30 October 2013

New Age Celtic Review: Shauna Burns-Violet

Artist: Shauna Burns
Title: Violet
Genre: New Age/ Celtic
Label: Red Rock Music LLC
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If you are a fan of Sarah McLachlan, you will find a lot of similarities in sound, Celtic flair and deeply emotive vocals in this album on the whole. In particular, the song “Vienna” gouged at my heart with a spoon...READ MORE...

12 October 2013

European Singing Star Eric Van Aro Is Back With A Captivating New Jazz Album

Lugano, Switzerland-October, 8, 2013- Singer/songwriter/producer Eric Van Aro’s Obsession EP is scheduled to be released on October 18, the latest in dozens of recordings Van Aro has released, many on his Switzerland-based record company, Eraki...READ MORE...

11 October 2013

Lance Reegan-Diehl Introduces The Player Signature Swing Guitar Line

Seoul-Korea-October, 8-2013- When Lance Reegan-Diehl met the owner of Swing Guitars a partnership was born. Lance was asked to provide a design of a guitar that he would like to play. After his many experiences modifying
guitars he found it natural to sit down and sketch out some designs....READ MORE...

03 October 2013

Pop/Soul Review: Thelma Houston & JANITOR-fortytwo

Artist: Thelma Houston & JANITOR
Title: fortytwo
Genre: Pop/Soul
Label: Mp3MusicOutlet
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Multiply Grammy Award winner Thelma Houston began her career in Motown in the 1960’s and hasn’t looked back. Her work as an activist and international performer drives her forward and she has no intention of stopping. Her newest release, fortytwo, is collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and producer JANITOR. The album is an exploration of soul...READ MORE...

02 October 2013

Woody Russell Releases an Instant Classic Titled Delicious Days

Austin, Texas-October 2, 2013- Woody Russell has a catalog of excellent releases. With each release he gives the listener a new adventure to dive into. Delicious Days is not an exception. Although the new release is filed under pop, it is far more deep and eclectic than one word or genre can express. Russell takes a deep dive into the well of his musical ancestors and pulls out all the stops to come up with a consistently outstanding outing. The recording is a melting pot of his influences, taking elements of jazz, blues, country, Americana and pop, to give it an overall crossover appeal that is hard to ignore...READ MORE...