30 September 2016

Ian Martyn Releases The Very Moving Debut Album 'Life's An Emotional Journey'

Ian Martyn is an exciting artist who has taken a unique approach to entwining music and art, in the most perfect way.

Collaborating with artists all over the world, some artists worthy of note are Jack Vettriano (on 'Why Don't You Tell Me'), Leonid Afremov and Sera Knight (on 'You Are The One'), Laurie Hamilton, Adam Scott Miller, Delmary and (on 'I Can Feel Your Power') Daniel Eskridge (on 'Dance With Spirits'), Rassouili and Josephine Wall (on 'Déjà Vu').

A personal favourite of mine is Déjà Vu, with Rassouili and Josephine Wall... view it below:

You can view more of Rassouili's work here: http://www.rassouli.com/home.htm

And Josephine Wall here: http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/

The artwork along with the song feels very spiritual, it feels like it takes you on a journey, Ian, hopes that from his 'Emotional Journey' he can help others on theirs and help others express their feelings, for some it may be music or art and Ian is definitely bringing the two together.
Ian Martyn's unique approach to writing his music is that of writing the lyrics as a wholly meaningful and poetic piece of literature, so beautiful that the words alone just scream out for music. Ian's music aids the healing process of any kind of personal strife or bereavement and is the perfect soundtrack to finding a new directions in life.
Ian has had some difficult and emotional times to deal with losing both his precious wife and mother months apart, but he has taken this emotional time and turned it into a positive, creating music to help and aid others and support them in their time of need.

Check out the lead single off of his album ' I Can Feel Your Power' below:

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