06 August 2015

Coffee Pot Drive Album 'Edge Of Town' Review

New album by Coffee Pot Drive is a storming ode to funk and soul. The Croydon group have managed to craft a masterful debut which adheres to the conventional sounds of funk and soul but also adds a modern twist to it that can only be described as ‘Coffee Pot Drive’

The album starts off with the thundering ‘Coffee Pot Prayer’ which sounds like a chain gang anthem crossed with a cotton picking song, true blues. ‘Fallback’ combines Fleetwood Mac melodies and a fantastic chord progression to complement the soaring vocal. The next track ‘Deep Freeze’ sees the album get heavier combining southern rock and soul, a perfect combination.

‘The Forest’ and ‘Bayou’ are relatively similar in their aesthetic. Both are very guitar influenced and down tempo but they are still cracking songs, evoking a sense of beauty of wonder that permeates through the rest of the album.

Coffee Pot Drive brings us back to their brand of funk rock with their single off the album ‘Hey Suzy’. This track is electric in its proportions and by far they’re strongest track.  The next track ‘Change’ incorporates reggae riddims with funk bass lines and a soulful vocal line to create an original sounding track and very pleasing to the ear.

Tracks like ‘Prayer’ and ‘Killer’ round off the album with that same archaic blues influence straight out the American South. This is a seamless release and one of the most streamlined you’ll hear this year.

Listen to the single 'Hey Suzy' here:

Debut album ‘Edge of Town” out on August 31st.
Check them out here:

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