30 June 2009

The Darbuki Kings-Been Laden You Too Long Review

Artist: The Darbuki Kings
Title: Been Laden You Too Long
Genre: Instrumental-World
Label: Darbuki King Records
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The Darbuki Kings are about as original and unique as it gets. With their strong sense of political satire they take their music, well, to the moon, just like on the cover of their new CD Been Laden You Too Long...READ MORE...

26 June 2009

Requiem For Delinquency-Hobs End Review

Artist: Requiem For Delinquency
Title: Hobs End
Genre: Electronica-Pop
Label: Murdock Syndicate
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Requiem For Delinquency is one man, a classically trained composer named Faron Chance Morrison. I must say that his website is just as cool as his name. So the question remains does the music follow in step?...READ MORE...

24 June 2009

Corina Bartra & Her Azu Project-Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration Review

Artist: Corina Bartra & Her Azu Project
Title: Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration
Genre: Jazz Fusion
Label: Blue Spiral
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Corina Barta is an accomplished jazz composer, practitioner of Yoga and vocalist that delves into chanting and healing with her music...READ MORE...

23 June 2009

The Autonomous Region Release Indie CD The Forbidden City

San Francisco, CA-June 22, 2009- With The Forbidden City CD making its way around the world recently, the band The Autonomous Region is making waves with their original sound and compelling message...READ MORE...

19 June 2009

The Kevin Hays Trio Releases Instrumental Jazz Covers On You’ve Got A Friend

New York, New York-June 16, 2009--You’ve Got A Friend is Kevin Hays’ first release for 2009. The album was released on the Jazz Eyes label May 1st. An all instrumental foray into the realm of cover tunes, the CD features pop and jazz classics interpreted by the trio in their own special way...READ MORE...

18 June 2009

Astronauts of Antiquity-Rocket Science For Dummies Review

Artist: Astronauts of Antiquity
Title: Rocket Science For Dummies
Genre: Alternative Pop
Label: RevCon Records
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"Cool" is an underrated concept in modern music, where seemingly every other indie band is lining up to replace the chic with the goofy. Thankfully, some out there are still carrying the dapper torch - the experimentally jazzy Astronauts of Antiquity, for example, whose sophomore release Rocket Science For Dummies is like some lost hybrid collaboration of Hooverphonic, The Bird and the Bee, and Everything but the Girl....READ MORE...

15 June 2009

Astronauts of Antiquity Release Rocket Science For Dummies

New York, NY-June 15, 2009- The Astronauts of Antiquity sport a very unique name and to their credit the music they produce is fitting and true to their moniker...READ MORE...

12 June 2009

Reggie Calloway-Bring Back The Love Review

Artist: Reggie Calloway
Title: Bring Back The Love
Genre: R & B-Pop
Label: Bungalo Records
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So what does the author of songs such as “Freak-A-Zoid” and “No Parking on the Dance Floor” do for an encore? How does one step out of the shadows of a successful act such as Midnight Star? You release a long overdue solo album...READ MORE...

11 June 2009

The Autonomous Region-Forbidden City Review

Artist: The Autonomous Region
Title: Forbidden City
Genre: Alternative Rock-Punk
Label: Malaya Records
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Autonomous is defined as a person's capacity for self-determination in the context of moral choices. In moral and political philosophy, autonomy is often used as the basis for determining moral responsibility for one's actions. But wait, this is a music review right?...READ MORE...

10 June 2009

Susie Meissner Releases New Jazz CD I’ll Remember April

New York, New York-June 8, 2009--Susie Meissner began performing professionally with a dinner theatre group in the mid-70s earning a paltry $7 a night. The education she received during that tenure goes beyond anything tangible...READ MORE...

09 June 2009

Jordan Rudess-Notes On A Dream Review

Artist: Jordan Rudess
Title: Notes On A Dream
Genre: Solo Piano
Label: Independent
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The new Jordan Rudess album Notes On A Dream is a like the beacon far off in the distance that will lead us all back from whence we came. In spirit, that light brings him home where he belongs...READ MORE...

05 June 2009

International Pop Music Icon Kristine W. Releases Her Fourth Full-Length Album The Power of Music

New York, NY-June 3, 2009- Kristine W’s highly anticipated fourth full-length studio album, The Power of Music, will be available on i-Tunes, Masterbeat.com and in retail stores nationwide on June 16,2009...READ MORE...

04 June 2009

The Insomniacs-At Least I'm Not With You Review

Artist: The Insomniacs
Title: At Least I'm Not With You
Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Delta Groove Music
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The Insomniacs made their auspicious debut in 2007 with Left Coast Blues, which by chance I picked up and gave a listen a while back. I was searching for hot new bands and their name came up. The tag was spot on, they were hot and they still are on release #2 At Least I'm Not With You...READ MORE...

03 June 2009

Jason Ricci And New Blood-Done With The Devil Review

Artist: Jason Ricci And New Blood
Title: Done With The Devil
Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Eclecto Groove Records
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After hearing Rocket Number 9 last year I had to wonder what this young blues rocker Jason Ricci was going to do for an encore. Well after two years in between releases Ricci has the answer and it comes at you like a locomotive running off the tracks on Done With The Devil...READ MORE...

The April Skies Review

Artist: The April Skies
Title: The April Skies
Genre: Rock
Label: WiAB Records
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Three years have passed since The April Skies have released new music. It hardly seems that long, especially once you put the CD in your stereo and the music starts, its like they never left...READ MORE...

01 June 2009

Reggie Calloway Releases First Solo Album Bring Back The Love

Hollywood, CA-June 2, 2009- The founder of chart topper’s Midnight Star Reggie Calloway is poised to release his new album Bring Back The Love to great success and praise from listeners and critics from every corner of the globe...READ MORE...