of Life, what more could I possibly ask for? The eleven tracks encompassing this recording shines the light on a very talented and creative human being. He wants to impart all of these sounds, textures, and colors into one beautiful package for us to consume. I think there is a lot of crossover appeal with this release as well, not fitting into a neat little box but a broad scope covering new age, chill, ambient, and contemporary instrumental slots on your streaming stations all over the planet.

I appreciated the nice gentle touches of the piano with the other key layers and beats swooshing in and out, creating a colorful tapestry of instrumental bliss. It comes together very nicely and I am sure this kind of project takes a while to put together considering it is one person doing all the composing.

The maestro is 7and5, the alter ego of John Nixon, a brilliant instrumentalist, and composer that knows how to touch your soul with his music. I say play it again maestro! I can’t wait for the next album in 2020!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 26, 2019
Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews


01. Gravity
02. Take Me Back
03. Air Meets Water
04. So It Begins
05. While the Rain Falls
06. Wildflower
07. Rhythm of Life
08. Reflection
09. Paradise
10. Heartbeat
11. A New Horizon


Rock Review: Suzi Quatro-No Control

Release Date: March 29th, 2019
Label: Steamhammer

Pioneer of the rock n’ roll woman, Suzi Quatro, shows she has no problem diversifying her sound to the present musical climate, almost 50 years after she first broke onto the scene. Her newest album, No Control, is energetic and defiant, boasting thoughtful, inspirational lyrics backed by sublime and rounded instrumentation. The production throughout is so full, with each instrument given space and time to shine, that listening sounds like attending a pristine live set. This release serves as a statement from the 69-year-old; I’m still here and I’ve still got it. 

Over 11 songs, Quatro jumps between hard rock, blues, and country styles. The first track, “No Soul / No Control” is the perfect entrance to the project, throwing the listener straight into the action. Powerful lyrics like “you can’t break me, cause I’m in control” flow over a heavy rock guitar rhythm, reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age’s work on Villains. “Strings” is a masterful, melodic, and funky rock ballad made up of profound lyrics, powerful big brass trumpets, and a blissful, ascending piano.

Upon first listen, “Love isn’t fair” seems like a strange interlude. Sandwiched between two electrifying rock songs, the trumpets and jaunty calypso steel drums create an island, beach-holiday vibe. However, pay attention to its melancholic, country-style lyrics about lost love and this song will grow on you quick. It’s this contradiction which adds to the charm of the song and makes it one of the more enjoyable songs of the collection

On the track “Macho Man” Quatro’s squealing vocals pair terrifically with a thumping guitar beat and manic drumming to create another album highlight, bursting at the seams with energy. “Easy Pickings” lulls the listener gently in, starting slow with soft drum brushes and a warbling harmonica, which then blends seamlessly into a bombastic, crashing masterpiece of heavy rock on the bridge. A tantalizing piano solo near the end of this track serves as the cherry on top for this gorgeously arranged tour de force. 

Throughout the album one is hard-pressed to find anywhere Quatro and co. put a foot wrong, ducking and diving between styles and genres, on one track rocking out, on another providing a feel-good, inspirational bounce. One missed swing could be “Bass Line” however, which is a lackluster track, saved only by Quatro’s quavering bass solo towards the end.

Key Tracks Include: “No Soul / No Control”, “Strings”, “Macho Man” and “Easy Pickings.”

Nicholas Lane-MuzikMan.net Contributor

September 25, 2019

01. No Soul / No Control
02. Going Home
03. Strings
04. Love Isn’t Fair
05. Macho Man
06. Easy Pickings
07. Bass Line
08. Don’t Do Me Wrong
09. Heavy Duty
10. I Can Teach You to Fly
11. Going Down Blues

27 September 2019

HAWKWIND Collaborator MICHAEL MOORCOCK & THE DEEP FIX Release Third Studio Album!

British Author/Musician MICHAEL MOORCOCK releases Live At The Terminal Café

Los Angeles, CA - As a novelist and short-story writer, Michael Moorcock stands with one foot planted firmly in reality and the other in fantasy. He has won and been short-listed for almost every award in the sf/fantasy world as well as in the wider literary world. The London Times named him one of the fifty best British writers since 1945. He scripted ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ film and his Jerry Cornelius novel ‘The Final Programme’ was filmed with Jon Finch. His much-imitated and most famous character, Elric, is currently optioned for TV/movies and the BBC have his Hawkmoon series under option. As a journalist, he has written for The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The New Statesman, and The Spectator.

His music career has been no less laudatory. When performing with Hawkwind, Moorcock won a gold disc for Warrior on the Edge of Time. He has also worked with Blue Öyster Cult, Robert Calvert, Spirits Burning, and developed his own music project dubbed The Deep Fix. Moorcock’s long friendship with the legendary guitarist-bookscout Martin Stone (The Action/Mighty Baby, Savoy Brown, Chilli Willie) culminated in their decision to do an album together. They had grown up in the same town and had similar influences as musicians and readers. Both lived in Paris. The result is the new studio album Live At The Terminal Café.

Moorcock explains the genesis of the album: “Martin contacted Denis Baudrillart, the outstanding French drummer, and bassist/all-rounder Brad Scott and we rented a rehearsal studio. Eventually, the basic tracks were recorded in Montmartre and after that it was up to my friend Sean Orr in Texas to add fiddle and friend Don Falcone in California to perform his magic, adding Catherine Foreman and Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven), and our first psychedelic Country & Cajun record was ready to go. Like a lot of my music, it’s intended to complement certain books of mine, in this case, the ‘Blood’ trilogy set in Texas and Louisiana where the Earth’s polarities are reversed, with bizarre consequences.”

Moorcock wrote or co-wrote the 11 songs, sings lead vocals on all tracks, and also performed harmonica on two songs on Live At The Terminal Café. The album was mixed and produced by Don Falcone, who runs the music collective Spirits Burning.

Both the CD package and vinyl version include full lyrics, plus artwork by Walter Simonson (best known for Marvel Comics’ Thor), who drew Moorcock’s DC series ‘Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse’.

Track List:
1. The Effects Of Entropy
2. Terminal Café
3. The Dream Of Eden
4. Sam Oakenhurst's Story
5. St. James Infirmary
6. The Heat Of The New Orleans Night
7. Lou
8. A Man Like Me
9. Mississippi Turn Round
10. Blood
11. Eden Revisited

Buy the CD here: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/michael-moorcock-the-deep-fix-live-at-the-terminal-cafe-cd/
Buy the vinyl here: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/michael-moorcock-the-deep-fix-live-at-the-terminal-cafe-limited-edition-blue-vinyl/
Buy the digital here: https://orcd.co/michaelmoorcockandthedeepfix

Band links:

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11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025

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26 September 2019

Rock-Punk-New Wave Review: Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue-The Collection

Release Date: October 18, 2019
Label:  Rave On Records

Riding on the punk crest of the new wave movement, Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue released Radioactive, A 12-track blitzkrieg providing enough octane to power a stock car. After shaking up the lineup (G.E. Smith of SNL fame replaced by Mick Ronson of David Bowie fame), the band began recording their second album, Reptiles in Motion. Conflicts between the record company, the studio and the producer put the sessions to rest. Some 40 years later, the recordings are finally seeing the light of day. Combined with Radioactive, this collection provides the ultimate Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue experience. 

The sound borrows from the Ramones and Johnny Thunders, yet adds enough texture and pop affectations to make it more accessible to the masses. Think power punk mixed with power pop. If Radioactive is a blitzkrieg, then Reptiles in Motion is a more deliberate and sustained attack. Make no mistake, Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue make the most of each song in this collection. There is little time wasted on prolonged notes, extended verses or spaces between stanzas — the 24 tracks average a modest 3:07 in duration. The blistering guitar and angst-ridden lyrics impose their will with skill and brevity, forcing the listener to react. 

It's hard to believe that songs like "Stop & Go" and "Please Believe Me" from Radioactive never hit the mainstream in 1979. We'll leave this mystery up to the documentary makers, but one could easily see these performances blending in between Graham Parker and Cheap Trick on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert or becoming vanguard new wave music videos. The same could be said for songs like "Radioactive" and "No Secrets" on the follow-up, Reptiles in Motion which would have/should have been released in 1980. 

All in all, The Collection does not disappoint, and despite 40 years between Radioactive and Reptiles in Motion, the power still surges, leaving the listener revived and energized. 

Key Tracks Include: “Stop & Go”, “Please Believe Me”, “Kill Me”, “Radioactive”, “No Secrets”, “Rock it to the Kremlin”.

Tom Endyke
September 22, 2019

01. High Society
02. Dear Dad
03. Stop and Go
04. Pain Killer
05. Rescue Me
06. Kill Me
07. Reach for the Sky
08. Madonna’s Last Stand
09. Please Believe Me
10. Close Inspection
11. Inside Outside
12. I Can’t Control Myself
13. She’s Older Now
14. Pros and Cons
15. Radioactive
16. One More Try
17. No Secrets
18. Debutante Ball
19. Make it be Over
20. I’m in Distress
21. Point Blank
22. Back it Up
23. Living in Anger
24. Rock it to the Kremlin

24 September 2019

Modern Prog Band District 97 To Tour In Support of New Album Release "Screens"

District 97 “Screens” will be released in the UK/Europe Oct. 4 and North America Oct. 11, 2019

District 97 is undoubtedly the most musically adventurous rock band in the world to feature an American Idol Top 10 Female Finalist. For over a decade, this quintet from Chicago has melded an adventurous instrumental prowess with the look, sound, and stage presence of Leslie Hunt. Through world tours and a stream of studio and live releases, the band has garnered a worldwide fanbase; collaborating with John Wetton and drawing praise from Bill Bruford, Mike Portnoy and other rock luminaries along the way. Their forthcoming album “Screens” and its accompanying live show promises to be their most ambitious effort to date.

“We had a blast playing 'Screens' live earlier this year in North America, and we can't wait to bring that and some of our older material across the pond for the very first time. To do so whilst teaming up with incredible bands like Flyiing Colors, Goblin, and Maschine make this tour an absolute must see.”

Watch the tour trailer:

Tour dates:
9/30/19, Burg Schnabel  Berlin, DE
10/02/19, Das Rind Rüsselsheim, DE
10/03/19, De Boerderij Zoetermeer, NL
10/05/19, Spirit of 66 Verviers, BE
10/06/19, Summer's End Prog Festival, Chepstow, UK
10/07/2019, The Robin 2 w/Maschine,  Bilston, UK
10/08/19, The Musician w/Maschine,  Leicester, UK
10/09/19, 229 w/Maschine, London, UK
10/10/19,  Trading Boundaries w/Maschine, East Sussex, UK
10/13/19, Progtoberfest V @ Reggies, Chicago, IL
10/17/19, Arcada Theater w/Flying Colors, St. Charles, IL

For more information: http://www.district97.net/shows

Watch the Modern Drummer premiere of the new video for “Sheep”: https://wp.me/p1bQfj-Dxe

To pre-order “Screens”: https://geni.us/D97004CD
Digital pre-orders: http://district97.net/news/pre-order-screens-now

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Bruce Soord, The Pineapple Thief Frontman, Releases New Solo Album 'All This Will Be Yours'


KSCOPE – Digitally Released on October 25 and CD / LP Released on November 1

Bruce Soord, the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and frontman for internationally renowned experimental rock outfit The Pineapple Thief, has confirmed the release of his second solo album. Entitled All This Will Be Yours it will be released through Kscope digitally on October 25 and CD / LP on November 1, 2019.

Photo credit: Steve Brown www.stevebrowncreative.com

Oh this path falls away from you
On this path there’s just one thing I must do


Taking elements from the recent musical developments with The Pineapple Thief, as well as an ambition to experiment with his own sound, All This Will Be Yours is an album of acoustic and personal vision from Bruce Soord. Described by Soord as an observational record, it is inspired by the joy felt by the birth of his third child juxtaposed by the local deprivation in his hometown.

Bruce explains, “Emotionally it was a pretty unique & eventful time, my wife was due to have our 3rd child at any time but she managed to come to see the final date of the TPT tour at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire, after the show that night we returned home to Yeovil and the next day our baby girl arrived.  So, we had this new life in our lives and it introduced a very different perspective on the world around me. I was totally inspired and started writing almost immediately.”

He continues, “You’d like to think that something as simple as having a child shouldn’t impact on how you view things, but even the sight of a serene, sleeping baby in my studio while I was writing and recording, impacted on how I was inspired to write.  I was still observing. Taking walks in my hometown, witnessing the deprivation, the ‘incarcerated souls’ shuffling to my local drug den ‘number 158’, the screaming children on their commute to school. And the incessant sounds of sirens. I would take a mobile recorder out with me and some of these sounds made it onto the record. The kids, an old man walking along the street singing outside my house (‘Our Gravest Threat Apart’). And the sirens. The sirens appear throughout the record.”

The sound of All This Will Be Yours features modern production elements, as well as acoustic guitars delicately layered with samples. Ever present are Soord's familiar vocals, which deliver an emotive and accessible view into his contrasting feelings when writing about austerity whilst his newborn dozed in the studio. The audio has been recorded as two continuous linear pieces to replicate the pleasure of listening to an album on vinyl and was mastered by fellow The Pineapple Thief member Steve Kitch.

The new album, All This Will Be Yours, builds on Soord's momentum gained by The Pineapple Thief's multiple headline Europe and UK tours in support of 2018 UK #1 Rock album Dissolution and 2016 summer hit album Your Wilderness.  November 2019 sees The Pineapple Thief embark on their first North American tour. A prolific musician, Soord has also previously collaborated with Katatonia’s Jonas Renkse on fan-favourite album Wisdom of Crowds and produced 5.1 mixes for the likes of Katatonia, Opeth & Anathema.

1. The Secrets I Know [02:24]
2. Our Gravest Threat Apart [04:14]
3. The Solitary Path Of A Convicted Man [03:44]
4. All This Will Be Yours [06:04]
5. Time Does Not Exist[03:33]
6. One Misstep [04:00]
7. You Hear The Voices[06:54]
8. Cut The Flowers[04:35]
9. One Day I Will Leave You [05:17]

All This Will Be Yours will be released on CD, LP, digitally and as a deluxe hardback book 3 disc edition featuring the album on CD, with an extra CD of acoustic re-workings and bonus studio tracks plus a DVD with All This Will Be Yours as a Hi-res 24/88 WAV stereo album, Hi res 24/88 WAV acoustic album and Hi res 24/88 WAV bonus studio tracks, all of which will also be available in 24/88 DTS 5.1 surround. PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE HERE

Hi-res images available here: www.kscopemusic.com/media/brucesoord
Photo credit: Steve Brown www.stevebrowncreative.com

Press for Bruce Soord – the debut album:

“He’s created something remarkable” - Classic Rock

“A journey that would please fans of Floyd and Steven Wilson” - Total Guitar

“Soord has genuinely created something truly outstanding” - Prog

“Deceptively simple, emotionally rich, this album shows Soord at the peak of his powers” - Echoes and Dust

THE PINEAPPLE THIEF will be playing their first ever North America tour in November and December 2019:
Nov 19 - Atlanta, GA - Variety Playhouse
Nov 20 - Charlotte, NC - Neighborhood Theatre
Nov 21 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Soundstage
Nov 22 - Philadelphia, PA -  Union Transfer
Nov 23 - New York City, NY - Sony Hall
Nov 24 - Boston, MA - The Sinclair
Nov 26 - Quebec City, Canada - Palais Montcalm
Nov 27 - Montreal, Canada - Corona Theatre
Nov 28 - Toronto, Canada - Mod Club
Nov 29 - Cleveland, OH -  Beachland Ballroom
Nov 30 - Detroit, MI - The Crofoot Ballroom
Dec 1 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
Dec 3 - Guadalajara, Mexico - C3 Stage
Dec 4 - Mexico City, Mexico -  Lunario del Auditorio Nacional
Dec 6 - Englewood, CO - Gothic Theatre
Dec 8 - Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom
Dec 9 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
Dec 10 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's
Dec 12 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre
Dec 13 - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Rickshaw Theatre
Dec 14 - Seattle, WA - Neumos

Bruce Soord online:
Facebook, twitter & Instagram: @bsoord

The Pineapple Thief online:
Website: www.thepineapplethief.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepineapplethief
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pineapplethief
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thepineapplethief
Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/4lrBMUSk8PiNnCEZfsmPAk
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE6401DB011BD837E
Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/the-pineapple-thief/id278648772

Press inquiries (North America): Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

23 September 2019

Contemporary Instrumental Review: Jarred Walker-Becoming Tomorrow

Release Date: January 1, 2019
Label: Independent

Jarred Walker started tinkering with the ivory keys when he was four years old. Now all his all-instrumental acoustic piano comes flowing out of your speakers, phone, or whatever device you happen to be using. Even today that sounds so different to say rather than your stereo or car radio. Luckily for Jarred all the music on Becoming Tomorrow transcends time and all barriers. 

One of the more gorgeous tracks is “Dream of the Firefly.” I quickly put it on my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist. Folks that do not read the review will be able to hear it if they go to the site. 

Spotify has a huge market share of streaming music now and it looks as though they are here to stay. That is just fine with me, it is a handy tool to access music and sample some new artists or listen to your library or anyone you follow. It is a great platform to get your music out there and people like Jarred need to be heard, it's as simple as that. It works I cannot deny it.

One of the more difficult things to accomplish with instrumental music is to keep a listener’s attention, particularly those that are accustomed to hearing vocals accompanying all the music. The music needs to demand your attention and paint a picture within each song. Jarred does accomplish that within the ten tracks on Becoming Tomorrow. 

Songs like “Turning Point” are uplifting. The rhythm and pace are something that you would hear playing during a more positive fast-moving scene in a movie. Whether it is one that you are watching or the one developing in your mind's eye, you feel it happening. This is the kind of realism that needs to happen in instrumental music or your audience is lost. Music such as this gives you pause, perhaps a moment to reflect, or just kick off your shoes, sit in a comfy chair and put the day behind you. It is satisfying, like a good day’s work, it keeps you going strong then lets you down easy when the track comes to a close.

All the music you will hear on Becoming Tomorrow was composed by Jarred. His ability to take a diverse array of influences, colors and various complexities within compositions is his greatest attribute. What you get is a composite of everything the man knows coming together like a patchwork quilt with perfected stitching everywhere. It is a contemporary instrumental potpourri that is sure to calm your nerves and satisfy from beginning to end.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 19, 2019

Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

01.  SOMETHING NEW  3:37
04.  FILL THE STARS  4:00
05.  STEAM HORSE  3:22
06.  THIS TIME  4:27
07.  TURNING POINT  2:25
08.  LOOKING BACK  4:16
10. END OF THE LINE  3:05