29 October 2010

Audio Fidelity Releases A Double Play-Billy Joel 52nd Street and Stevie Wonder Music of My Mind

Culver City, CA-October 27, 2010- Marshall Blonstien’s reissue label Audio Fidelity has released a set of recordings that are pop and rock classics. Billy Joel’s 52nd Street (1978) and the brilliant Stevie Wonder and his celebration of funk, soul and pop Music of My Mind (1972) make their debut on Audio Fidelity’s 24 karat gold disct...READ MORE...

28 October 2010

Woody Russell-Up Against it Review

Artist: Woody Russell
Title: Up Against It
Genre: Contemporary Blues
Label: CUTS Music Group
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If I had to describe Woody Russell’s new album Up Against It in 2 words it would be “GOD DAMN!” This record is like air and blood: necessary for life...READ MORE...

26 October 2010

Brian Linne Releases Second Full Length Album Man On The Moon

Port Huron, MI-October 26, 2010- Brian Linne has released an album four years in the making. Man on the Moon is independently released and self produced by Linne. This marks the second full length release by the multitalented Michigan based artist...READ MORE...

20 October 2010

Brian Linne-Man on The Moon Review

Artist: Brian Linne
Title: Man on The Moon
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent
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The last album from Brian Linne was the excellent Uniqueness In Me in 2004. Six years later we have another exceptional recording titled Man on The Moon. The CD comes housed in a DVD style case with a large booklet including all the lyrics and artwork relating to each track....READ MORE...

19 October 2010

Kirsten Thien-Delicious Review

Artist: Kirsten Thien
Title: Delicious
Genre: Blues-Pop
Label: Screen Door Records
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There is an often ignored golden rule in life that, if used, would vastly improve all of our lives. The rule is simple. It is “Everything is better with horns”...READ MORE...

03 October 2010

Dean Shoultz-Suite Emotions Review

Artist: Dean Shoultz
Title: Suite Emotions
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Label: Taylor-Jordan Entertainment
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After listening to Dean Shoultz’s new album Suite Emotions, I am left with only one thing to say. I hate Dean Shoultz. He is just a repulsive individual that makes me, yes I’ll admit it, insanely jealous. I mean come on, no one should be this freaking good in all areas...READ MORE...