27 January 2010

Patrick Yandall Releases First Rock Instrumental CD Going For One

San Diego, CA-January 26, 2010- Patrick Yandall has made his mark over the years with ten different releases, mainly smooth jazz instrumental albums. His eleventh release on Zengi Records titled Going For One...READ MORE...

19 January 2010

Hollywood Blue Flames-Deep In America Review

Artist: Hollywood Blue Flames
Title: Deep In America
Genre: Blues
Label: Delta Groove Music
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The Hollywood Blue Flames are Kirk Fletcher (guitar), Al Blake (vocals, harmonica), Larry Taylor (bass), Richard Innes (drums), Fred Kaplan (piano), Junior Watson (guitar) and the late great Michael “Hollywood Fats” Mann (vocals, guitar)...READ MORE...

18 January 2010

Twaang-Dark Angel Review

Artist: Twaang
Title: Dark Angel
Genre: Metal
Label: Zangi Records
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Twaang is Roland Billberg, a D.I.Y. musician and producer from Staffanstorp Sweden. Twaang’s music can range from metal to electronic. On Dark Angel it’s straight up metal...READ MORE...

17 January 2010

Patrick Yandall-Going for One Review

Artist: Patrick Yandall
Title: Going for One
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Label: Zangi Records
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It’s hard to believe that this is Patrick Yandall’s 11th release and with it came a nice surprise; it’s a collection of instrumental rock tracks! I have been hinting around this for years in my reviews and it seems friends and family have been doing the same...READ MORE... _

14 January 2010

Empirical Set To Unveil New Release Out ‘n’ In February 2, 2010

New York, New York-January 12, 2010- Empirical is a London based jazz quartet that offers a combination of post bop and a spacey vibe for a cool groove that transcends time...READ MORE...

08 January 2010

Dana Edelman-Blue Rose Review

Artist: Dana Edelman
Title: Blue Rose
Genre: Folk-Pop
Label: Mile 23 Music
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Maybe I’m a sucker for a slow jam, but Dana Edelman’s soothing collection of songs for his latest album, Blue Roses, really hits the spot. Edelman co-produced the record with Joshua Paul Thompson, the Grammy winning producer who’s worked with the likes of Alica Keys, Joe, and George Benson...READ MORE...