24 January 2012

Review: My Shadow and I – Summer Cycle

Artist: My Shadow and I
Title: Summer Cycle
Genre: Instrumental
Label: Nonexistent Records
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Brad Podray is a Philadelphia native who began his love affair with music at the young age of eight, when he drove his parent’s crazy demanding piano lessons. Aspiring to become a concert pianist, plans have a way of changing and as a teenager; Podray and his friend Daniel Dolan formed the rock band Kryoteck and released their first album. ...READ MORE...

18 January 2012

Review: Brandon McHose – Late Night EP

Artist: Brandon McHose
Title: Late Night EP
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent
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Brandon McHose developed his passion for music as a child when his father shared his eclectic music collection and began to teach him on his 74 Les Paul guitar. As McHose grew in his musical talent, he spent a lot of time in the Austin music scene and then landed in Chicago...READ MORE...