18 September 2015

The Lightness Of Being Review

With an already stellar EP under their belts entitled ‘Directions’ The Lightness of Being have kept 
the theme of propulsion and have dropped their fantastic second EP ‘Movements.’
Movements is a dark and brooding EP for fans of Queens of The Stone Age and Audio Slave. It is unrelenting in its performance and completely genius in its conception and execution.  Opening track ‘Disappearing Act’ sets the tone for the rest of the EP with driving guitars, pulsing drums and raucous bass lines. Both ‘Unknown’ and ‘Cat Eyes’ build on the ideas explored in ‘Disappearing Acts’ to create a brilliant offering with elements of rock metal and grunge interspersed within.

The Movements EP is out now.
Check them out here:

Website: http://thelightnessofbeing.co.uk/

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