27 April 2010

Marier-Marier’s Variety Pack Review

Artist: Marier
Title: Marier’s Variety Pack
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Business Man Records USA
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Marier’s story is one you probably heard before, a 10 year old kid gets a Sears Silverton guitar and the rest is history, well it’s actually true....READ MORE...

20 April 2010

Audio Fidelity Release Classic Styx and Simon & Garfunkel Albums on 24 Karat Gold CDs

Culver City, CA-April 20, 2010- Marshall Blonstein and Audio Fidelity are releasing two classic albums on 24 karat gold CDs series today. The 1977 release that made Styx international superstars Grand Illusion gets the 24 karat gold treatment and another Simon & Garfunkel folk rock bookend Sounds of Silence...READ MORE...

08 April 2010

The Quakers On Probation Release Indie CD Every Living Thing

April 6, 2010-Seattle, Washington- Along with their thought provoking name the Seattle based band Quakers on Probation have released an equally interesting and eclectic CD titled Every Living Thing...READ MORE...