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Cleopatra Records Set To Release Debut Album From Australian/Iranian Industrial Duo VOWWS!

Los Angeles, CA - With a 20+ year reputation for uncovering the best in dark underground music from all over the world, L.A.-based independent label Cleopatra Records is proud to announce the hugely anticipated debut album by one of their new premier roster artists, industrial-pop duo VOWWS. A cross-continental and cross-cultural pairing, guitarist/vocalist Matt (touring musician for indie darling Soko) and keyboardist/vocalist Rizz (Iranian, Costa Rican born) met in Sydney Australia before moving to NYC in 2011 where their debut album The Great Sun began to take shape. Produced by Kevin McMahon, whose work with Swans and The Walkmen has earned much deserved praise, The Great Sun elevates the icy cold synth and guitar noise distortion of classic industrial music to new artistic heights. With tracks like “Stranger,” “Councillor,” and “Holy Youth,” VOWWS marry catchy pop melodies with dark, expressive lyrics, distorted vocals, and heavy atmospheres to create a unique sound. The band even gained the attention of industrial music godfather Gary Numan, who sings a stunning duet on the album track “Losing Myself In You.” The band’s videos, all self-shot and self-edited, have been buzzed about on Consequence Of Sound, Culture Collide, Interview Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, Buzzbands L.A. and many others. VOWWS’ impressive live shows have earned them spots on this year’s New Noise Festival alongside Ariel Pink, Run The Jewels, Black Lips, and Prayers as well as performances with Tamaryn, William Control, Jennie Vee, L.A. Witch, and Lawrence Rothman. The Great Sun will be released October 30 on both CD and vinyl, and will coincide with a first-ever “VOWWS Takeover Day,” which will give the band full control of Cleopatra’s social properties for a full 24 hours!

Be sure to catch the band at these upcoming performances:

October 30: “Excess Flesh” Halloween show, Santa Monica, CA
November 7th: Echo Park, CA In-Store Performance at Origami Vinyl
November 7th: Sado Maso Disco, The Monty Bar (VOWWS DJ set)
December 3rd: Soda Bar, San Diego, CA w/Jennie Vee
December 5th: Black Fores, Eugene, OR w/Jennie Vee
December 6th: High Dive, Seattle, WA w/Jennie Vee
December 8th: Ash Street Saloon, Portland, OR w/Jennie Vee
December 9th: The Press Club, Sacramento, CA w/Jennie Vee
December 10th: Complex, Los Angeles, CA w/Jennie Vee
December 16th: Riverside, CA
December 17th: San Diego, CA
December 18th: Costa Mesa, CA

Track List
1. The Great Sun
2. Against The Gates
3. Holy Youth
4. Stranger
5. Councillor
6. The Only One
7. It’s You
8. Losing Myself In You
9. Crying
10. The Season
11. Waiting For Me

Available at Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, and anywhere independent music is sold!

Buy the CD:
Buy the vinyl:
Buy the digital: ?app=itunes&ls=1
Also available at:

Press inquiries:
Glass Onyon PR
Billy James
PH: 828-350-8158

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025


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