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Children's Music Review: Candice Night-Starlight Starbright

Release Date: November 20, 2015
Label: Soulfood Music

Candice Night is best known for her work as the vocalist for Blackmore’s Night. She has also carved out a career as a solo artist. In her newest endeavor, Starlight Starbright, we see an entirely new aspect of this talented singer. An album dedicated to the magic of childhood, every song, whether it is a familiar classic or an original composition, contains wisps of wonder and the sweet simplicity of innocence. Parents of small children will find charm and the pure love of mother and child nestled in every note. Two bonus videos showcase the enchantment that Candice instills with every piece of music she creates.

“Lullaby in the Night” is an original composition by Candice’s daughter that tucks you in under the glowing light of the moon. It is a song written by Candice’s daughter when she was only two. Candice holds her perch in the night sky, looking down over her daughter with love. Sparkles rain from her fingertips as she casts her intoxicating net over us all. This song is a tender melody of rest and parental adoration as she coaxes her child to sleep. She heard her daughter singing to her dolls and recorded the piece to be adapted later into this fairy tale adventure.

“Once in a Garden” is filled with poignant guitar strokes and angelic vocals, the purity of make believe under the sun is captured and celebrated. Childhood is a time of laughter and tea parties, games and rolling in the grass. Candice captures the blissful wonder in the video and the audio track. This song has to be one of my absolute favorites on the album. Think fairy festivals, Ren Faire for kids, playtime in the garden and good clean fun. It’s magic.

If you want a song that illustrates a parent’s devotion to her child, look no further than “In Your Arms.” A storm rages outside, but within the safe confines of Candice’s arms, her child is safe and sound. Even as the child grows, her love is all encompassing and reaches far and wide. The piece is backed by an ethereal blend of instruments, but the focus of the song is most definitely the vocals. If you have ever loved anyone, this song will pluck at your heartstrings.

“Return to Pooh Corner” is a book lover’s song. Beloved characters from childhood come to life as Candice sings of Christopher Robin and his bear Pooh and their adventures in the wood. Some things follow you through your life, and a small bear with a penchant for honeypot misadventures is most assuredly one of those. Poignant vocals and a strumming melody accompany this adorable piece that has to be my second favorite song on this album.

Candice Night has created a beautiful album with Starlight Starbright. It is a journey through childhood, both in familiar songs and new pieces heard for the first time. This artist sings like an angel and seeing her as a mother adds a whole new dimension to her craft. From Pooh Corner to garden parties and a mother protecting her child from the rain and storms of life, we experience the depth of a mother’s love for her child and for a moment, remember…

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Once in a Garden, In My Arms, Lullaby in the Night, Return to Pooh Corner

01. Rock a Bye Baby
02. Robin Redbreast
03. So This Is Love
04. Sleep Little Baby
05. In My Arms
06. Annie's Song
07. Down in the Meadow
08. Lullaby in the Night
09. Fireflies
10. Return to Pooh Corner
11. Once in a Garden
12. Baby Mine
13. Misty Blue
Bonus Videos:
1. Once In A Garden
2. Lullaby In The Night

Dana Wright, Sr. Staff Writer
December 3, 2015
Review Provided By Write A Music Review


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