07 March 2012

Review: Danny John Trio – Mr. Twister

Artist: Danny John Trio
Title: Mr. Twister
Genre: Jazz-Rock-Fusion
Label: Independent
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Yesterday I had never even heard of Daniel John and today he is one of my favorite guitarists ever...READ MORE...

06 March 2012

Review: Ann Claire – Honkytonk Princess

Artist: Ann Claire
Title: Honkytonk Princess
Genre: Country/Pop
Label: Prosody Records
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It’s good to be the king, but when you are Ann Claire it’s even better being the princess. Ann isn’t just the Honkytonk Princess; she is literally a real princess. She is the granddaughter of HH Princess Shams of Iran's Pahlavi Dynasty...READ MORE...

05 March 2012

Review: Dance Hall Pimps – Beast For Love

Artist: Dance Hall Pimps
Title: Beast For Love
Genre: Rock/Blues
Label: Lakeshore Records
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When I first was presented with the Dance Hall Pimps I had completely different expectations before I pushed play. I think you are more likely to get a better idea of what you are about to hear if you look at the bands track list on their debut LP, Beast of Love rather than by name alone...READ MORE...