29 February 2016

Electronic Music Ensemble Genre Peak To Release New Album Feat. Collaborations with Steve Jansen, Mick Karn, & Richard Barbieri of Japan, Matt Malley of Counting Crows and Jon Hassell

“Well done team Genre Peak!” - Jon Hassell

London, UK - Genre Peak is Martin Birke (songwriter, electronic-percussionist,vocalist and co-producer) with variety of collaborations from players and singers from all over the world. The new album “Your Sleekest Engine” features collaborations with Steve Jansen (Japan/David Sylvian), Jon Hassell (Brian Eno/Peter Gabriel), Richard Barbieri (Japan/Porcupine Tree), Matt Malley (Counting Crows) with vocals by Martin, Lesley Braden (Fast Arrow) and Charlie Woodward (Falco/Strinx) Manal Deeb (Palestinian artist) additional bass tracks from the late great Mick Karn (Japan/Dalis Car/David Torn). Co-produced by Christopher Scott Cooper and Martin Birke for In Code Music (Publishing). The album will be released on Gonzo Multimedia UK on March 4, 2016.

Says Martin, “The idea of 'Your Sleekest Engine' is what I consider things, ideas, concepts that provide the straightest line between point A to B. A syringe, a gun, a synapse, lightning, morphine, a car, plane, I consider these things 'sleek engines'. I want the music to be designed for elegance but still retain a 'pop' sensibility. 'Your Sleekest Engine' is 3 years of hard work, networking and intense collaboration with some of my idols in music, it's a strong and very dynamic album. I'm quite proud of this cause collaboration is best way to work for me.

“After the ambient album '9 Microspheres' I wanted to get back to where I could collaborate with singers and players. I approached Steve Jansen to remix a track off 'Preternatural' I did with the late Mick Karn, Steve agreed but did much more than a remix, he composed a whole new original song which blew me away. I had Lesley Braden of the Seattle band Fast Arrow write sing over it and I think it's dark and glorious much like most the songs I write. I contacted Jon Hassell who has been a huge influence and is the reason I'm an electronic-percussionist, and we came up with the beautiful instrumental 'Metanoia', I then started writing more songs with singer Charlie Woodward who sounds a bit like Jon Anderson of Yes to me (another favorite band) and we just clicked - thanks to Edo Castro (Pat Metheny Band) for introducing us.”

Last summer Martin recorded a track with Palestinian-American multi media artist Manal Deeb for the Arabesque song “Fix Me Deeper”; a track based on his sympathy for the suffering of the Palestinian people who he finds quite beautiful, brave and artistic. Manal did the spoken Arabic words and Martin sang the lead. He also sang the lead on “Denizen Darklight” which is about crime in America.

Rob Ayling of Gonzo Multimedia introduced Martin to Matt Malley of the Counting Crows and he delivered some great bass on “God Fearing Men” and “American Civil Rage”. Award winning poet Michael Spring spoke his poem “First Born of the New Millennium” Martin wrote the music for that one, and Richard Barbieri did an amazing remix of “Fix Me Deeper” both versions were released as a single last Fall and received great reviews.

Says Martin, “I modeled Genre Peak after Alan Wilder's Recoil and Massive Attack as we as well collaborate with many different artists, do instrumentals and Filmscore, I find this the most exciting way to work, it's always different and working with artists you grew up listening to is quite rewarding for me. I like to call Genre Peak's music 'electronica-organica' as I use electronics with a warm live cinematic sound.”

Martin Birke's original compositions began getting nationally published in 1990. His history as a drummer, keyboardist, programmer, songwriter and vocalist is in a current variety of US & European releases. Starting as a drummer in the late 70s, Martin now specializes as an electronic percussionist, composer and performer. While with the Frank Mark Arts label in Germany during the mid-to-late-90s, Martin was recording and touring in the bands Casualty Park, Sandbox Trio and studio project Birke/Leykam/Panasenko.

Martin Birke is well known for scoring original music for The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, recording and touring internationally with Sandbox Trio, Casualty Park, Genre Peak and with Percy Howard (Meridiem,Bill Laswell) in the duo Hardboiled Wonderland. Genre Peak has released 2 full-length albums “Ends of the Earth” (2006 in-code Music) and “Preternatural” (2008 in-code Music). Starting in 2006 as a trio with Martin Birke on vocals and electronics, Daniel Panasenko on Chapman Stick and Stephen Sullivan on guitar-synths and vocals. The trio performed as an electronic rock band around Northern California cities until the departure of Panasenko in late 2006.

In 2008 Birke returned to the studio with co-producer/engineer/guitarist Christopher Scott Cooper and decided in recruiting a unique cast of vocalists and musicians consisting of Canadian singer Tara C. Taylor, Japan/Dalis Car bassist Mick Karn, bassist Gustaf Fjelstrom, French rock & electronic composer/remixer Tristan X (Kiss & Fly) and Spanish electronic composer/remixer Alex Brujas. The end result was Genre Peak's most vital album to date “Preternatural”. The songs featured heavier electronics, darker moods, and percussion effects offset with Karn and Fjelstrom's fretless bass lines, Taylor's lilting vocals and Cooper's high quality production making an album that was very well received by music media and fans around the world. And now “Your Sleekest Engine” once again showcases Martin's extraordinary compositional and performing skills!

Here's what the press have said about Genre Peak!

“Genre Peak realized a quite diversified piece of music, mixing different vocal, ambient and rhythm elements. There also is a real will and attention to distill great sound treatments. This is modern music covering a wide range of influences.” - SIDE-LINE Magazine

“People with eclectic tastes might really like this album. The synthesizers are great and so is the percussion and singers. This is something to listen to if you want to hear something very different than what is on MTV or the radio.” - The Celebrity

“Genre Peak and its cinematic imagery impeccably reflects the post-postmodern sound of now - detached, cool, and wired.” - West Coast Performer

Martin recently scored music for the upcoming film “Isabela” by Dell Cullum out this summer/fall as well some music for the TV special “Imagination Nature: Galápagos”. Genre Peak will play live around the west cost over the summer and is headlining at SHINE in Sacramento on March 26th. The new live ensemble features singers Charlie Woodward and Tara C. Taylor, Stephen Sullivan on guitar-synths, Paul Relvas on basses, and Martin on electronic-percussion. The band is performing songs from “Preternatural” and “Your Sleekest Engine” and sound great! It's really hard to do Genre Peak live due to the complexities of the original recordings but this time the band is nailing it!

Lastly, Martin has this to impart to his listeners, “Explore new music, commercial radio plays only 2% of all the music released in any year, I spent my youth studying all kinds of known and unknown bands, authors and artists constantly expanding my range of interest. Learning all I could about different styles of art, music and poetry and film. There's so much new music out there and with the internet it's much easier to find. Also I encourage my listeners to be open minded and know sometimes things that don't immediately appeal just might once you understand it and take time to appreciate it.”

To purchase Gere Peak's “Your Sleekest Engine” CD:

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27 February 2016

Instrumental New Age/Ambient Review: Tom Eaton-Abendromen

Release Date: February 8, 2016
Label: Riverwide Records

Abendromen is Tom Eaton’s latest release. The title comes from the Dutch. It is actually two words combined, "Abend" is evening and "Dromen" is dreams. Tom is a very busy producer collaborating constantly with Will Ackerman in his Imaginary Road Studios to help New Age artists find their sound. Somehow he found the time in December 2015 and January 2016 to get this recording completed.

This is an album about dreaming and the different forms it can take on a daily basis. Some sweep you away from reality and some become reality. Listen to the music and create your dreams.

Tom composed, mixed, mastered, engineered and produced the recording using textural electric guitars, fretted and fretless basses, synthesizers and piano miniatures. All the piano, keyboards, guitars, basses and percussion where played by the artist making this a true “solo” work.

The ever important opening track draws the curtain back and sets the tone for any recording. And Tom introduces his style of music perfectly by easing you into his world with “Sunday-Slow Rotations.” It is atmospheric and features ambient textures with keyboards floating on top, promoting the traditional day of rest. It is the face of magnificence and elegance found in music all packaged in one track. The elements of new age and classical are injected with some ambient chill to make for delectable treat for the senses. 

Oddly enough “Monday-Midwinter” is exactly where we are at in the northeast. Usually every year we have those nightmare days with the weather but it has been a winter only imagined by those hoping for warming temperatures and a lot less snow and ice. That dream came true. 

“Tuesday-The Compass” is one of my preferred tracks. It reminded me of some of my favorite artists over the years like Tangerine Dream (Le Parc). The dreamy floating on cloud effect is there except the pace picks up a bit more right at the start. There is lovely melody weaved into the fabric of this track. It has inspired me to start listening to some of my favorite music again that I have not heard in so long. Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield come to mind right away. The compass showed me the way.

I think the one track I could relate to most was “Friday-Patience.” The saying T.G.I.F. comes to mind and how you need to be patient and work your way through the day looking forward to the weekend to do what you really desire. It does require patience to make it through to Friday each week, some weeks require more than others. That is how the title hit me and the music felt right as well. The pace is even and peaceful while carrying the hope of a new day right around the corner.

I knew Tom Eaton was an incredibly talented producer and now I know for certain that the music is in every molecule of his being. With Abendromen his gives proof positive that his fingers hold the key to capturing the imagination of an audience in desperate need of unwinding and appreciating a relaxing atmosphere to decompress. It worked for me. 

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Monday-Slow Rotations, Friday-Patience, Tuesday-The Compass

Tracks:01. Sunday: Slow Rotations
02. Monday: Midwinter
03. Tuesday: The Compass
04. Wednesday: In Stillness
05. Thursday: For Orion
06. Friday: Patience
07. Saturday: Long Lonely Light

Bonus Tracks:
08. Wednesday Night
09. The Eighth Day
10. Saturday Night

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck- New Age Music Reviews Founder
February 27, 2016
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25 February 2016

NYC Prog Trio Consider The Source Releases FREE Album, Announces Extensive Spring Tour!

New York – NYC Prog trio Consider The Source has just returned from 2 weeks of performances in India with a special gift for their fans. The band is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a free compilation demonstrating their unique “sci-fi Middle Eatern Fusion” sound. The collection, titled “Past Is Prologue: 2005-2015”, consists of tracks from every studio album they have ever released including multiple cuts from their recent “World War Trio” series and showcases their Eastern informed blend of progressive metal riffs, cinematic orchestrations, ripping odd-time improvisations and worldly acoustic grooves. See the track list below and visit this link to download your copy. They launch an extensive US tour this weekend beginning in Albany, NY.

Says the Band, “We're celebrating 10 years of CTS by giving away a FREE compilation album spanning the history of our career, from our beginning as an occasional jam between friends, to a serious band with the momentum it currently has. It includes cuts from all of our studio albums including a Bonus Track from our Untitled EP released in 2005. We hope you enjoy and be sure to check the tour dates below to see when we're coming to you're area!!!”

Tracks include:

1. Aquarians (World War Trio Part II, 2015)
2. You Are Obsolete (World War Trio Part II, 2015)
3. Tsim Sha Tsui (World War Trio Part III, 2015)
4. Put Another Rock In That Bag [single edit] (World War Trio Part I, 2014)
5. Closer To Home (That's What's Up, 2010)
6. \ i / (That's What's Up, 2010)
7. Blue Steel (Are You Watching Closely, 2009)
8. Moisturize The Situation (Are You Watching Closely, 2009)
9. Constantly Nostalgic (Esperanto, 2006)
10. Patterns (Esperanto, 2006)
Bonus Track: Past Is Prologue (Untitled EP, 2005)


Consider The Source tour dates:

Feb 19 – The Hollow w/ Teddy Midnight – Albany, NY
Feb 20 – Pearl Street Clubroom – Northampton, MA
Feb 24 – Scarlet & Grey Cafe w/ Greener Grounds – Columbus, OH
Feb 25 – 123 Pleasant St w/ Deaf Scene – Morgantown, WV
Feb 26 – River Street Jazz Cafe w/ Catullus – Wilkes-Barre, PA
Feb 27 – Pacific Standard Tavern w/ The Mushroom Cloud – New Haven, CT
Mar 03 – The Abbey Bar @ Appalachian Brewing Co. w/ Jonathan Scales – Harrisburg, PA
Mar 04 – Gypsy Sally’s w/ Telesma, Deaf Scene – Washington, DC
Mar 05 – The Pour House w/ Marbin – Raleigh, NC
Mar 06 – Gottrocks w/ Four 14 – Greenville, SC
Mar 09 – The Concourse @ The International – Knoxville, TN
Mar 10 – The Rabbit Hole w/ Teratorn, Plato’s – Charlotte, NC
Mar 11 – Asheville Music Hall w/ Bulgogi, Rims and Keys – Asheville, NC
Mar 12 – New Brookland Tavern w/ Trees on Mars – West Columbia, SC
Mar 13 – The Whiskey – Wilmington, NC
Mar 16 – Charleston Pour House – Charleston, SC
Mar 17 – The Jam – Gainesville, FL
Mar 18 – Terminal West w/ The Werks, BIG – Atlanta, GA
Mar 19 – 1904 Music Hall – Jacksonville, FL
Mar 20 – Dunedin Brewery – Dunedin, FL
Mar 23 – Gasa Gasa – New Orleans, LA
Mar 24 – Last Concert Cafe – Houston, TX
Mar 25 – Head for the Hills Festival – Kerrville, TX
Mar 26 – Harvest House – Denton, TX
Mar 31 – The Bluebird Theater w/ Dopapod – Denver, CO
Apr 02 – Fox Theatre w/ Ozric Tentacles – Boulder, CO
Apr 05 – The Miramar Theatre w/ Dopapod – Milwaukee, WI
Apr 06 – The Old Rock House w/ Dopapod – St Louis, MO
Apr 07 – Bluebird w/ Dopapod – Bloomington, IN
Apr 08 – Cosmic Charlie’s – Lexington, KY
Apr 13 – Middle East w/ Project/Object – Cambridge, MA
Apr 14 – Portland House of Music – Portland, ME
Apr 15 – THE STONE CHURCH – Newmarket, NH
Apr 16 – The Acoustic – Bridgeport, CT
Apr 22 – The Spot Underground w/ Little Known Alien – Providence, RI
Apr 23 – Black Eyed Sally’s – Hartford, CT
Apr 29 – Ardmore Music Hall – Ardmore, PA
Apr 30 – The Hall MP – Brooklyn, NY
May 04 – Reggies Rock Club w/ Stick Men – Chicago, IL
May 05 – Reggies Rock Club w/ Stick Men – Chicago, IL
May 06 – The Mousetrap – Indianapolis, IN
May 07 – Sleepy Creek SpringDig – Berkeley Springs, WV
May 13 – Buffalo Iron Works – Buffalo, NY
May 14 – Alchemy Rising Music & Arts Festival – Pataskala, OH
May 27 – StrangeCreek Campout – Greenfield, MA

Formed in 2004, Consider the Source features Gabriel Marin on fretless double-neck guitar, bassist John Ferrara, and drummer/percussionist Jeff Mann. Called “the guiding light for his generation of six-stringers”, Marin channels the mystical fury of McLaughlin and Coltrane into wailing melodies, kaleidoscopic soundscapes and boneshaking riffs. With a background in classical musics both European and Indian, and an instinct for avant-jazz and destructive metal, Marin's hypnotic fusion of styles is ever unpredictable. Ferrara's propulsive, percussive attack, equally suited to simple grooves and impossible chords, can ground the music or launch it into space. His madcap gumbo of slap bass, Indian rhythms, earthy minimalism and complex tapping constantly pushes into strange new worlds, whilst still dropping thick booty-clap beats. Underneath them lies Mann's rolling thunder; dense rhythmic architecture built from pure swagger and bounce. Half double-bass prog-metal, half crackle-pop Buddy Rich swing, with African and Balkan swirls, Mann's muscular, freewheeling polyrhythms are the engine fuel for CTS's multiversal mischief. Even when not improvising, The trio's music is always a conversation, a roiling stew of dynamic interplay. Each member of Consider the Source
alternately leads and follows, spars and assists; in any single song, alliances are made and broken, bargains struck and divorces finalized.

Touring from coast to coast, as well as Europe and the Middle East, has not only earned the band thousands of fans, but has allowed them to perform with a wide variety of well-known artists, including Victor Wooten, Wayne Krantz, King Crimson Projekt, Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), Wyclef Jean, Andy Statman, Matt Darriau (Paradox Trio), Oteil Burbridge, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Dumpstaphunk, Keller Williams, George Porter Jr., Jeff Sipe, Panzerballet (Germany), Eatliz (Israel), Freak Kitchen (Sweden), Morglbl (France) and many others. They have performed at numerous festivals and events including Gathering of the Vibes (Connecticut), Peach Fest (Pennsylvania), Summercamp (Illinois), Catskill Chill (New York), Aura Music & Arts Festival (Florida), Jazz Fest (New Orleans), Burning Man (Nevada), Head For The Hills Festival & SXSW (Texas), Rootwire (Ohio) and the The WerkOut (Ohio), to name a handful.

Watch Consider The Source's new video here:

To purchase Consider The Source - "World War Trio (Parts II & III) DBL CD: bit.ly/WorldWarTrioPartIIPartIII
“World War Trio EP (Part 1)”: http://considerthesourcemusic.bandcamp.com ;

For more information:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

24 February 2016

Rock Review: Aunt Mary-New Dawn

Release Date: 12th February 2016
Label: Wind-Up

Aunt Mary, as a name, somehow suggests an “older” band and it came as no real surprise to find that they are a Norwegian prog band from the 70’s. The band were considered by many to be one of the best prog bands in Norway with their brand of music a mixture of heavy hard rock tunes plus clear indications of a more symphonic nature, although that only really showed itself on their 3rd, and last, studio album, Janus, in 1973. Last that is, until now, with the release of New Dawn. This would appear to be an apt title for a release which follows 24 years after an album of blues covers, released in 1992. 

At their height, Aunt Mary were “up there” with the likes of Deep Purple, Ten Years After, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and many more. After the release of Janus in 1973, the band split up but did a few sporadic appearances, as well as releasing the blues covers album mentioned earlier.

3 years ago, the Norwegian guitar legend and producer, who was also a devoted Aunt Mary fan, Ronni Le Tekro, persuaded the original line-up of Aunt Mary back into the studio. This didn’t last long, and a spate of resignations for a variety of reasons, including health issues, would ultimately result in the band replacing 3 of the original members. The 3 years to the release of the album, New Dawn, was filled with periods of musical joy and profound grief, as 2 of the 3 originals to leave the band passed away. Now in 2016, we have the band made up of Bjorn Kristiansen (guitars), Bernt Bodal (bass), Glenn Lyse (vocals), Henning Ramseth/Ola Aanje (keyboards) and Ole Tom Torjussen (drums). 

New Dawn is an 11 track album with a total playing time of around 42 minutes. All the tracks are relatively short with the 5:13 minute, track 8, “Blind Date,” being the longest on offer and the final track, “Don’t Keep Me Waiting,” being the shortest at 2:46 minutes.

The opening track, “Slave Parade” (3:49) takes no prisoners from the start, as it just grabs you by the ears and shouts “listen!” Heavy, thumping chords lead into a “chug-a-long” beat with the powerful voice of Glenn Lyse towering over everything. This is an opening track that ensures that you are awake for the 10 tracks that follow. It is very catchy and highlights the driving guitar of Bjorn Kristiansen.

Arriving next is a smoother melodic offering in the form of “Unconditional Love” (3:35), which is followed by “ Hopelessly Lost” (3:11), “Happily Ever After” (4:53) and “G Flat Road” (4:13) which in turn are riff laden, bluesy (with an amazing sampled sound ending) and then driving guitar with echo on the vocals. 

“I Was Born To Ride On The Wrong Side” (3:16) reminds me, style-wise, of the Ramones, with the band thundering along, hardly taking time to breathe and the gutsy vocals gamely keeping pace with the band.
Next up is a gentler, acoustic based ballad which shows another side of Aunt Mary, “Open Your Eyes” (4:57), although Glenn does let his powerful voice “off the leash” as the song progresses. This is a standout track by virtue of being so different, and sits very comfortable in the middle section of this album.

The longest track, “Blind Date” (5:13) has a real air of confidence in its style and you could almost say that the track swaggers along. This is followed by another slight change to the more bluesy feel with “Been There, Done That” (3:07), which has a memorable, if short, harmonica passage. This is the blues done with some style.

The penultimate track, “Soldadero” (3:25) is an atmospheric, building track, which is very melodic with an orchestral tinge to it. There are points when the acoustic guitar hints at a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western style soundtrack. This is another track that exemplifies the breadth of the new Aunt Mary and leads into the album closer, “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” (2:46).

This last track is very different with light guitar riffs, stunning drumming and harmonious vocals. A short 2:46 minutes means that it enters, entertains and exits, forming a perfect ending to New Dawn.

New Dawn is an excellent album of rock and blues music, which I found extremely refreshing, although I think that it is fair to say they must have hung up their prog hats at the door of the studios. The range of styles across the tracks shows the skills of the band members and I hope that the traumatic events during the bands return to recording are soon replaced by the plaudits the new album should attract.

My very simple advice with New Dawn is to go out, buy it, play it, and I’m sure you will be humming bits of tracks as soon as it is finished, and at that point you should hit the play button again.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Slave Parade, I Was Born To Ride On The Wrong Side, Been There Done That


01. Slave Parade
02. Unconditional Love
03. Hopelessly Lost
04. Happily Ever After
05. G Flat Road
06. I Was Born To Ride On The Wrong Side
07. Open Your Eyes
08. Blind Date
09. Been There, Done That
10. Soldadera
11. Don’t Keep Me Waiting

Jim “The Ancient One” Lawson-Sr. Reviewer Prog Rock Music Talk

February 24, 2016

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23 February 2016

Hong Kong Based Artist Jennifer Saran Releases New Single and Video "Rise Up Time"

Produced By the Legendary Narada Michael Walden, released Worldwide on February 22nd, 2016 on Tarpan Records

San Francisco - Jennifer Saran is a North American alt-pop/adult contemporary artist, songwriter and vocalist based in Hong Kong. The first single from her upcoming album Walk With Me is “Rise Up Time,” available digitally worldwide with its release on February 5th, 2016. Her new album was created with the legendary producer Narada Michael Walden, and is being released through his label Tarpan Records.

In tandem with the single’s release there is an original animated music video for Rise Up Time, which will be seen on both online and broadcast outlets. This video features original animation created by Jojo Ramos (Warner Brothers Animator) in Los Angeles, CA. The video's concept was conceived by Jennifer Saran and brought to life in this wonderful depiction geared toward both children and adults alike. The single is currently played on dozens of radio stations and is being added to more every week.
Jennifer Saran’s upcoming album is a contemporary mix of brand new originals penned by herself and Narada, many of which revolve around the central themes of love and family and positive messages. Musically the album spans ballads to up-tempo grooves, while also including some swing and gospel influences.

Narada enlisted some amazing musicians and performers for his band on Walk With Me including: Frank Martin (Sting, Angela Bofil, John Handy Band, Tuck & Patti, Jose’ Neto, Airto & Flora, & Trudie’s Rainforest Band) on Keyboards, Angeline Saris (Ernest Ranglin, Zepparella) on Bass and Vocals, Matthew Charles Heulitt (Zigaboo Modaliste) and Jose’ Neto on Guitars. Additional Backing Vocals on this album include vocalists Nate Soul Sanger and Cornell Carter. All of the strings were arranged and conducted by Minna Choi of Magik*Magik Orchestra.

Jennifer Saran, aka Jennifer Hill, was born in Washington DC to a Canadian mother and American father. It was at the local Episcopal Church while at school in Villars, Switzerland, where she first realized how much she loved to sing, performing Handel's Messiah a cappella. Jennifer went on to attend high school in Alexandria, Egypt, where she performed in school plays and learned to speak Arabic. She then attended The American University in Cairo, earning a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. Throughout her years growing up in Egypt she and her friends always followed the local Egyptian live bands that performed American and British pop music, dreaming one day of being a singer.

She went through a long dry spell away from music – raising children, working in various corporate roles, singing in the shower or car, rarely having any time to go out dancing. She was moved to Philippines for an international corporate role for 2 years, followed by Singapore for another 2 years, and then to Hong Kong where she has lived for the past 24 years.

Her new full-length album Walk With Me was recorded and produced entirely at Tarpan Studios in San Rafael, California, by legendary producer Narada Michael Walden and will be released in late April of 2016. Narada has produced music royalty like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin. With Narada’s music and Jennifer’s lyrics and vocals, they have created a tremendous debut album that is sure to captivate a worldwide audience.

For Music Samples or to order Rise Up Time visit: https://tarpanrecords.bandcamp.com/track/rise-up-time
To purchase the single on iTunes please visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rise-up-time-single/id1080453262

To view the video for Rise Up Time, please check out Jennifer’s YouTube Channel:

Check out Jennifer’s website for more information: http://www.jennifersaran.com

For more information on Tarpan Records or any of its releases check out: www.tarpanrecords.com

Press inquiries and Interview Requests contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR glassonyonpr@gmail.com 828-350-8158

Live Performance Bookings and Management contact Dave Ferguson at The Record Label info@therecordlabel.co.uk +44 203 727 7286

22 February 2016

Richard Marx In Concert At The Colonial Theater

Richard Marx In Concert At The Colonial Theater
February 19th 2016
Pittsfield, Mass.

Richard Marx came to town Friday night at the Colonial Theater on a not so typical February night in the Berkshires. It has been the strangest winter that I can remember, one weekend its 14 below zero then the next it is pushing 60 degrees. 

The atmosphere at the Colonial was one of anticipation before singer/songwriter Richard Marx hit the stage.

This artist holds a special meaning to me and my wife as his music was making its way to the top of the charts when we met. For me it was a bit of a history lesson as well. Marx has not only had a record number of hits on the charts in a short period of time, he has collaborated with several artists and wrote songs specifically for others that have charted. His debut recording yielded four Top Five singles and he has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

This night was a man, his voice and guitar, and for a few songs he sat behind the piano. The talent this individual commands was enough and no backup was necessary. His voice is spot on, just as I remember it in the late eighties. He is a true showman, interacting with the audience, telling stories, throwing out quips to engage the audience with laughter, and inviting shout outs. Another thing that I found refreshing was how Marx discarded the house rules of no pictures and videos, encouraging folks to pull out their cell phones, which everyone did simultaneously lighting up the venue.

I was impressed with not only Richard Marx the vocalist but his ability to play the six string acoustic. If you are the only performing artist on stage you had better be able to fill in the space on your vocals and he did that admirably the entire evening. A plugged in acoustic has a great sound and I really appreciate what he had to offer.

He let the audience know that he wanted to give them what they came to hear, namely all the hits. Not only was that ground covered he cut loose with a few others lesser known tracks like the hysterical country number “How Can I Miss You (When You Won’t Go Away).” Marx told us of his love country music and his partnership with country star Keith Urban and the song he wrote for him then he went directly into the song “Long Hot Summer.” I recognized it instantly. He also played the song he wrote with Luther Vandross “Dance With My Father,” which was very touching particularly if you have lost a parent.

With “Angelia” he decided to go the unplugged route which was different. I recognized the huge difference in a venue between being amplified then suddenly not. I doubt people as far back in the balcony seats could hear him. Nevertheless it was an interesting change. Marx just emanates confidence and pleasure when he performs and that translates into the music directly to his audience.

Some of my favorites were the night kicking off with “Endless Summer Nights” and the way he closed out the night with “Right Here Waiting” behind the ivory keys. Check out the original video provided here with over 7.5 million views!

Richard Marx is a prolific artist with a long legacy of great music and collaborations. I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon and would highly recommend spending an evening with him if you get the chance.

I dedicate this night and review to my lifelong partner and best friend, my wife.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
February, 22, 2016

18 February 2016

Celebrate The Life Of Former WARRANT Singer JANI LANE With This Collection Of Superb Solo Performances!

Los Angeles, CA - In 2011, the rock world lost an incredibly gifted singer and songwriter, a man whose voice reverberated around the world on such blockbuster hits as “Cherry Pie,” “Down Boys,” “Sometimes She Cries,” “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” and the unforgettable ballad “Heaven.” Jani Lane joined Warrant in 1985, and together the band lit up the L.A. club circuit, becoming an international sensation with multi-platinum albums and an adoring fanbase. Always a music lover at heart, after Lane left Warrant in 2004, he continued to write and record, often paying homage to some of his musical heroes by participating in tribute projects to Cheap Trick, Judas Priest and others. Now a new CD compilation collects some of these superb solo performances in one convenient package and for the first time ever on vinyl! Catch A Falling Star, which includes Lane’s takes on UFO’s “Doctor, Doctor,” Def Leppard’s “Photograph,” and Bon Jovi’s epic “Lay Your Hands On Me, will be released February 26 on Deadline Music.

In addition to guest appearances by two of Lane’s bandmates, guitarist Erik Turner & bassist Jerry Dixon, Catch A Falling Star includes liner notes by former Warrant drummer Bobby Borg who shares his personal recollections of Lane. There is “no better tribute to Lane than a collection of covers,” Borg writes, “Those who saw Warrant perform live know that Lane loved to mix cover songs into the show…songs by The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Joe Walsh, Queen, and other artists throughout our live sets. (I loved that about the band.).” Speaking of Lane’s distinctive vocal style, Borg writes “Lane was able to convey the subject matter of a song emotionally—whether soft and heartfelt or loud and aggressive—while always maintaining a certain charm as if he were grinning warmly.” This collection is the perfect way to remember both the man and immense musical gifts, and is sure to leave a warm grin on the face of his fans everywhere.

Track List:
1. I Want You To Want Me feat. Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper / Slash’s Snakepit)
2. Panama
3. Photograph
4. The Ocean
5. Doctor, Doctor
6. Electric Eye
7. Free For All feat. Jake E. Lee
8. No Surprise feat. Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.)
9. Lay Your Hands On Me feat. Erik Turner & Jerry Dixon (Warrant)

Buy the CD: http://flyt.it/JaniLaneCD
Buy the LP: http://flyt.it/JaniLaneLP

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11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025

New Age Review: Heather Houston-Prayers for the Water

Release Date: November 6, 2015
Label: Independent

Heather Houston’s fourth recording is Prayers for the Water. Most of the new age recordings that I listen to are instrumental so this was quite a change for me. All the tracks feature Ms. Houston’s beautiful voice. The album also features guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Todd Boston, internationally acclaimed artists Jami Sieber on cello and Tammy Hall on piano.

This music like much of the new age music I hear is a tribute to what Mother Earth provides for us. With the subject being water the giver of life, I would like to focus on the three most prolific tracks that tie this album together nicely.

“Wade In The Water” starts off with an atmospheric intro, the kind you would hear during a reflective moment in a film then Heather’s voice joins in to make it whole and very real. As she invites the children to wade in the water then cleanse and bathe in the water it seems so innocent…perfect. Everything about it has a natural progression and flow like the water that rushes down a river.
“I Dreamed Of Rain” is my favorite track on the album. Something about the melody in Heather’s voice and the piano tinkling in perfect time that really hit me straight in the heart. It’s all about the earth, the seasons and how perfect an unblemished mother earth once was and remains in some areas of the world. 

Although that is our reality it is up to us to restore her back to her original pristine state. I could feel the energy and strong meaning of this song and even though it touched me deeply I felt some sadness as well.

“The Sea” is simplistic and gorgeous. Words like “She is the sea, she is this moment, she is the air I breath”….and another line “Breath deep, breath consciously” really struck a place inside me. Todd’s acoustic guitar is the wave that Heather’s voice rides on all the way to the shores in your mind’s eye. The way she takes an element of earth and makes it one with humanity makes for a perfect meditation piece, then to finish it with sounds of the ocean waves puts the final touch on the track.

Heather Houston has the voice of an angel and she knows how to weave a story from beginning to end on Prayers for the Water. This is a voice that needs your attention and the music provides a great setting for what she has to offer. I do not think I would change a thing about this recording, it is flawless just the way it is.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Wade In The Water, I Dreamed Of Rain, The Sea

1. Calling The Whales
2. Surrender
3. Chant To Oshun
4. Wade In The Water
5. I Dreamed Of Rain
6. Om Mani Padme Hum
7. Tutane
8. The Sea
9. Chant To Yamaya

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck- New Age Music Reviews Founder
February 18, 2016
Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

16 February 2016

Project/Object Feat. Frank Zappa Alumni Ike Willis & Don Preston To Tour US Spring 2016

Asheville, NC - Project/Object is the longest continually touring alumni-based Zappa tribute band in the world. For over twenty years they have toured with more Zappa alumni than anyone other than Zappa himself. Their legendary tours of the USA, Canada, and Europe have paved the way for a rich variety of other excellent, contemporary Zappa tributes.

Project/Object is the band that brought most of the currently touring Zappa band alumni out of retirement and onto the road. The list of Zappa alumni that have appeared with the band includes musicians from the first Mothers Of Invention album thru the last Zappa tour in 1988. Project/Object is back in action in April 2016 with a tour that reunites old friends Ike Willis & Don Preston. This tour will feature material that each of them recorded with Frank, as well as their personal favorites, plus Zappa classics from every era.

Ike Willis, voice of Joe’s Garage and Thingfish, handled lead vocals and rhythm guitar for virtually every Zappa Band tour and album from 1978 thru the final FZ tour of 1988. Ike's booming baritone is the most requested presence by fans worldwide.

Don Preston was in the early Mothers Of Invention, starting with the classics Absolutely Free and We’re Only In It For the Money. Don played on all the Mothers records until 1974’s Roxy & Elsewhere. Don Preston is, of course, also well known as a synthesizer and jazz pioneer. Don is responsible for scoring many film soundtracks including Apocalypse Now.

Project/Object with Ike Willis & Don Preston On Tour April 2016


Contact for Press/Interviews with Ike/Don:
Andre Cholmondeley 732-233-5554

15 February 2016

Instrumental New Age Review: Josefine and Trine Opsahl-Unbroken Dreams

Release Date: November 13, 2015         
Label: Heart To Heart

Trine Opsahl is a composer and talented harp musician. Joining forces with her daughter Josefine on the cello, this duo has created a new album of Nordic and Celtic folk music. The album sticks with you long after the playing is over. Thirteen original pieces composed by Trine bring a blend of contemporary and classical elements and improvisations that grab hold and let your imagination take flight. Unbroken Dreams is Trine Opsahl's fourth album.

The first piece on the album is "The Last Grasp of Winter." It begins with a fluttering harp sequence that made me instantly think of snowflakes. The cello eases into the picture, eliciting images of sweeping snow covered hills and icy winds determined to keep their hold over the world. But then the tone of the piece changes. A lilting flower winds its way open amidst the frosty backdrop. One crimson bloom against the frigid air…and spring struggles to take hold once again. Thus the dance of the seasons begins, all set to the elegant melodies of harp and cello and the artisan workmanship of Trine and Josefine Opsahl. 

I can think of no other perfect title for "Fairytale." Listening to this album, I wrote my latest manuscript and this piece in particular reached down and lifted the story from my writer's heart. Sweet and tender, you can hear the hero coming to the rescue of the damsel in distress or even a beauty waking from an enchanted sleep in the loving arms of her prince charming. Winding sequences of cello and harp craft a spell that any lover of Celtic music will absolutely adore.

"Drifting On Silky Clouds" begins with a pensive cello movement reminiscent of a storm passing over. Sweet, fluffy clouds drift in, both dark and light fighting for the right to take over the sky. Sunlight shines through the cloudbank, drifting down in radiant harp sequences that enliven the soul. Drifting melodies spiral and twist through the air, an audible dance of majesty.

Trine and Josefine Opsahl are a marvelous mother and daughter duo. Unbroken Dreams is a brilliant combination of Celtic and Nordic tradition blended with contemporary inclinations. The spiraling nature of each piece was like a flower bursting open, with new discoveries every step of the way. I couldn't stop listening and don't plan to any time soon. There is a reason Opsahl's work is used as soundtrack material in documentaries. It's that good. And now with the added layer of her daughter's cello work, I'm hooked for life. More please. This album is amazing. If you are a fan of fantasy novels or just plain good music, you seriously have to get this album.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: The Last Grasp of Winter, A Fairytale, Drifting on Silky Clouds

01. The Last Grasp of Winter    
02. A Star in Heaven is Born Tonight    
03. Dawn/The Light Dances my Love    
04. Drifting on Silky Clouds    
05. A Fairytale    
06. Diving into an Ocean of Love    
07. I am your Moon and your Moonlight too    
08. Somewhere in a Hidden Memory    
09. Castle of Unbroken Dreams    
10. Sterna Paradisae    
11. Rosebed Garden    
12. Norwegian Summer
13. Ladybirds and Butterflies

Dana Wright, Sr. Staff Writer
February  15, 2016

12 February 2016

Audio Fidelity To Release "The Bootleg Series Vol. 6 Bob Dylan Live 1964 Concert at Philharmonic Hall" on Hybrid Multichannel 5.0 SACD

“As eminently listenable as it is historically important!”

Camarillo, CA - Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity will be releasing “The Bootleg Series Vol. 6 Bob Dylan Live 1964 Concert at Philharmonic Hall” on Hybrid multichannel 5.0 SACD.

This 5.0 SurroundSound mix of Bob Dylan's October 31, 1964 “Halloween” show at New York's Philharmonic Hall is a complete recording and has never been released in this format until now. This 2-CD Audio Fidelity collection presents the entire concert from the original Columbia Records (SONY) master tapes. The package also includes a 56-page book filled with historical photographs and informative notes. The Halloween concert of 1964 had been previously bootlegged on vinyl and CD, but those releases were incomplete and taken from poor dubs off the soundboard tapes.

This 1964 concert is the first all acoustic live performance to enter Bob Dylan's discography. This recording certainly has its share of firsts and highlights, including the only known live version of “Spanish Harlem Incident,” the premiere of the songs “Gates of Eden” and “If You Gotta Go, Go Now.”

Here is Dylan as an eager-to-please 23 year old with nothing between him and his audience but a guitar and a harmonica. His voice is in top form throughout the 19 song set and when Joan Baez joins him on stage the voltage only increases.

In marked contrast to the tight-lipped living legend of the mid-'70s, here is Dylan as entertainer, joking and bantering with the crowd and he proves to be a very masterful performer.

While much has been made of the later electric performance of the 1960s, it is here that you can see how good Dylan really was. He shows all the budding facets of his art up to this time, from the protest songs, the more introspective material and the radical new direction he was pursuing.

Of course, as with all Audio Fidelity hybrid multichannel releases the SACD is compatible on all standard players and includes the 2-track stereo mix layer as well.

2-CD set/5.0 SurroundSound/includes 56-page book
Mastered by Steve Hoffman and Stephen Marsh at Stephen Marsh Mastering

Disc one
1. The Times They Are a-Changin' 3:29
2. Spanish Harlem Incident 3:07
3. Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues 4:06
4. To Ramona 6:01
5. Who Killed Davey Moore? 4:46
6. Gates of Eden 8:32
7. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Or Else You Got to Stay All Night) 4:06
8. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 11:26
9. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) 4:01
10. Mr. Tambourine Man 6:33
11. A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall 7:44

Disc two
1. Talkin' World War III Blues 5:52
2. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 4:34
3. The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll 6:57
4. Mama, You Been on My Mind 3:35
5. Silver Dagger 3:47
6. With God on Our Side 6:17
7. It Ain't Me, Babe 5:11
8. All I Really Want to Do 4:01

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

For more information: www.audiofidelity.net

Corlyx New EP Review

Corlyx remind us that music can be so much more than just lyrics and melodies – it can be a whole new philosophy and outlook on life! With their new EP ‘One Of Us’, the duo has created something beautiful, bizarre and utterly addictive. Complementary to their single release ‘Starlet’ this record has an almost magical gravitational aspect to it which enables the listeners to dive into a new realm of art and fashion. This is most persuasively underlined by a musical sound experience that takes on elements from electro to space rock. Adding to that a few hints of horror in their beautifully weird videos, this musical collaboration is one of the most interesting new projects of 2016. 


11 February 2016

New Age-Jazz-World Instrumental Review: Todd Mosby-On Eagle Mountain

Release Date: April, 1, 2016
Label: Mosby Music Group
As an introduction to this artist I had the pleasure of focusing in on one track on our Rate The Tracks site. “Spirit Dancer” is a multicultural brew of new age with some infusion of smooth jazz topped off by hints of world to make it a distinct crossover flight. 

As with many of the recordings at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios, some familiar names are part of the equation. The incomparable Tony Levin and several others including Michael Manring, Jill Halley and Tom Eaton combined with the astute guidance of Ackerman make for an unbeatable team. They all draw out the very best from each other during a recording session.

“Eagle Mountain” in all its beauty and splendor pictured on the cover of this recording gets a proper introduction through the delicate and tasteful guitar playing of Mr. Mosby. The bass section is amazing as well and it all jells into auditory perfection.

The great outdoors can inspire and refresh when embraced and surely Todd is one such person. After listening to this music that one thought becomes reality. “Falling Light” dances and sings and turns into one of my favorites very quickly. It is nearly six minutes of musical enchantment. It builds and builds until you hear percussion, violin, guitar and bass all intersecting at the same point. I really enjoyed the way the track started with a simple foundation then built a towering monument of sound. As the sun rises over the mountain peak it falls onto the trees, animals, vegetation and people below. This is a beautiful thought process that becomes totally engaging once transferred to music.

I think the artist really gets in touch with his surroundings while recording this music and obviously could envision the places he held dear in his mind and heart. Instruments like the ewi, bells, singing bowls and English horn, cello and other elements make their presence known and are part of the final product.

Perhaps the deciding factor that made this entire listening experience coalesce for my ears and spirit was how Todd took his guitar and added all the other instruments to make On Eagle Mountain a delight to fall into, like your favorite comfy chair. This recording was like a culinary delight taking every ingredient and then measuring it properly to flesh out the sound for each individual track. Interesting enough the titles go very well with the music.

On Eagle Mountain took me down a road that made me feel alive and free just like the open sky and mountains ranges that adorn our land. Music that is that powerful needs recognition and validation. It was my pleasure to be one of the fortunate people to give all the credit to the creators of this superb release.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Spirit Dancer, Eagle Mountain, Falling Light


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck- New Age Music Reviews Founder

February 11, 2016

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

10 February 2016

Drum Legend Corky Laing Is Back On The Road!

NYC - The legendary drummer, Corky Laing, is back on the road with his first solo project since 1977. “Corky Laing plays Mountain” toured the UK in November 2015. Following an enthusiastic response from the UK audiences, he returns to Europe this spring. First up is a nine-day tour of Germany in February and in May he’ll be back in the UK. Corky is also locking in US dates starting with a package with Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience in Sag Harbor, NY in late February and with further dates for “Corky Laing plays Mountain” being scheduled for late May and early June.

After Mountain stopped touring in 2010, Corky has been busy with his one-man show, “Best Seat in the House” and the critically acclaimed “Playing God: The Rock Opera”. The Rock Opera has been performed in Basel, Switzerland, in Helsinki, Finland and last year it made its American debut with a sold out show at the Kaye Playhouse in the heart of Manhattan. This year the opera returns to Finland where, in addition to shows, it will be filmed for a video release.

Being back on the road with “Corky Laing plays Mountain” is a thrill for Corky. He loves playing the Mountain material the way it was originally written and says that behind the kit, in front of an audience, he feels like he is 18-year-old again. And from what the reviews say, the youthful enthusiasm is thoroughly reflected in the band’s sound and attitude.

For more information about Corky and his past, current and future activities (including updates on live performances), please visit:

Follow Corky on Facebook at:

Watch Nantucket Sleighride from the Corky Laing plays Mountain UK 2015 tour (London, 100 Club, 11/15/2015) here:

Corky’s 2016 tour schedule, as it now stands:

CORKY LAING plays MOUNTAIN – German Tour 2016
2/9/2016 Meisenfrei, Bremen
2/10/2016 Markthalle, Hamburg
2/11/2016 Roxy, Flensburg
2/12/2016 Kulturwerksta, Melle-Buer
2/13/2016 Beavers, Miltenberg
2/14/2016 Rock Jungfer, Arnstadt
2/15/2016 Kofferfabrik, Fürth
2/16/2016 Blues Club Chiemgau, Rimsting
2/17/2016 Harmonie, Bonn

Corky Laing plays Mountain & Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience
2/26/2016 Bay Street Theater, Sag Harbor, NY

4/8/2016 Cultural Arena Gloria, Helsinki, Finland
4/9/2016 Cultural Arena Gloria, Helsinki, Finland

5/6/2016 Talking Heads, Southampton
5/7/2016 Blues Festival, St. Ives
5/8/2016 Blues Festival, Frome
5/9/2016 Robin 2, Bilston
5/10/2016 100 Club, London
5/11/2016 Greystones, Sheffield
5/14/2016 Library Theatre, Darwen
5/15/2016 Blues Festival, Lincoln

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09 February 2016

French Music Legends Magma To Tour North America Spring 2016!

Paris, France - One of music's most innovative and eclectic ensembles Magma will tour North America beginning in March 2016! Swirling riffs in odd time signatures, theatrical choir arrangements, heavy and distorted pulsing bass guitar, bombastic and minimalistic (sometimes both at the same time), dark and brooding, adventurous and angelic, jazzy or classical, but always with the highly innovative and original drums of founder and main composer Christian Vander. On the forthcoming US dates the legendary ensemble will be performing selections of new and classic Magma music!

“MAGMA is happy to return to the United States to play for Americans. We know you are passionate, respectful and curious about music. We find you to be generous and open. It will be a joy for us to see you this year.” - Christian Vander

Magma was founded in Paris in 1969 by Christian Vander, who derived his inspiration from a "vision of humanity's spiritual and ecological future" that profoundly disturbed him. Vander was a self-taught musician, who received some tips from drum legend Elvin Jones. In the course of Magma's first album, the band tells the story of a group of people fleeing a doomed Earth to settle on the planet Kobaïa. Later, conflict arises when the Kobaïans, who are descendants of the original colonists, encounter other Earth refugees. A distinguished aspect of Magma's music is that Vander actually invented a constructed language, Kobaïan, in which most lyrics are sung. Later albums told different stories set in more ancient times; however the Kobaïan language remained an integral part of the music. Reportedly, Christian Vander is also highly influenced by the work of jazz legend John Coltrane. “For my work, it is still Coltrane who actually gives me the real material to work on, to be able to move on.,” says Vander.

Clearly Magma is one of the most influential of all French bands. They have left a legacy of music that defies any of the standard and convenient classifications of rock, operating instead in a realm of their own creation. It waits to be discovered by new converts, and continually by older fans alike!

Christian Vander :  drums, vocals
Stella Vander :  vocals, percs
Isabelle Feuillebois :  vocals, percs
Hervé Aknin : vocals
Jérôme Martineau:  Fender Rhodes
Benoit Alziary : vibraphone
Jim Grandcamp:  guitar
Philippe Bussonnet :  bass

Magma US tour dates w/special guest Helen Money

March 15 - San Diego, CA at Brick By Brick - https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1050007
March 16 - Los Angeles, CA at The Regent - https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1051495
March 18 - San Francisco, CA at Great American Music Hall - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/magma-gamh-whelen-money-tickets-20525684876
March 19 - Portland, OR at Wonder Ballroom - http://bit.ly/MAGMAwon2016
March 20 - Seattle, WA at Crocodile - https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1049861
March 22 - Denver, CO at Gothic Theater - http://www.gothictheatre.com/events/detail/306226
March 23 - Cleveland, OH at Beachland Ballroom - http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?eventId=6435075&pl=beachland&dispatch=loadSelectionData
March 25 - Chicago, IL at Reggies - https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1050071
March 26 - Chicago, IL at Reggies - https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1050083 
March 27 - Austin, TX at Mohawk - https://mohawk.queueapp.com/events/17011
March 29 - Atlanta, GA - TBA
March 30 - Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts - http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=6470355&pl=uarts
April 1 - New York City at Le Poisson Rouge - http://lpr.com/lpr_events/magma-45th-anniversary-tour-april-1st-2016/
April 2 - Toronto, ON at Opera House - https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1057787

For more information: 
Magma official website
Magma official Facebook page:

Seventh Records:

North American Booking:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com