30 November 2010

Audio Fidelity Releases Kate Bush Classic Sensual World On 180 Gram Vinyl LP

Culver City, CA-November 30, 2010- Marshall Blonstein and his label Audio Fidelity have collectors scrambling once again with the release of the Kate Bush title Sensual World (1989) on gorgeous 180 gram vinyl...READ MORE...

15 November 2010

Lynwood Slim and the Igor Prado Band-Brazilian Kicks Review

Artist: Lynwood Slim and the Igor Prado Band
Title: Brazilian Kicks
Genre: Blues
Label: Delta Groove Productions
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Sometimes when you add one great thing to another great thing the result is one awful thing. For example, if you add 100 dollar bills to fire you get burnt money which, of course, is useless. If you add diamonds to chocolate chip cookies you get to go to the dentist and you better pray the dentist doesn’t mind those burnt hundred dollar bills you’re trying to use to pay for some new teeth...READ MORE...

12 November 2010

Bird Mancini-Tuning In/Tuning Out Review

Artist: Bird Mancini
Title: Tuning In/ Tuning Out
Genre: Rock
Label: Second Story Records
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I can honestly tell you without a trace of shame that I had to look up who Brian Epstein was. His name, being the subject matter of the new Bird Mancini song “(I Want My Own) Brian Epstein”, was vaguely familiar but something'inside wasn’t clicking...READ MORE...

11 November 2010

Evan Wish-Forget-Me-Not, Blue Review

Artist: Evan Wish
Title: Forget-Me-Not, Blue
Genre: New Age-Contemporary
Label: Wish 4/4 Music
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Wish is an accomplished concert pianist and obviously well versed in the studio. This is a fine effort punctuated by using quotes from Nobel Prize winners such Gandhi, Mother Theresa and others...READ MORE...

10 November 2010

Newest Pop Diva Mandee Releases Hot Single “Vampire”

Orlando, Florida-November 10, 2010- Mandee (Amanda Marie Lloyd) hails from Altamonte Springs Florida but with her new single “Vampire” it is evident the entire world will become her new residence very soon...READ MORE...

09 November 2010

Bird Mancini Release Indie Recording Tuning In, Tuning Out On November 16, 2010

Boston, MA-November 9, 2010- It has been three years since the sounds of Bird Manicini have graced our ears. Funny Day was released in 2007 to critical acclaim and now a new release is on the horizon...READ MORE...

03 November 2010

Kellylee Evans-Nina Review

Artist: Kellylee Evans
Title: Nina
Genre: Jazz
Label: Plus Lion Music
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Right now, from somewhere high above our heads, the legendary Nina Simone is nodding her head and smiling at the work Kellylee Evans has released. The album, Nina, is a tribute to the one and the only Nina Simone...READ MORE...