27 October 2009

Dino Jag Releases Previously Unreleased Tracks From The Demo Vault

Adelaide, Australia-October 27, 2009- Dino Jag has made his mark dating back to 1995 when he was the lead vocalist for the band Stolen Waters. Since then his development as a recording artist has been on a steady incline and recognition for his work and projects with icons such as Sir Paul McCartney have been well documented...READ MORE...

23 October 2009

Dino Jag-From The Demo Vault (Previously Unreleased) Review

Artist: Dino Jag
Title: From The Demo Vault (Previously Unreleased)
Genre: Pop-Dance
Label: House of Wow
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Dino Jag has decided to cut loose those great tracks that have been on shelf for a while. And why not? After all the dude can sing a tune and make music that sounds great around all of the lyrics so it makes sense....READ MORE...

20 October 2009

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Second Helping (24kt Gold) Review

Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Title: Second Helping (24kt Gold)
Genre: Southern Rock
Label: Audio Fidelity
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Look no further than Second Helping to experience vintage Lynyrd Skynrd. The current version of the band is a weak facsimile that probably has Ronnie Van Zant rolling in his grave....READ MORE...

16 October 2009

Dark Star Line-Black Opus Review

Artist: Dark Star Line
Title: Black Opus
Genre: Rock-Electronic
Label: Independent
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Dark Star Line is an alternative rock project headed up by William Dyson. Black Opus consists of eleven tracks mainly of instrumental guitar flourishes peppered with slices of electronica...READ MORE...

Kristina Releases Eclectic Jazz Recording Offshore Echoes On Patios Records

New York, New York-October 14, 2007- Muliti cultural jazz vocalist Kristina will release Offshore Echoes on Patios Records October 15, 2009. Kristina completes an astounding achievement with Offshore Echoes by offering jazz listeners her own eclectic interpretations of classic compositions...READ MORE...

14 October 2009

13 October 2009

Yes-90125 24kt Gold Review

Artist: Yes
Title: 90125 24kt Gold
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Audio Fidelity
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What was there not to like about this album? 90125 had all the elements of rock and pop including plentiful hooks. Although this was not the defining moment for Yes it definitely was a band totally reinventing itself for a new audience...READ MORE...

08 October 2009

Jazz Singer/Songwriter Halie Loren Wins Just Plain Folks 2009 “Best Vocal Jazz Album” Award

Eugene, Oregon-October 7, 2009- Halie Loren has made her mark in Indie music over the years with several highly acclaimed releases. Most recently the jazz singer and songwriter was awarded for her excellence in both vocals and recording...READ MORE...

Audio Fidelity Releases Lynyrd Skynyrd “Second Helping” and Yes “90125” CDs In 24 Karat Gold

October 6, 2009--Culver City, CA- Marshall Blonstein and his Audio Fidelity imprint, a leading reissue label, has announced they will release two more classic rock albums on October 13th...READ MORE...

06 October 2009

Mike Zito-Pearl River Review

Artist: Mike Zito
Title: Pearl River
Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Eclecto Groove
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Mike Zito’s fifth album Pearl River and second on Eclecto Groove Records, continues to give more credibility to his viability as a major artist playing blues rock...READ MORE...

01 October 2009

Charito Meets Michel Legrand Watch What Happens CD Set for Release on CT Music

New York, New York-September 29, 2009- Charito continues to find her way into the hearts of her peers and fans by continually releasing recordings with impressive collaborations...READ MORE...