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Hawkwind Legend Nik Turner Responds To Recent Article, Prepares to Tour Europe, Japan & The US

London - In response to a recent article in PROG magazine Hawkwind legend Nik Turner had this to impart:

“It sorely saddens me that the members and previous members of that once noble group, Hawkwind, of which I numbered myself a part at the time, are not all able to communicate in the same loving way that we did, back in the day, when the band's success was enhanced and encouraged by the love and creative input and energies, much of a wise and Alternative ilk, of such loving and caring people as Mr Barney Bubbles [RIP], Mr Michael Moorcock, Mr Jonathan Smeeton, Mr Robert Calvert [RIP], and many more, who gave their unconditional love and creative energies to the band. Come on, guys, let's work together. I wish all members of Hawkwind, past, present and future, nothing but health, wealth, success, happiness and loving energy. Let's all be friends, life is too short for any other course.”

Turner, the inexhaustible saxophone and flute-playing co-founder of space rock legends Hawkwind, is set to complete a tour throughout Europe and Japan as well as a return Stateside for another tour this Fall accompanied by up-and-coming kraut/prog rock band Hedersleben. Dates for the U.S. tour will be announced later this month. Following what has been widely regarded as the most ambitious album of his career, one that MOJO called “a sprawling but polished album,” Space Fusion Odyssey, Turner continues his astonishing career rebirth with a newly reinvigorated sense of musical creativity and sonic exploration. Turner’s most recent offering is a full-length album of improvisational jazz freakouts with a Seattle-based ensemble, which includes drummer Jack Gold-Molina and guitarist Dennis Rea (both of psych/prog band Spectral Waves), alongside bassist Paul “PK” Kemmish. Dubbed Flame Tree, the group released its self-titled album last month on Cleopatra’s Purple Pyramid imprint.

Frequently called “The Spirit Of Hawkwind,” Turner was a major creative force during that group's most critically acclaimed and successful period, 1969-1976. His outlandish costumes, improvised sax and flute playing, and general wild man persona became iconic representations of the band, and he would go on to pen some of their most popular songs including “Brainstorm” and “Master of the Universe.” After leaving Hawkwind, Turner used his newfound freedom to travel to Egypt, where he soaked up the history and culture, and also made a recording of his flute music in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. In 1985, Turner relocated to the western side of Wales, where he set up a new age community in a fairly rural, isolated area. He has continued to release new music including 2013’s Space Gypsy and 2015's Space Fusion Odyssey. A brand new track from his forthcoming studio album premieres on a special 6CD box set called Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler's Guide. This incredible collection features a diverse sampling of space rock artists young and old including Hawkwind, Amon Düül II, Ozric Tentacles, Gong, Can, Earthling Society, and Hedersleben along with a whole host of others!

Nik Turner tour dates & events

June 16 - Concert of Nik Turner and Flame Tree, Psychedelic Free expressionist Space Jazz, plus Suzuki Junzo, 8.00, pm at Baba Yaga’s Hut, Corsica Studio, 4/5 Elephant Rd., London SE17 1LB
June 19 - Nik Turner and Flame Tree, Sonic Rock Solstice
June 20 - Solo spot or Jamming, or with Nik Turner’s Brand New Space Ritual Band, at Stonehenge Ancient Monument, some time that day.[at theSolstice]
June 22 - Nik Turner Solo Spot, 7.30-8.30pm at Glastonbury Festival Circus and Theatre Artists Green Room
June 23 - Nik Turner Solo Spot, 12.00pm-1.00amGlastonbury Festival Glade Stage.
June 24 - Nik Turner Solo Spot, 4.00- 6.00pm. Jamming for Andrew Kerr, and Arabella Churchill, everyone invited to play, on Mandala Stage in the Green Field, [they put the original G’bury Festival together in 1971, as a Free Festival]
June 25 - Nik Solo Spot, 4.00-6.00pm,  jamming for Andrew and Arabella.
June 26 - Nik Solo Spot, 4.00-6.00pm,  jamming for Andrew and Arabella.
June 26 - Nik Solo Spot, 12.00-1.00pm, Glade Stage
July 3 - Nik Turner’s Brand New Space Ritual Band, Surplus Festival, Barrie, South Wales
July 22 - Nik Turners Brand New Space Ritual Band, Pizza Tipi, Cardigan
Aug 5 - Nik Turner solo spot 1.00pm Green Gathering, Chepstow Racecourse
Aug 5 - Nik Turners Brand New Space Ritual Band, 9.30pm. Green Gathering, Chepstow Racecourse
Aug 6 - Nik Turners Brand New Space Ritual Band, Pagan Festival, Forest of Dean
Aug 18 - Nik Turners Inner City Unit, Continental, Preston
Aug 19 - Nik Turners Inner City Unit, Star and Garter, Manchester
Aug 20 - Nik Turners Inner City Unit, Doghouse, Nottingham
Aug 21 - Nik Turners Inner City Unit, Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
Aug 23 - Nik turners Inner City Unit, Hairy Dog, Derby
Aug 24 - Nik Turners Inner City Unit, Water Rats, London
Aug 25 - Nik Turners Inner City Unit, Louisiana, Bristol
Sept 10 - Nik Turners Brand New Space Ritual Band, Reverence Festival, Valada Do Rebatejo, Valada, Portugal
Sept 24 - Nik Turners Brand New Space Ritual Band, Lake Como, Italy
Oct 14 - Nik Turners Brand New Space Ritual Band, Shinjuku Marz, Tokyo, Japan
Oct 15 - Nik Turners Brand New Space Ritual Band, Shinjuku Marz, Tokyo, Japan
Oct 17 - Nik Turners Brand New Space Ritual Band,  Club Osaka, Japan

For more information:

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11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025


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