07 April 2016

Singer-Songwriter Marcus Nand Releases Vibrant New Solo Record Time And Tide Wait For No Man

Drawing from a smorgasbord of different styles spanning rock, flamenco, pop, Arabic and Indian folk, Marcus Nand delivers this new vibrant album. Having previously worked with many famous artists in the past (including recently dropping a guitar solo on Rod Stewart’s latest album), the guitarist and songwriter has now decided to focus on his solo career. His earthy style is unique and has garnered the attention of many famous artists.

Marcus knows how to write a song that feels truly rock and at the same time, truly worldly.” Rami Jaffee – Foo Fighters

The tracks are a mixture of fun and philosophical. Whilst songs like ‘Time and Tide Wait for No Man’ are slow and introspective, others like ‘Everything’ are more upbeat and story-themed. Determined not to just be a dull-one-man-and-a-guitar record, Marcus surrounds each track with other sounds and instruments from synths to world percussion. Anthemic choruses help to elevate the scale. And yet beneath it all Marcus remains a sense of rawness.

The album ‘Time And Tide Wait For No Man’ is out on 22nd April 2016


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  1. This is a great album, full of interesting songs & some fantastic guitar.