28 June 2013

Rock Review: Sons of the Radio-The Delicate Machinery

Artist: Sons of the Radio
Title: The Delicate Machinery
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent
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There are still some bands out there trying hard to keep rock from dying, and Baltimore’s Sons of the Radio is one such band. Back in 2012 Muzikreviews.com named their debut album, Heartstrings & Heresies, a Pick of the Week. Now the quartet is back with their follow-up album The Delicate Machinery...READ MORE...

11 June 2013

Garage Rock Review: Rick Shaffer-Stacked Deck

Artist: Rick Shaffer
Title: Stacked Deck
Genre: Garage Rock
Label: Tarock Music
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It seems like it is becoming a yearly occurrence for me to review Rick Shaffer’s latest album. In fact, it is pretty much 12 months to the day that I reviewed his third album, Idiot Flats. Shaffer’s latest is entitled Stacked Deck, and it picks up right where Flats left off...READ MORE...