30 July 2009

Laurence Hobgood Releases Solo When The Heart Dances On Naim Jazz

New York, New York-July 28, 2009-Laurence Hobgood was described by jazz legend Dave Brubeck as one of the most incredible pianist’s he ever heard. Obviously this was a compliment of the highest order and one that any artist would be honored to receive...READ MORE...

29 July 2009

Deep Purple-In Rock 24kt Gold Reissue Review

Artist: Deep Purple
Title: In Rock (24kt Gold Reissue)
Genre: Rock-Metal
Label: Audio Fidelity
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Deep Purple was a rock heavyweight back in the 1970’s. They went toe to toe with the progenitors of metal Black Sabbath for supremacy of that genre. Eventually Ozzy and the boys would win that battle but Deep Purple went through many different incarnations over time and they would evolve into something else. I fondly recall reading all of those Circus Magazines asking the question who was best...READ MORE...

23 July 2009

Audio Fidelity Releases 24 Karat Gold Version of Classic Deep Purple In Rock Album

Ventura, CA-July 21, 2009--Marshall Blonstein and his Audio Fidelity label continue their excellent string of releases for 2009 with one more exceptional 24 karat gold rendering of a classic rock album...READ MORE...

22 July 2009

Andy Rothstein-Wit of The Staircase Review

Artist: Andy Rothstein
Title: Wit of The Staircase
Genre: Jazz-Rock-Fusion
Label: Vermicious Kind Music
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Jazz is challenging to the people that create it and the fans that listen to it. I know you are probably thinking why would I want to be challenged as listener, after all isn’t it supposed to be relaxing and fun? Well Wit of The Staircase is all of that and then some...READ MORE...

10 July 2009

Mon David Makes Jazz Dreams Come True

New York, New York-July 7, 2009-Mon David has staked his claim to his own little piece of the worldwide musical rock with a great reputation in the industry and a sparkling new recording Coming True...READ MORE...

09 July 2009

Candye Kane-Superhero Blues Vocalist Wins The Battle

Hollywood, CA-July 6, 2009-Candye Kane Superhero is the name of the original song and the title of her recently released CD for Delta Groove records...READ MORE...

06 July 2009

Candye Kane-Superhero Review

Artist: Candye Kane
Title: Superhero
Genre: Blues
Label: Delta Groove Music
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I have always been a fan of Candye Kane and now everyone that walks the planet should be. I am not talking just for her music but for whom she is and her work as a humanitarian and the recent fight won with deadly pancreatic cancer. After a year of fighting like the true warrior she is, Ms. Kane comes roaring back with the aptly titled Superhero.....READ MORE...

01 July 2009

Joseph Pernicano-Evolving Paths Review

Artist: Joseph Pernicano
Title: Evolving Paths
Genre: Jazz
Label: Corano Records
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With close to 70 minutes of pure jazz bass player Joseph Pernicano’s solo album Evolving Paths lets instruments do the talking while the rest of the band add their excellent accompaniment...READ MORE...