31 August 2009

New Day Dawn-The Company We Keep Review

Artist: New Day Dawn
Title: The Company We Keep
Genre: Rock
Label: Botti Parts Records
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New Day Dawn is rock-pop outfit fronted by singer/songwriter/musician Dawn Botti. The lineup includes Botti (vocals, guitar, and keyboards), Gary Szczecino (drums), Patrick J. Angeloni (guitar) and Rob Choe (bass)...READ MORE...

28 August 2009

Eddie Allen and The Aggregation Release Groove’s Mood

New York, New York-August 25, 2009- Eddie Allen is a trumpeter, composer, arranger; and author-certainly one of the more versatile musicians on the New York jazz scene. Because of his versatility contemporaries will call upon him for his talent to play everything from jazz big band, R&B/Pop, Latin, to symphonic to Broadway...READ MORE...

Saro Tribastone-Viento De Siroco Review

Artist: Saro Tribastone
Title: Viento De Siroco
Genre: World-Fusion
Label: Independent
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Italian born Saro Tribastone was given the gift of a guitar when he was six years old. From that moment in time Saro fell under its spell and has turned a lifelong passion into music to share with the world...READ MORE...

25 August 2009

The Doors-The Soft Parade Review

Artist: The Doors
Title: The Soft Parade
Genre: Classic Rock
Label: Audio Fidelity
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The warm, crisp, clear sound of the Audio Fidelity 24 karat gold CDs make your ears happy. The Doors are now part of their catalog of offerings.The classic The Soft Parade broke new ground for The Doors and rock music as a whole by orchestrating some of their songs...READ MORE...

20 August 2009

Skip-Dawg-We Will Rise Review

Artist: Skip-Dawg
Title: We Will Rise
Genre: Rap
Label: N.B. Music Management
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Skip-Dawg seems like an unaffected moniker for an east coast rapper with such an impressive list of credentials to his name. In addition to releasing a total of four studio albums, he is also an Ivy League university graduate at the tender age of 20...READ MORE...

18 August 2009

Audio Fidelity Releases Two Classic Doors Albums On Remastered 24 Karat Gold CDs

August 18, 2009-Culver City, CA- Marshall Blonstein’s Audio Fidelity continues its constant stream of classic releases this year with two groundbreaking Doors albums. The Soft Parade and Morrison Hotel are further proof of the Doors’ place in music history....READ MORE...

13 August 2009

Ana Popovic-Blind for Love Review

Artist: Ana Popovic
Title: Blind for Love
Genre: Jazz-Funk
Label: Eclecto Groove Records
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Netherlands-based crooner Ana Popovic can be best described not by genre or style label, but rather a single word – "smoky." The electric singer takes sex, pain, soul, and fury and blends them into a raucous offering on her new record Blind for Love...READ MORE...

10 August 2009

Patrick Yandall Hits The Top Of The Smooth Jazz Charts With “Urban Flight” Single

San Diego, CA-August 5, 2009- Veteran jazz guitarist Patrick Yandall’s tenth indie release A New Day, delivers the goods once again...READ MORE...

Chris Pasin Releases Detour Ahead On H2O Records

New York, New York-August 4, 2009 Chris Pasin’s love affair with the trumpet began at the age of nine. After many years of frustration trying to survive as a creative musician he left music...READ MORE...

04 August 2009

Summer’s Kiss Review

Artist: Summer’s Kiss
Title: Summer’s Kiss
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Independent
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The California-based, progressive rockster outfit known as Summer's Kiss is more collaborative than cohesive unit, what with identities that are about as ambiguous as their dreamy music...READ MORE...