22 September 2019

Rock - Metal Review: Howling Giant-The Space Between Worlds

Release Date: September 27, 2019
Label: Blues Funeral Recordings
Premiering their debut full-length album The Space Between Worlds, Howling Giant proves they have exactly what it takes to go toe-to-toe with some of Rock N’ Roll’s or better yet, Metal’s biggest contenders like Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, or even Megadeath. Before even reading what the album concept is, you can tell there is a theme that runs through; as though someone is on a journey for victory. 

As you travel through the tracklist, “Ghosts In The Well” is a nice switch-up on the record giving the song a more acoustic vibe, even if it is only temporary. The band does a wonderful job conveying the message of a 9-track journey that almost seems like a video game with some of the track titles. This album is not for the faint of heart, however. It is most certainly is for the veteran Metal lovers because of its heavy tones of vocals and drums. 

The idea of a concept album is great for their first full-length feature. A lot of newer Rock bands have more of a Pop-friendly vibe to them to show themselves as radio-friendly, and like something, the labels (especially the larger labels) can market to the masses. This band revitalizes the fresh-out-of-the-garage-band style that has been largely missed due to the implementation of machines and quick fixes. 
I have little doubt that there wasn’t some technical editing going through the record, as is with most other albums and genres today but, the record flows through the ears like the adventure it tries to display through their sound.

Like me, if you have never heard of Howling Giant, you would probably be interested right of the bat because of their name. Though I am not the biggest Rock or Metal fan of the world, I appreciate real Rock N’ Roll when I hear it. The album is great if you are looking for inspiration with any type of music. If you are trying to solve the latest bad day of your week, or you just need to find an outlet to get oneself through the journey of the day, this record is most definitely for you. Should you not be able to handle the heaviness and emboldening sound of The Space Between Worlds, I suggest you either wake up, or head elsewhere to find what you might deem as “good music."

Gregg Keniston-MuzikMan.net Staff
September 21, 2019


1. Comet Rider
2. Nomad
3. Ghosts in The Wall
4. The River Guide
5. Ice Castle
6. Cybermancer and The Doomsday Express
7. Everlight
8. The Orb
9. Stone Giant

20 September 2019

Hard Rock Review: War Gods of the Deep-Action Space Battle

Release Date: September 17, 2019
Label: Astro Dragon Records

One look at the comic book-themed cover art for Action Space Battle and you know you're in for an adventure. The action is unrelenting, and the space battle takes place in the consciousness of the listener. War Gods of the Deep guide you through this journey, warning you of the dangers ahead and steering you safely toward the “Horizon.”

Action Space Battle propels the listener through a sonic galaxy diving and ducking in and out of hard rock and metal atmospheres. Take away the obligatory metal backbone of thunderous galloping staccato drums and bass, and you'll find layers of musicality – rhythm, vocal harmonies, and smart hooks. 

The juxtaposition of the best of the 80s & 90s metal such as Metallica and Danzig with the best of the 70s art-rock such as Styx & Boston makes for a captivating and satisfying ride. The orchestral closing of the opener "Transmission" convinced me that War Gods of the Deep would defy any label affixed to them. 

Concocting such a blend is not without risk and Action Space Battle at times, repeats the tired clichés of both genres. Echo overuse, narrative interludes, drum power-fills, trite rhyming and vocals dipping into "demon-mode." Despite the clichés, the message is positive. Through perseverance, faith, and determination, the hero inside of us all will rise and defeat our demons. "Life Coach" is an anthem for our time and brings to mind what Andrew W.K. might do with more musicianship. 

So, buckle up. Action Space Battle will hurtle you into unknown realms and bring you back feeling like you just slaughtered a space serpent and saved the universe.

Key Tracks Include: “Transmission”, “Life Coach”, “Burn the Misery”, “Horizon”.

Tom Endyke-Contributor
September 17, 2019

01. Transmission
02. Sons of the Serpent
03. Life Coach
04. Beautiful Oblivion
05. The Machine
06. Done
07. Light of your Soul
08. Burn the Misery
09. One of Us
10. Horizon

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Uriah Heep Lead Singer Bernie Shaw Teams Up With Fellow Canadian Songwriter & Musician Dale Collins For New Studio Album 'Too Much Information' – OUT NOW!

London - Uriah Heep’s lead singer Bernie Shaw has been working on a new studio album, in between the band’s tour dates, with his bandmate from the music scene in Victoria, guitarist and songwriter Dale Collins.

The duo has released an EP in Canada, however, it only included some of the songs they’d worked on together and was recorded many years back. This new studio album sees them re-record those tracks afresh, along with the other songs from their collaboration.

The album has Bernie working with same people he’d worked with on recent Uriah Heep projects, including sound engineer Steve Rispin, mastering engineer Mike Pietrini, graphic designer Mike Inns and label/copyrights manager Daniel Earnshaw.

The album is available as a CD, 180gsm LP, Download and on Streaming platforms. The CD is a six panel digipack which matches many of the recent Uriah Heep releases and back catalogue re-releases, so the album will look great sitting alongside the band’s catalogue in a fan’s collection.

An album trailer, introduced by Bernie Shaw, can be seen here: 

No-one involved with the project can believe the release date of 13th September 2019 is 6 years to the day that the very first email was sent between them suggesting the project. It’s been a labour of love, with work completed as and when time and schedules allowed.

Of the album Bernie Shaw said: “This album has been a long time in the making as Uriah Heep still occupies almost 200 days of my year! But we’ve done it! l’m very proud of the end result. Working from two sides of the world is not an easy task, but the power and the energy of these songs shine through. I can’t wait for the reaction from both the Heep fans and beyond! Rock on!”

Dale Collins added: “It’s been a long journey to make this album. Thanks to the thousands of fans who have followed the process and corresponded with me throughout. I am very pleased to see it completed.”  

The album is OUT NOW and available via the below links:
Amazon CD: https://geni.us/TooMuchInfoCD
Amazon LP: https://geni.us/TooMuchInfoLP
iTunes: https://geni.us/TooMuchInfoiTunes
Google Play: https://geni.us/TooMuchInfoGP
Spotify: https://geni.us/TooMuchInfoSpotify

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Gentle Giant 'Unburied Treasure' Limited Edition 30-Disc Box Set Available December 6, 2019!

Authorised by all band members!

Madfish proudly present the ultimate box set of Gentle Giant music. Highly regarded in the prog-rock world for the 12 albums they released between 1970 and 1980, this comprehensive set sees the band’s catalogue augmented by 15 new concert albums: seven never previously released, seven never previously officially released and one never previously released on CD. The 30-disc total also includes two posthumous live/outtake albums and a Blu-ray bonus disc. Also included are books, posters, replica promotional items and much more.

Watch the boxset trailer: https://youtu.be/xlGEKIAyVJo

Giant emerged from the ashes of chart hitmakers Simon Dupree and the Big Sound to become standard-bearers of the Seventies progressive movement. Their career often paralleled Genesis, their neighbours in the record racks, but while they frequently fought shy of commerciality – largely due to their pop past – and paid the price in sales terms, their uncompromising attitude won them a strong following in continental Europe.

They also enjoyed cult status in the States. When Frank Zappa was asked in 1978 who he was currently listening to, he namechecked Queen and Gentle Giant. (Coincidentally, Roy Thomas Baker not only engineered Giant’s earliest sessions but went on to produce the iconic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.)

Strictly limited to 2,000 copies, this lavishly presented collection is clad in Bob Venables’ new artwork, based on the iconic sleeve created by illustrator and Bowie alumnus George Underwood for the band’s Vertigo label debut in 1970. That full album has been remixed for this release’s Blu-ray disc by prolific rock musician Steven Wilson, whose reputation for remixing prog-rock classics in recent years is second to none. The remix is available in high resolution 96/24 Stereo LPCM, 96/24 5.1 surround LPCM and DTS-HD 5.1 surround mixes, and the instrumental mixes for every track are also included.

The foundation of the set is the dozen albums officially released during Gentle Giant’s 11 years as a recording act – but, for all their studio skills, Giant’s musical abilities were given freest rein on stage. Yet only one live album, 1977’s double vinyl Playing The Fool, was issued in their lifetime, so fans will be in seventh heaven at the prospect of 15 unreleased sets. Covering almost every period of the band’s existence, they allow the individual members’ multi-instrumental abilities to be appreciated to their fullest extent.

Arrangements were changed and refined from tour to tour, including many segues and medleys, so these concert recordings offer year-by-year evidence of the band’s progression. All the music, live and studio, has been remastered by Pete Reynolds, acclaimed for his work on the Wishbone Ash box of 2018.

The audio experience is enhanced by a magnificent 136-page coffee table book. This combines rare photographs and memorabilia with a painstakingly researched history by Alan Kinsman. A fan for 45 years, he has achieved the near impossible by interviewing all members of the band in depth, including Phil Shulman who left brothers Derek and Ray to pilot the band in 1973 after providing much of the initial impetus. The result is a must-read that will unlock many mysteries, clear up misunderstandings and finally give the music the context it deserves.

Also exclusive to this limited edition set are:

A band photo signed by the classic line-up of Derek Shulman, Ray Shulman, Gary Green, Kerry Minnear and John Weathers.

An exclusive 96-page tour history book compiled by Jack Skelly offering informed commentary on the live recordings, set lists, on-the-road memorabilia and more.

Two replica posters, one from Giant’s debut gig in 1970 and the other promoting 1974’s classic ‘The Power And The Glory’ album.

Replicas of album giveaway items: the ‘Playing The Fool’ LP booklet (included with the initial pressing only) and the ‘Giant For A Day’ mask.

A replica of the jigsaw used to promote the ‘Missing Piece’ album.

The chance to win a reproduction of Giant’s rarest ever piece of memorabilia – a screen-printed mirror produced to promote ‘The Power And The Glory’; only 100 were originally created. A golden ‘missing piece’ included at random in one box set may be traded in by the lucky winner for this coveted item.

For too long prog-rock’s best-kept secret, Gentle Giant finally achieved wider recognition in 2015, upsetting the odds to scoop Prog magazine’s coveted Lifetime Achievement Award. Two years later, their home city of Portsmouth honoured their achievements both as a band and individually by inducting them into the Hall of Fame at the Guildhall; Derek went on to become a leading record-business figure, Ray a noted producer. Unburied Treasure is further recognition that this was a band ahead of its time, and one whose unwillingness to compromise has ultimately enhanced its legacy.

“Giant always set out to have a good time and to make sure the audience had a good time,” says drummer John Weathers. “We’d always go on and see if we could play better than we did the night before. I can’t wait to see this definitive box set.”

Derek Shulman would “like Gentle Giant to be remembered as a group with integrity. It wasn’t done for any other reason than simply being together playing music and challenging ourselves to be better. We hated compromise, and we had a lot of integrity in terms of what the music was about.”

For fans of quality progressive rock, Unburied Treasure is the motherlode.

To pre-order: https://madfish.lnk.to/GGunburiedtreasure

For more information: www.madfishmusic.com
Hi res images: https://www.madfishmusic.com/media/gentlegiant/

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19 September 2019

ALAN DAVEY Releases A Pair Of Epic Live Concert Recordings Featuring The HAWKWIND-Inspired PSYCHEDELIC WARLORDS!

Los Angeles, CA - Former Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey has juggled a number of different projects over the course of his long career in music - from the Western-themed outfit Gunslinger, to the Middle East-tinged Bedouin and, more recently, the incredibly ambitious Hawkwind supergroup Hawkestrel, made up of 9 alumni of that quintessential and legendary British space/psych band. But before there was Hawkestrel, there was The Psychedelic Warlords! Named after the lead off track from Hawkwind’s fifth album, 1974’s Hall Of The Mountain Grill, the band consists of frontman Craig High, keyboardist Zoie Green, guitarist Simon Wilkins and drummer Billy Fleming on drums (who worked as Motörhead’s drum tech for 12 years) with Davey on bass, of course. In 2014, this troop set up an epic concert performances to celebrate the 40th anniversary of 2 landmark albums, which they played in their entirety - the aforementioned Hall Of The Mountain Grill by Hawkwind as well as Robert Calvert’s debut solo album, the masterful Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters. It was an acid trip down memory lane like no other for that London audience, and now fans around the world can join the fun on 2 live albums to be released two weeks apart.

Coming on September 27, Alan Davey’s Psychedelic Warlords will release Hall Of The Mountain Grill (London 2014) on both CD in a special digipak and a 2LP vinyl set of limited edition ORANGE vinyl! Then, on October 11 comes, Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters Live! also released on digipak CD and in a single LP vinyl set in limited edition YELLOW vinyl. As an added bonus, each of the vinyl editions has been hand-signed by Mr. Davey himself.

Davey shares some thoughts on the live performances: “Lemmy once told me Hall of the Mountain Grill was his favorite Hawkwind album so celebrating the 40th anniversary of its release in 2014 seemed like a must-do to me. The same year in 1974 Bob Calvert's classic album Captain Lockheed and the Starfighers was also released so matching the two albums together in one live show was a no brainer to me. Also, the Captain Lockheed album was never performed live so this was gonna be a real treat for Hawkwind fans! The venues were packed, the engines were running and everyone in the audience was blown away by the Psychedelic Warlords’ renditions of these two great albums. So glad we had the foresight to record the London show so now all Hawkwind fans can enjoy the moment!”

Track List:
1. The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
2. Wind Of Change
3. D-Rider
4. Web Weaver
5. You’d Better Believe It
6. Hall Of The Mountain Grill
7. Lost Johnny
8. Paradox
9. It’s So Easy
10. Motörhead

CD: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/alan-daveys-psychedelic-warlords-hall-of-the-mountain-grill-live-london-2014-cd/
Vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/alan-daveys-psychedelic-warlords-hall-of-the-mountain-grill-live-london-2014-limited-edition-orange-vinyl/
Digital: https://orcd.co/psychedelicwarlordshallofthemountaingrill

1. Franz Josef Strauss, Defence Minister, Reviews The Luftwaffe In 1958 Finding It Somewhat Lacking In Image Potential
2. The Aerospaceage Inferno
3. Aircraft Salesmen (A Door In The Foot)
4. The Widow Maker
5. Two Test Pilots Discuss The Starfighter’s Performance
6. The Right Stuff
7. The Song Of The Gremlin (Part 1)
8. Hero With A Wing
9. Ground Control To Pilot
10. Ejection
11. I Resign
12. The Song Of The Gremlin (Part 2)
13. Bier Garten
14. Catch A Falling Starfighter

CD: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/alan-daveys-psychedelic-warlords-captain-lockheed-the-starfighters-live-cd/
Vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/alan-daveys-psychedelic-warlords-captain-lockheed-the-starfighters-live-limited-edition-yellow-vinyl/
Digital: https://orcd.co/psychedelicwarlordscaptainlockheed

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17 September 2019

New Age Instrumental Review: Michael Stribling-One World

Release Date: September 20, 2019
Label: Leela Music

Michael Stribling sent me his last album almost two years ago. I was fortunate to have the pleasure of covering Union-Music For Lovers.

Now with the arrival of One World, I get another opportunity to explore his diversity and explorations of world and new age music.

I was a bit in awe of the talent this man has at his command. I was looking for this long list of credits and what I saw was all tunes, tracks, and tinkering by Michael Stribling. I certainly did not expect to see that when I heard the first and title track as it filled the room and enter my consciousness. 

Tom Eaton did the final master of this recording and as with so many others, he did an excellent job. And so, it is, as many that have traveled that road before him, Michael made the right choices. Because of that series of events and choices he has created an absolute masterpiece of eclectic world new age music.

The lead-off track “One World” is one such track that is the perfect introduction and pacesetter for what will follow. There is something mystical and alluring with the wind chimes these artists use in their music, and that was one of the finishing touches for that track.

The one thing you can count on with One World is an amazing cross-section of music utilizing traditional world music instruments and the new technology for the finishing touches, so everything comes through crystal clear and the kind of gentle and impactive persuasion that you would expect from a recording like this.

The lighthearted “African Marketplace” puts you right there walking down the street and visiting with all the vendors. I imagine it is quite different than what you would witness in the U.S. I would expect the goods being offered would be interesting as well. I have a feeling Michael is speaking from his own special experience. If not, he sure knows how to paint a picture with his music. It gave me a sense of being there. That is what any recording artist would want his or her audience to experience while listening to music. So, from my perspective, it was mission accomplished!

Michael takes you to a “Shaolin Garden” then to an “Aboriginal Campfire” and then back to the rat race with “Marching Through Manhattan” (although that term may be out of context when it comes to this music). The point is that you become an instant world traveler through the music and colors brought forth on every track of One World. 

The whole point is that we are One World, one community, one people, and that is not only obvious with the track titles, but the music also speaks for itself. This is all done very with a very impressive recording with a panoramic view of the world that is conveyed through one man’s music.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 12, 2019

Founder of:

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01. One World
02. A Gathering of the Elders
03. Shaolin Garden
04. Aboriginal Campfire
05. Buddhist Nursery 
06. Barcelona Nights
07. Persian Night Caravan
08. African Marketplace
09. Asian Dawn Maneuvers
10. Marching through Manhattan 
11. Across the Moor
12. Black Forest Cuckoo Shop
13. Gaia Weep
14. One Planet, One People
15. Benediction (Prayer for World Peace)

UFO Guitar Legend Vinnie Moore To Release New Album "Soul Shifter"

NYC - The follow up to Vinnie’s critically acclaimed 2015 “AERIAL VISIONS” album will be released on October 9, on his label Mind's Eye Music. Titled “Soul Shifter”, Vinnie's 9th solo album features guest appearances by legendary artists Rudy Sarzo and Jordan Rudess, with Richie Monica on drums, Michael Bean (bassist from Vinnie’s TIME ODYSSEY album), John Cassidy (Keyboards), and John Pessoni (Drums).

Vinnie is considered one of the originators of shred guitar, and has released eight influential solo albums, and six albums and a LIVE DVD as a member of rock royalty legends UFO. He’s made countless album guest appearances, and has even recorded the soundtrack for a PEPSI TV commercial. He’s been a member of Alice Cooper’s band and was opening act for RUSH on their ROLL THE BONES tour with his own band. His solo and UFO recordings as well as LIVE performances have amassed rave reviews all around the globe from both fans and music press, catapulting  him into guitar icon distinction! He has been an inspiration for fans and guitarists worldwide.

Say’s Vinnie, “I have been touring all over the world extensively with UFO and my solo band for the past 16 years. I started this album a couple years back and have been working on it religiously between tours. It’s quite different than any of my others. It has elements of things I’ve done in the past, but has gone much deeper into certain areas. There is an overall sort of contrast between energetic upbeat songs, versus ballad-like soulful ones which has always been a big part of my style. There are some Jam elements in places too. This is likely the most emotional and soulful thing I have ever done. Very moody, with lots of feel”. “I wrote a song as a tribute to Carlos Santana, called BROTHER CARLOS, and another called GAINESVILLE STATION which is a tip of the hat to Steve Gaines. Both players were huge influences on me when I was learning to play, and continue to be now”.

“He’s hands down the greatest Moore since Demi, Roger, Dudley and Mary Tyler”, and the greatest Vinnie since Vinnie Barbarino.” – Johnny JizzleJam, Planet Guitar Gods Magazine

“When something moves me, what I am feeling flows directly into music. That’s how I deal with reality. I woke up one morning to the news that Chris Cornell had passed and it really hit me hard. I went into my studio, picked up a guitar and immediately wrote and recorded MYSTIFIED. Without intending to do so, and because of what was going on around me at the time, this album in a way became a tribute to people who meant something to me. The Allman Brothers were always one of my favorite bands and I was working on a song called SOUL RIDER that was inspired by them. While writing it, unfortunately Greg Allman left us. A lot of heart went into recording that song. Also, I wrote a song called HEARD YOU WERE GONE for my friend and band mate Elliott (Dean Guitars) who left us unexpectedly a couple years back.

“There are definitely some downhearted cathartic moments on this album, but they’re balanced out with songs like KUNG FU GRIP and FUNK BONE JAM that represent the opposite side of my personality, which is my constant joking and goofball sense of humor”.

Vinnie has done hundreds of shows all over the planet, including Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Brazil, USA, as well as India, S. Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia, and Canada. The UFO “Last Orders” tour began in England in March, and will continue in the USA on October 9.

“Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that Vinnie may have been spawned from alien DNA! Or at least his left index finger anyway” – Giorgio Thessaloniki, Ancient Aliens

“Solo records are a great vehicle because the canvas is totally open and I can paint whatever and wherever I want. There’s total freedom in not having boundaries. All of my influences are on the canvas, from Rock to Blues to Be-Bop to Funk, even R&B and beyond. I have always felt music deeply even before I played guitar. After I began playing, it became my vehicle to express and release what I feel inside. I love channeling my soul into melodies and songs.”

To pre-order:
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1479017115?ls=1&app=itunes

Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1479017115

Find Vinnie Online: 

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16 September 2019

King Crimson's "In The Court Of The Crimson King" 50th Anniversary Series 3CD/Blu-Ray featuring 5.1 Surround Sound Mix & New Stereo Mix

Blu-Ray features all-new, 2019, 5.1 & stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, approved by Robert Fripp in 24/96 resolution 

Recorded in 1969 “In The Court Of The Crimson King” stands as one of the defining albums of British rock music & one of the finest debut albums of all time. Described at the time as “an uncanny masterpiece” by Pete Townshend, the album has achieved legendary status over the years. Fifty years on, the album is one of the most beloved & revered in the rock music canon.

The 50th anniversary edition features:

Blu-Ray: First time on Blu-Ray for this iconic album with all new mixes in stereo & 5.1, original album mixes and a multitude of extras all in Hi-Resolution.

CDs: 3 CDs present the 2019 mixes in stereo & instrumental forms, an expanded alternate album and the original album mix – also with additional tracks.

Packaged in two gatefold sleeves with  booklet in a rigid exterior slipcase

Blu-Ray features all-new, 2019, 5.1 & stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, approved by Robert Fripp in 24/96 resolution – the first time the album has appeared in 5.1 at 24/96 resolution. Blu-Ray also features the original master edition of the 1969 album mix in 24/96 stereo. Blu-Ray also features a complete alternate album comprising 2019 mixes by Steven Wilson

A further album's worth of additional material drawn from studio takes – much of it mixed by Steven Wilson & including extracts from the 'wind session' that produced the intro to 21CSM in stereo for the first time, the single a/b sides of the album title track drawn, for the first time since on disc, from the original master tapes & more are also included.

The Blu-Ray is completed by a set of 2019 instrumental mixes and the surviving fragment of black & white footage from Hyde Park in 1969

This set marks the first appearance of the album on Blu-Ray completing the availability of all King Crimson studio albums on the format.

CD1 presents the album in its 2019 stereo mix – along with the 2019 instrumental takes (with 'Moonchild' edited to song length)
CD2 presents an expanded edition of the alternate album from the Blu-Ray
CD3 features the original master edition of the 1969 mix plus additional tracks

Presented as a 2 x gatefold sleeve edition containing the individual CDs plus booklet with new sleeve-notes by King Crimson biographer Sid Smith packed in a rigid slipcase. Artwork derived from the original paintings, as meticulously restored, for the limited edition full sized, signed prints

All material on this set will also feature on the forthcoming “Complete 1969 Sessions” – the eighth boxed set in the series documenting King Crimson's studio & live recordings from 1969 onwards.

The Alternate album appears, quite deliberately, in slightly different track-listings on the Blu-Ray & CD (& on the accompanying double vinyl set). The aim on the Blu-Ray was to provide a fully sequenced listen that closely resembled the original album running order. This was extended on the CD, gathering many of the new mixes on one disc & revised again to make for a satisfying listen on vinyl.

In common with all other King Crimson studio albums in the format, the 5.1 mixes are being made available in this affordable set rather than being held over exclusively for larger expensive boxed sets, a practice that limits the availability of the music in multichannel audio to the detriment of artists and fans alike.

In the 50 years since its release “In The Court of the Crimson King” has never been out of print or unavailable in any of the world's main music markets & continues to enjoy consistently high sales.

Blu-Ray NTSC, Zone ABC, playable on all BD players & drives

2019 5.1 mixes

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King

Additional track

6 I Talk to the Wind (duo version)

Mixed by Steven Wilson

Original Master Edition

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King

Produced by King Crimson

Alternate Album

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 I Talk to the Wind
4 Epitaph
5 Epitaph
6 Moonchild
7 The Court of the Crimson King

1 Morgan studios June 1969 take with Greg Lake vocal overdubs from Wessex August 1969 &
            Mel Collins & Jakko Jakszyk August 2019 overdubs
2 Alternate 2019 mix
3 Duo version, full length master, 2019 mix
4 Vocals isolated/highlighted, 2019 mix
5 Alt take – 2019 mix
6 Take 1, 2019 mix
7 Morgan studios, June 1969 take, 2019 mix

Mixed by Steven Wilson except 1, 4 mixed by David Singleton

Additional material

1 Wind Session
2 21st Century Schizoid Man
3 I Talk to the Wind
4 Epitaph
5 Moonchild
6 The Court of the Crimson King
7 21st Century Schizoid Man
8 The Court of the Crimson King (part 1)
9 The Court of the Crimson King (part 2)

1 2019 stereo mix
2 Trio version, 2019 mix
3 Studio run through, 2019 mix
4 Backing track, 2019 mix
5 Album edit, 2009 mix
6 Take 3, 2009 mix
7 Morgan studios take, June 1969
8, 9 Single a/b side, 1969

Mixed by Steven Wilson 1 – 6, Mixed by King Crimson 7 – 9

2019 Instrumental mixes

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King

Mixed by Steven Wilson

Video: 21csm extract Hyde Park 1969

CD 1 2019 stereo mixes & instrumental mixes

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King
6 21st Century Schizoid Man
7 I Talk to the Wind
8 Epitaph
9 Moonchild (edit)
10 The Court of the Crimson King

1 - 10 mixed by Steven Wilson

CD 2 Alternate Album, expanded edition

1 Wind Session
2 21st Century Schizoid Man
3 I Talk to the Wind
4 I Talk to the Wind
5 Epitaph
6 Epitaph
7 Moonchild
8 The Court of the Crimson King
9 21st Century Schizoid Man

1 Wind Session, 2019 stereo mix
2 Morgan studios June 1969 take with Greg Lake vox overdubs from Wessex August 1969 & 
            Mel Collins/Jakko Jakszyk August 2019 overdubs
3 Alternate 2019 mix
4 Duo version, full length master, 2019 mix
5 Vocals isolated/highlighted, 2019 mix
6 Alt take - 2019 mix
7 Take 1, 2019 mix
8 Morgan studios, June 1969 take, 2019 mix
9 Trio version, 2019 mix

Mixed by Steven Wilson except 2, 5 mixed by David Singleton

CD 3 Original Master Edition, expanded

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King
6 21st Century Schizoid Man
7 I Talk to the Wind
8 Epitaph
9 The Court of the Crimson King (single a side)
10 The Court of the Crimson King (single b side)

1 to 5 Original master edition produced by King Crimson
Mastered by Simon Heyworth
6 Morgan studios instrumental take, 1969, produced by King Crimson
7 studio run through, 2019 mix by Steven Wilson
8 Backing track, 2019 mix by Steven Wilson
9/10 Original single master

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SEP 14, 2019 - BUDWEISER STAGE, Toronto
SEP 17, 2019 - ST DENIS THEATRE, Montreal
SEP 21, 2019 - RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL, New York City
SEP 23, 2019 - THE MET, Philidelphia
SEP 25, 2019 - HARD ROCK ROCKSINO, Cleveland
SEP 27, 2019 - THE RYMAN AUDITORIUM, Nashville
SEP 29, 2019 - THE COBB CENTER, Atlanta

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14 September 2019

Disco/Pop Review: Various Artists-Cold War On The Rocks- Disco and Electronic Music from Finland 1980-1991

Release Date: September 27, 2019
Label: Svart Records

I hope those of you who remember when Disco ruled the radio and the clubs, have held on to your bell-bottom pants, tie-dye shirts, mini-skirts, and ponchos. The ghost of renowned Finnish producer Jori Sivonen has returned for an encore performance.

Cold War on The Rocks - is a Disco and Electronic Music Compilation showcasing Finland’s underground dance scene from 1980-1991.  We have Svart Records to thank for re-introducing us to these one-hit wonders whose songs we remember but whose names we don’t.

Cold War on the Rocks sounds like a collection of demos that never made it over to the US for the likes of Donna Summer, Sylvester, Giorgio Moroder, or KC and The Sunshine Band to sing. This album will, however, inspire many to dive into the back of their closets to find their fingerless lace gloves, acid wash jeans, and members-only jackets. After all, how many times can you listen to the same old Juke-Box playlist of Dance classics?

Cold War on The Rocks, literally has something for everyone.  For my sound geeks, they use a Roland Juno 60 synthesizer and that is just the start. For my freestyle lovers go grab your scrunchies and spandex and get ready to dance for we have stumbled upon a Disco artifact that is a gift from the Finnish.

Some Key Tracks Include: “Tähdenlento ”, “Hi Jacker”, “This Night Is Like Magic”, and “Tyhjyys”

Lee Wilson Music-Contributor

September 13, 2019


02. TAISKA: EI VOITTAJAA –J’veux d’la tendresse– (3:48)
04. ESA: KUN YÖ ON –Vill ha dig– (3:48)
11. IRA: HEI KUNDI (3:27)
15. KAIJA KOO: TYHJYYS –Tyngdlös– (4:57)

13 September 2019

Rock Review: Honey West-Bad Old World

Release Date: September 3, 2019
Label: Readout Records

If you are looking for that sound that gets you in the mood for the Fall season, Bad Old World brings the transition to life. It is a great piece to listen to on a cool, rainy day where you just sit back and relax through the day. Maybe you’re reminiscing about years gone by, or planning for rest of the year ahead but, whatever the case may be; the vibe is nothing short of a good time.

The first couple of notes off the record, make the first track sound like “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day. It sets the tone for the rest of the album puts you in that Fall setting but, replacing punk-rock with a Classic-Rock taste. Ian McDonald and Ted Zurkowski send us on a bit of time travel, back to when looking up at the stars on the girl next door’s rooftop, or the days of just cruising around in your dad’s fixed-up pick-up truck, were the only social norms of that time, rather than staring at a phone the whole time.

In flowing through the tracklist, Bad Old World stays consistent and on a feel-good vibe. “Dementia”, the last track of the album seems to be the only song where the band misses the mark. From “The September Issue” to “Terry & Julie”, each song feels not only sequential, which is necessary for all large bodies of work, but, positive to a degree and as though I am listening to the artists tell of their new journey 20 years later. 

Throughout the whole record, the duo emphasizes the importance of keeping their Classic-Rock image with a modern tone. Unfortunately, if you did not grow up around bands like Foreigner or The Allman Brothers, or your parent did not flood your ears with 80s Rock, this concept may be lost to you. This is a great album for anyone who is looking to see that real music and artistry has not gone by the wayside. So much today, has been replaced with machines and auto-tune control, when people, in reality, want raw and real talent. Who could be better to bring talent to a head than original Rock artists like McDonald and Zurkowski?

Key Tracks Include: “The September Issue”, “Sylvia Strange”, “California”, and “Terry & Julie”

Gregg Keniston-Contributor
September 13, 2019

1. The September Issue
2. Brand New Car
3. Bad Old World
4. She’s Not Your Life
5. Sylvia Strange
6. Generations Man
7. California
8. Sailing
9. A Girl Called Life

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New Video About The Making Of Magma's New Album "Zëss" On Limited Edition Gold Colored Vinyl

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Magma's critically acclaimed newest album “Zëss” is a 38-minute musical work by Christian Vander. Composed in 1970, Zëss had long been plagued by its incompleteness, its recording was deferred for years. Four decades after its first draft, the work has finally been recorded in an orchestral version that gives it both its true dreamlike dimension and its transcending power. The first public performance took place in Bourges in 1979. It is the last piece in a series of unfinished compositions from the 1970s. During the last 15 years, they finished and released all these different pieces. “Zëss” is described as a work that touches the philosophical domain by its treatment of the idea of nothingness and its evocation of the theme of time.

Magma turned fifty this year, catapulting into the very exclusive circle of bands who for five decades have never laid down their instruments, nor turned down their volume! The oldest French band still in existence has always played at full sail, never yielding to the siren song of passing trends. The fiercely original music has tirelessly adhered to the highest artistic standards while still reaching a wide audience of all ages.

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