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Rock Guitarist Dean Shoultz Delivers 5 Free Tracks From His New Solo Album Suite Emotions

New Orleans, LA–September 29, 2010- On October 5th, 2010 rock guitarist Dean Shoultz is set to release his second solo album Suite Emotions on his new label Taylor-Jordan Entertainment. In addition Dean will deliver 5 Tracks from his new album Free of Charge...READ MORE...

Nick Gill EP Review

Artist: Nick Gill
Title: EP
Genre: Rock-Acoustic
Label: Independent
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Standing against a desolate industrial backdrop, Nick Gill, an 18 year-old pop rock singer songwriter from Fairhope, Alabama stands with his guitar ready to divulge the innermost feelings that an 18 year old would have...READ MORE...

Scott Dameron & Jay Ladd V-Walker 904A Review

Artist: Scott Dameron & Jay Ladd V
Title: Walker 904A
Genre: Folk-Americana
Label: Independent
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If you are in the mood for some good folk songs with touching lyrics I have the right medicine for you, Scott Dameron & Jay Ladd V...READ MORE...

Blue Cut Delivers Folk Masterpiece We Walk In Temperatures

September 8, 2010-Bloomington, Indiana- It’s all in the family when it comes to Blue Cut and their music. The father, daughter and son trio are an exceptional combination that produce consistently good traditional and modern folk recordings...READ MORE...

Miles Davis-Bitches Brew Legacy Edition (2 CD/1 DVD)

So where do you start with a recording that created a genre? Bitches Brew and its legendary and iconic status has not waned one iota since the celebrated release of the set in 1970. Miles Davis changed jazz forever more than once from the 50s all the way up to this marvelous concoction of jazz-rock fusion genius.

To honor the 40th anniversary of Bitches Brew Sony Legacy has completely outdone everyone else with a remasters series by releasing three different exceedingly tempting configurations. This is the Legacy Edition then there will be the Legacy Collector’s Edition and to follow that, if that wasn’t enough for you jazz enthusiasts, the Super Deluxe 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, which has a previously unissued performance from Tanglewood in August 1970. I happen to have the advance copy of that Tanglewood performance however this edition includes a live performance from Copenhagen in 1969. Confused yet? I guess it depends how much of a Davis fan you are and how many dollars…

Heart: Red Velvet Car. (2010) Legacy Recording

Heart: Red Velvet Car. (2010)Legacy RecordingWow. It’s been 6 years since Heart has released an album, but their chops have never been better. There are 10 solid tunes on this album that will renew your faith in the band, make you a Heart fan all over again, or if you’re lucky enough to be hearing them for the first time, make you a brand new fan. The sisters from Seattle have released 12 previous albums with varying levels of commercial success; but after repeated listens, I am convinced this is their best work to date. Time will tell how well it does in the charts, but it won’t matter.This is the band’s crowning achievement.If there was any doubt that aging rockers could make great albums, forget about it. Red Velvet Car is proof of that they can. It is not just a good album, it is an excellent album.It is not just a collection of great songs either. The songs weave themes, imagery and symbolism together so tightly and artfully you get more than the sum of the parts: you get a maste…

Blue Cut-We Walk In Temperatures Review

Artist: Blue Cut
Title: We Walk In Temperatures
Genre: Folk-Modern Folk
Label: Home Tone Records
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When I first saw the Partridge Family on TV I was fascinated at the thought of starting a band within my family. As it turns out, the wolf pack that raised me were only good at howling at each other and no music can make that sound good...READ MORE...

Heart-Red Velvet Car Review

Artist: Heart
Title: Red Velvet Car
Genre: Rock
Label: Sony Legacy
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It’s hard to believe it has been six years since the release of the fantastic Jupiter’s Darling album. Heart and the sisters Wilson have been very busy...READ MORE...