26 September 2012

Audio Fidelity Releases Ten Years After And Scorpions Classic Albums On 24 Karat Gold CDs

Culver City, CA-September 26, 2012- Marshall Blonstein and Audio Fidelity decided to do a deep dive into rock history and they have released two classic albums in their popular 24 karat gold format. The legendary bands Ten Years After with Rock and Roll Music to the World (1972) and The Scorpions with their definitive heavy metal classic Love At First Sting (1984) are now ready for music lovers everywhere to enjoy...READ MORE...

20 September 2012

Smooth Jazz/R&B Review: Osaru – All the Way

Artist: Osaru
Title: All the Way
Genre: Smooth Jazz/R&B
Label: Independent
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Osaru is a talented multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter whose musical style is a cross between jazz, R&B and a percussion that has roots in African, European and North American traditions. Compared to Seal and Kenny G, Osaru’s music is upbeat, yet laid back with smooth undertones of positivity and optimism. All The Way is Osaru’s third album...READ MORE...

18 September 2012

Indie Artist Matt Jameson Releases New EP Dirt Stomp Romeos

Brooklyn, New York-September 18, 2012- Anyone that is familiar with the music of Matt Jameson anxiously awaits any new recording and that time has arrived. This week a new EP will drop titled Dirt Stomp Romeos. And on the flipside, if you have not discovered his music this would a great place start...READ MORE...

17 September 2012

Rock Review: Heart – Fanatic

Artist: Heart
Title: Fanatic
Genre: Rock
Label: Legacy
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There has always been something about the music of Heart that pulls me in and owns every time. In 2010 the Wilson sisters, Ann and Nancy and their band, released the excellent Red Velvet Car. It may have come as a surprise to many that this long standing sister tandem could still rock and record vital music that a large cross section of age groups would be able to enjoy....READ MORE...

12 September 2012

Rock/Pop/Country Review: Matt Jameson-Dirt Stomp Romeos

Artist: Matt Jameson
Title: Dirt Stomp Romeos
Genre: Rock-Pop-Country
Label: Olive Records
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The last time I heard from Matt Jameson was 2010 when he sent me his 5 song EP South Shore Girls... which I thoroughly enjoyed. So there should not be any reason why my experience would be different a few years down the road right? As it turns out I am glad to say that once again I have enjoyed the music of this talented artist...READ MORE...

11 September 2012

Eric van Aro Releases Single I’m Not Anyone – A Tribute To Sammy Davis Jr.

Lugano, Switzerland-September, 11, 2012- Eric van Aro makes the music world sit up and take notice. The singer, who has released several successful albums in the past, is paying tribute to the superb entertainer Sammy Davis Jr...READ MORE...

08 September 2012

Pop Review: Et Tu Brucé – Suburban Sunshine

Artist: Et Tu Brucé
Title: Suburban Sunshine
Genre: Pop
Label: Independent
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Et Tu Brucé is the dynamic pop group that hails from Hanwell, a West London suburb. The band consists of four members: Jamie White (guitar, vocals), Matthew O'Toole (guitar, vocals), Darryn Bruce (bass) and Craig Bruce (drums). Suburban Sunshine is their debut album....READ MORE...

04 September 2012

Alternative Rock Review: Jason Gerard – You Set Me Free

Artist: Jason Gerard
Title: You Set Me Free
Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Sonic Wave International
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Jason Gerard, an Austin, Texas native is known for his blend of punk and alternative music. Gerard was the co-founder of the punk band Egoteric and has played several venues in Texas. Specializing in keyboard and guitar, Gerard has a sound that is edgy and fierce. Most notably, his work is a blend of Bowie and Iggy Pop, giving a gritty and alternative bent to his sound...READ MORE...