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10 Things That Scare The Hell Out Of Me On Stage (As A Performing Musician)

By Dr. Kenneth Love
As opposed to the usually informative element that appears in my articles, I have taken the liberty of diverting from that particular element for this month, as I wish to convey a major concern that I find troubling at the most inconvenient of times and, namely, during performances. Now I suppose that most entertainment artists, at some point in their careers, have been accosted with stage fright.  And I venture to say that this sentiment occurs at the beginning of most such careers.  And as I had taken a twenty-year sabbatical from performing to represent fellow artists in promotion and publicity of their careers, upon returning to performing, I believed that I would experience a major fright of stage. However, that was not the case.  In fact, upon taking the stage again, it was as if I had not missed a beat (pardon the pun) with how comfortable I was on the stage once more.  And after realizing that the normal performance stage fright experience was nowhere on stage…

Rock Review: Andrew Pearson Third International-Formaldehyde (Single)

Release Date: January 28, 2014
Label: Boosh Music Website
“Formaldehyde” is the new single from Andrew Pearson Third International, formerly Third International and not to be confused with any kind of revolution (look up your history).
This one off single follows the DVD IDES and precedes the upcoming live album that will be out in a few months. It’s a taste if you will of the Pearson musical oeuvre.
Once again Pearson creates a great rock sound with prolific lyrics espousing the human condition. The suggestion is that we are our own worst enemy, like superman’s kryptonite we serve up our own “Formaldehyde” and can literally destroy our own self-image with doubts creeping in to beg the question “are you good enough?” As a creative individual I can totally relate to that and how you can torture the core of one’s being with negative thoughts and things manufactured in your mind only.
This verse puts it all into proper perspective:
In measured steps we fall from grace As we trip the light fantas…

Esoteric Recordings Release Deluxe 3-Disc CD & DVD Set Of 'The Promise / Among The Stars' Featuring New Bonus Material By Moody Blues Founding Member Mike Pinder

London, UK - Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce release of a Deluxe 3 Disc CD & DVD set by MOODY BLUES founder and keyboard player MIKE PINDER. Noted for his pioneering use of the Mellotron on the “Classic Seven” albums by the Moody Blues, Mike recorded a solo album, “The Promise”, (released in 1976) before departing the Moody Blues during sessions for the “Octave” album. Settling in California, Mike pursued many interests before releasing a follow up solo album, “Among the Stars” in 1994 as a private mail order release.

This deluxe boxed set features remastered versions of both albums, along with three new bonus tracks, “If She Came Back” by Mike and “Waves Crash” and “Empty Streets” by the Pinder Brothers (featuring RAY THOMAS on flute), produced by Moody Blues producer, the late Tony Clarke.

It also includes a DVD (over an hour in duration) with extensive interviews with Mike on his time with the Moody Blues, his personal philosophies and exclusive solo performances of h…


Record Reviews And News On The World of Vinyl & Collectables

Vinyl Albums Are Being Rediscovered By A New GenerationBy Jay FitzgeraldRepublished From The Boston Globe  |  Globe Correspondent     November 17, 2013

Reed Lappin is co-owner of In Your Ear used record stores in Boston and Cambridge. “Vinyl has had its share of ups and downs, but people just keep buying them,” Lappin said.

Whatever you do, don’t throw away those stacks of old vinyl LP records stored in your garage, basement, or attic READ MORE...

Progressive Rock Review: Imagery-The Inner Journey

Release Date: 19thNov 2013
Label:  Cleopatra Website 
Imagery, the Brazilian progressive band, was formed in 2008, but all members of the band have had experience within the Brazilian rock/metal scene for several years prior to coming together. The debut album, The Inner Journey, is a journey through the world of progressive metal/rock, played by extremely skilled musicians. The band list their influences as ranging from The Beatles through to Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Rush, ELP, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and more.

Imagery is a four piece band currently comprising, Joceir Bertoni (vocals, guitars), Ricardo Fanucchi (bass), Henrique Loureiro (keyboards) and Bruno Pamplona (vocals, drums). Joceir and Ricardo have played together for ten years and they were then joined by Henrique and Luciano Neves (drums) to record the album. Since that recording, Bruno has replaced Luciano on the drum stool.

The Inner Journey is an 8 track album, with a total playing time of around 43 minutes. The shortest…

Prog Rock Feature: Forest Field

Visit The Forest Field Website

What is Forest Field?

 Okay, so you are curious what Forest Field is about? Well, let us tell you a few things:

    Forest Field is not a band
    Forest Field is a project
    Forest Field is lead by Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox
    Expect some guests announcements soon...
    The music is a combination of ambient, new age, progressive rock
    with vintage sounds like mellotron, piano and organ
    but also electric and acoustic guitars
    and bass and drums where the song needs it

Pioneers Of The Future by Forest Field

RED HOT REBELLION Announce New Album and Comic Book Through Kickstarter

A full-length comic book AND concept album about a band of intergalactic heroes out to save Earth with the power of rock 'n' roll. A comic book AND an album? Say what!?You heard it right! Red Hot Rebellion II is a full-length comic book AND music album. Both go together like peas and carrots. Like peanut butter and jelly. Like Batman and Robin. Like Marshall amps and rock ‘n’ roll!  In their first self-titled album, Dayton, OH rockers, Red Hot Rebellion, released a comic book where each single page of the book went along with each single song on the album. RHR bassist/vocalist, Jim Tramontana notes, "It has been super popular with music fans, collectors, and the comic con crowds. So, we decided to expand on the concept and create a more expansive story-telling universe. The music, the lyrics, the story, and the art are all inextricably linked together in one super awesome visual and audio experience."  Highlights:·The innovative concept! This is a full length, 28-page c…


Motley Crue Announce ‘The Final Tour’

by Matthew Wilkening January 28, 2014 4:45 PM
Motley CrueDavid Livingston, Getty Images

Motley Crue have officially announced ‘The Final Tour,’ a 72-date farewell trek across the U.S. and Canada that will feature Alice Cooper as their special guest. The band is expected to spend the next two years circling the globe before hanging it up for good.

In keeping with the ‘R.I.P.’ theme, the Crue showed up for the event in a hearse, were greeted at the venue by a New Orleans jazz funeral band playing ‘Dr. Feelgood’ and sat behind tombstones with their names on them at the press conference.

To prove that this isn’t just a temporary measure, with the band or some fraction thereof returning in a few years for a big comeback tour, the group signed a formal “Cessation of Touring Agreement” in front of reporters, which apparently states that all four members agree never to tour again as Motley Crue — unless they all agree to do so.

So . . . doesn’t that mean they could just all agree to come back late…

Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman Snubbed During Grammy ‘In Memoriam’ Tribute

By Jeff Giles January 27, 2014 8:04 AM
Jeff HannemanHerfitz PR / Photo Credit: Andrew Stuart

Any tribute that tries to be as comprehensive as the Grammy Awards’ annual ‘In Memoriam’ segment is bound to leave a few people out. But when the Recording Academy aired its remembrance of the musicians we lost in 2013, rock fans noticed one particularly glaring omission: Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

Hanneman’s death last May sent shockwaves through the music world, and although even the most passionate fan understands that someone is always going to get snubbed by these things, it still came as something of a shock to see that the Academy could forget such an influential and respected musician.

Angry fans took to Twitter and Facebook to vent their frustration following the segment — which also left out a number of other rock artists who passed away during 2013, including former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr, Vixen founder Jan Kuehnemund and former Devo drummer Alan Myers.

It’s certainly unfort…

Andrew Pearson Third International Releasing Live Music and New Download Only Single

Andrew Pearson left England in 1973 and came to the U.S. and never looked back. Since that life changing trip across the Atlantic he has recorded music with his own band and toured alongside luminaries such as Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck, Fleetwood Mac, The Band, Elvin Bishop and Aerosmith.

After many years of honing his skills and paying his dues on the road, Pearson took around 10 years off. After making music his life he then became part of the populace that worked normal jobs on a daily basis. Music kept calling him back and since his return he has released 4 recordings total, most recently a DVD, titled IDES with his band Third International. A new download only single called “Formaldehyde” has been released today as well to prime his audience for an upcoming live DVD.

Pearson lives and breathes the word “Indie.” It is part of his physical, mental and spiritual make up and that is transferred into the words and music he creates. He believes since his return to music, that there is no…

Rock-Folk Review: Kito Peters-Witness

Release Date: 1/15/14
Label: Cabezon Music


Witness is Kito Peters’ 13th release. With steady flow of releases year after year Peters has created quite a niche for himself. His music is introspective and eclectic. 

Witness kicks off the proceedings with the title track and sets the tone for what is to come. Although Peters offers an eclectic mix from a musical perspective, he is very astute and straightforward with his lyrics, which I found refreshing. His tastes vary from folk, rock, jazz and blues. The mix is quite pleasing and relaxing, which I welcomed.
“Troubadour” is very upbeat and drives home the message with a high energy pace. In the same instance Peters can take an entirely different approach by coming across mellow and controlled so the listeners have an opportunity to look inward to see how the song relates to their own lives. Then again “Anthropology” explores the more serious side of the human condition even though the character “stays at home and fuss and fume, ” con…

Remastered and Expanded Edition Of Bill Nelson's Highly Collectible 1986 Album 'Getting The Holy Ghost Across' Now Available!

London, UK - ESOTERIC RECORDINGS imprint Cocteau Discs, the home of BILL NELSON’s catalogue between 1971 and 2001, continues their series of ongoing releases with the newly remastered and expanded release of his 1986 album “GETTING THE HOLY GHOST ACROSS”. Released in 1986, the record was Bill’s sole album for the Portrait label, and was a superbly realized work. Previously released on CD as strictly limited edition of 500 copies on Bill’s Sonolux label, the album is hugely sought after on CD by collectors.

This Cocteau Discs edition is expanded over two CDs to include all the material from the “LIVING FOR THE SPANGLED MOMENT” and the “WILDEST DREAMS” 12-INCH EPs, (featuring three tracks previously unreleased on CD). The reissue fully restores the original album artwork and features a new note by Bill Nelson.

CD 1:
1. Suvasini
2. Contemplation
3. Theology
4. Wildest Dreams
5. Lost in Your Mystery
6. Rise Like a Fountain
7. Age of Reason
8. The Hidden Flame
9. Because of You
10. Pansophia

CD2 (Bonus…

Glass Hammer Unveil Ode To Echo

at 03:13pm January 20 2014

Glass Hammer are preparing to release their 14th studio album Ode To Echo – and leading light Steve Babb has told Prog the material focuses on “some very dark ideas.” View a teaser trailer below.

Jon Davison, who also fronts Yes, has laid down vocal tracks alongside returned live singer Carl Groves and former member Susie Bogdanowicz. Guest musician include Rob Reed of Magenta, David Ragsdale of Kansas and Randy Jackson of Zebra.

And the album marks Glass Hammer’s first-ever collaboration with an outside lyricist in the track Crowbone, penned by British historical fiction novelist Robert Low.

Babb tells Prog: “We turned a corner last year when Carl rejoined to fill in for Jon, who was touring with what we call ‘the other band.’ We knew it wasn’t a good thing to have Carl only front us on stage, but we’d always said how much we would love to have him in the studio, as well as Susie – so, back she came as well In our minds, they’d…

Progressive Rock Review: Freedom To Glide-Rain

I first came across the band Freedom To Glide early in 2012 when they issued the Rain EP, a 3 track release, which also served as a taster for the full Rain album which was being worked on. Later in the year, another taster appeared in the form of the 6 track mini album/EP entitled The Wait. A year after the release of this second taster, the full Rain concept album was released. The concept that runs through the album is that of the futility of war and the album paints an almost chilling aural landscape of the First World War (WW1).

Freedom To Glide is a band comprising two members, Pete Riley (keyboards, backing vocals, sound effects) and Andy Nixon (lead vocal, guitar, fretless bass, keyboards, drums and drum programming) and for this debut album, Rain, they are joined by Steve Bell (trumpet solo), Francesca Genco (additional vocals) and the Elation Community Voices Choir. Pete and Andy met while members of the Pink Floyd tribute band, Dark Side of the Wall, and started to put toget…