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New Age Music Review: Harrison Edwards-The Undiscovered Horizon

Release Date: December 23, 2013
Label: Arturim Records
Harrison Edwards began his musical journey with one goal in mind. He wanted a conduit for his compositions. Working with percussion, classical piano and keyboards, he began to learn about arranging techniques and music theory. He has striven to evolve his musical process. Focus on rhythmic percussion is a foundation for much of his work. Harrison’s fourth CD is now available. Featuring several years’ worth of musical notes kept in a manuscript while he worked on a novel, this album features exotic synth, percussion, piano, acoustic guitar and strings. A blend of neo-classical and bold contemporary flavors, this album has something for everyone.

“A Walk among the Trees” is a stroll through a leafy cathedral. Synth keyboards sweep and roll, leading the listener down the dappled path less traveled by. Sweeping harmonies awaken at the outset, joined with more intense inner monologue as the piece rounds in on itself becoming more defined; an inner journey in the wilderness of the soul. Close your eyes and listen to the majesty of the trees. Feel the eternal watchfulness as they marvel at the world passing by, content in the knowledge that their house of worship will never fall. Listeners fond of this piece will also enjoy “The Forest Cathedral.”

“Eye of the Storm” whispers a promise as an ethereal pulse drifts through the trees. Edgy piano and keyboard scenarios blended with vibrant percussion and synth elements come forth as the piece roars to life.  A vortex of sound sensation, the piano and keyboard components rain down on the listener like sheets of hail. Pelting and throbbing as the sun comes out-a winter wonderland exposed. Icy glory glitters under the classical elements. Dance, snowflake.  Dance upon the wind as it whips and trails along, taking the listener on a true voyage into the wonders of nature.

“Singing With Angels By Waterfalls” twinkles to life, a trickle of water against the vastness beyond. Chimes drift an electronic echo floating by like a billowy cloud. The illusion of voices on the wind is a truly celestial experience as you realize it is real. The voices are calling you to join them on their journey. Close your eyes and feel the weightlessness. Go over the falls. Let the crescendo of water and the everlasting cycle of nature’s bounty show you the beauty hidden within.

Harrison Edwards has taken years of musical training and captured the elusive quality of nature in his new album The Undiscovered Horizon. Using classical techniques and modern technology, he has composed some original works that bring peace and tranquility to the listener. Simple pleasures like walking under a canopy of trees and watching a storm change a familiar landscape into a winter wonderland encapsulate this album. If you enjoy a twist of modern in your brew, then give this The Undiscovered Horizon a spin.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: A Walk among the Trees

Dana Wright

February 7, 2014


1. Kilimanjaro
2. Usambara
3. The Undiscovered Horizon  
4. Arctic Passage
5. Eye of the Storm
6. Peaceful Earth
7. A Walk Among the Trees
8. Flight of Fancy
9. Singing With Angels By Waterfalls
10. A Prelude & Spanish Dance
11.The Forest Cathedral
12. The Setting Sun

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