26 June 2010

The Blood of Heroes Review

Artist: The Blood of Heroes
Title: The Blood of Heroes
Genre: Doom, Electronic, Metal
Label: Ohm Resistance
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The Blood of Heroes’ self-titled release is the veritable soundtrack of the post-apocalypse; a post-modern meltdown of genre and form where chaotic soundscapes reign...READ MORE...

23 June 2010

The Sunset Curse-Artificial Heart Review

Artist: The Sunset Curse
Title: Artificial Heart
Genre: Electronic-Thrash-Rock
Label: Helmet Room
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The Sunset Curse calls their music electronic-thrash-rock. I can agree with that description for the most part. The thrash element is apparent however it’s not one that stands out too much...READ MORE...

16 June 2010

Elvin Bishop-Red Dog Speaks Review

Artist: Elvin Bishop
Title: Red Dog Speaks
Genre: Blues
Label: Delta Groove Productions
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These days, true blues-men are in short supply. The music that was so influential in spawning rock and roll has left the limelight, but Elvin Bishop’s latest release Red Dog Speaks...READ MORE...

14 June 2010

Downtown Mystic-Standing Still Review

Artist: Downtown Mystic
Title: Standing Still
Genre: Rock-Americana
Label: Sha-La-Music, Inc.
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Music serves many purposes but mainly it is a good mood changer or suitable for creating a specific atmosphere. With all of that considered, when was the last time you threw a CD into the stereo and knew right from the start...READ MORE...

09 June 2010

Donna Loren-Love It Away Review

Artist: Donna Loren
Title: Love It Away
Genre: Pop
Label: Swinging Sixties Productions
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Donna Loren is a sixties girl that made appearances on all kinds of TV shows and movies. That work carried her a long way and now so many years later, her voice still resonates and touches those within earshot...READ MORE...

07 June 2010

Kate Cosco-Soul Eyes Review

Artist: Kate Cosco
Title: Soul Eyes
Genre: Instrumental-Jazz
Label: Kate Cosco Music
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When I received Kate Cosco’s CD I was surprised to find that the entire recording was all instrumental. You paint a picture of what the music might be by looking at the cover of an album and this time I was totally off base...READ MORE...

02 June 2010

International Guitar Expert Lance Reegan-Diehl Designs The Loop 5X System

Seoul, Korea-June 1, 2010- Lance Reegan Diehl has introduced many products relating to the guitar over the years. Most recently the innovative accessory The Loop 5x System was introduced by the artist. ...READ MORE...