29 May 2009

The April Skies Keep The Indie Rock Fire Burning With New Self-Titled Release

Hershey, Pennsylvania-May 26, 2009-The April Skies are set to release their self-titled full length CD building on their distinct sound molded in 2003 with the release of the impressive Breathe EP...READ MORE...

26 May 2009

Rock City-Who Can Find The Dreamer? Review

Artist: Rock City
Title: Who Can Find The Dreamer?
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Made In Memphis
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It has been a long wait for the next Rock City album. Six years between albums is not your typical time frame however this is not your typical band by any means....READ MORE...

20 May 2009

Young Jawz-The South West Review

Artist: Young Jawz
Title: The South West
Genre: Rap
Label: Prospect Records
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A few years back when Eminem won a Grammy I overheard someone say “it’s a crazy world we live in when the number one golfer in the world is black, and the number one rapper is white...READ MORE...

19 May 2009

Scotty Barnhart Prefers To Say It Plain On New Jazz Release

New York, New York-May 19, 2009--Scotty Barnhart has released his first solo offering Say It Plain. After 17 years as a featured soloist with the Count Basie Orchestra it was time to make his own statement...READ MORE...

18 May 2009

Rock City Reworks Classic Rock Release Who Can Find The Dreamer?

Memphis, Tennessee-May 18, 2009--The band Rock City has returned from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix, taking their rightfully earned place as one of the innovators of Rock as we know it today...READ MORE...

14 May 2009

Lesley Spencer Releases Instrumental Classic Moments Musicaux

Chicago, Illinois-May 11, 2009--Lesley Spencer continues to release prolific instrumental music that heals the soul and her latest release, Moments Musicaux, her tenth full length album, is literally a masterpiece...READ MORE...

13 May 2009

The Project_Pale-Our Inventions and How They Fail Us Review

Artist: The Project_Pale
Title: Our Inventions and How They Fail Us
Genre: Rock-Metal-Electronic
Label: Ohm Resistance
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The Project_Pale is an incorporation of guitars, synths and bass performed by two people and a drum machine. The results attained are very inspiring on Our Inventions and How They Fail Us...READ MORE...

12 May 2009

Lea Marie-Lea Marie Review

Artist: Lea Marie
Title: Lea Marie
Genre: Pop, Teen Rock
Label: Lea Marie Music Publishing LLC (AUDIO)
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Teen sensation Lea Marie released her debut self titled CD in April 2009. You may remember Lea Marie as a contestant on this year’s American Idol. As I remember it she described herself as a combination between Hillary Duff and Madonna. She burst onto the stage with her bright smile, spiral notebook full of her own songs, and claimed to be Kara DioGuardis’s number one fan. Usually never a smart approach in this business, but nevertheless the audition went on and really didn’t go so great. Simon slammed her in his typical fashion as did all the judges one by one telling her no. As I recall Paula Abdul offered up some specifics by saying her voice sounded under developed. However before Lea walked off the stage, Kara D did gave her a parting glimmer of hope – “Anyone who writes this amount of stuff is someone who is committed to something.” Lea Marie may not have made it to Hollywood, but she did prove to the world she possessed both talent, and potential. Would this be the end of Lea Marie? Quite the contrary...READ MORE...

11 May 2009

Young Jawz Releases Rap CD The South West

Hollywood, CA-May 6, 2009-The New West Coast sound has some young blood flowing through it these days with new sounds and styles. San Diego based rapper Young Jawz is making a name for himself and opening for such world renown artists as Ice-T, Too $hort, Lil’ Flip, Crooked I, Glasses Malone, Mistah Fab, San Quinn, Andre Nickatina, and others so far this year. ...READ MORE...

08 May 2009

The Band-The Band (Audio Fidelity Edition) Review

Artist: The Band
Title: The Band (Audio Fidelity Edition)
Genre: Classic Rock
Label: Capitol/ Audio Fidelity
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Audio Fidelity continues its unique series of classic rock reissues with The Band’s 1969 self-titled “brown” album. Much like the company’s reissue of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, the reissue of the legendary folk-rockers’ album preserves the original vinyl recording, making it a unique find for classic rock fans...READ MORE...

Beach Boys-Pet Sounds (Audio Fidelity Edition) Review

Artist: The Beach Boys
Title: Pet Sounds (Audio Fidelity Edition)
Genre: Classic Rock
Label: Capitol/ Audio Fidelity

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The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds is truly an album that needs no introduction. It is considered the greatest rock record ever by many critics, and rightfully so. From the opening track, the ever famous “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, all the way to the closer “Caroline, No,” Pet Sounds stands as a shining testament to the legendary song writing of Brian Wilson. ...READ MORE...

05 May 2009

Mike Clinco-Neon Review

Artist: Mike Clinco
Title: Neon
Genre: Jazz-Instrumental
Label: Whaling City Sound
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Mike Clinco has been hard at work for 25 years now as a composer and guitar player. On Neon, a nine track recording, Clinco firmly establishes his presence in the jazz community as a force to be reckoned with.

Neon is equal parts contemporary and smooth jazz sprinkled with rock and occasional Latin influences. All the tracks except “Charade” are originals. Clinco’s excellent leadership and infinite musicianship help to drive Bob Sheppard (tenor & alto sax, flute), Walt Fowler (flugelhorn), Derek “Oles” Oleszklewicz (acoustic bass), Jimmy Johnson (electric bass) and Jimmy Branly (drums and percussion) to high levels of execution with their instruments. Not to say they need a push, Clinco simply inspires them. All of them are excellent complements to the amazing guitar runs that he manages throughout this CD.

The title track has some amazing bass lines in it, which was the one thing that I caught on to quicker than everything else for some reason however that was the only track that my focus was jarred from Clinco’s impressive six-string manipulation.

“X Cue Says” is a marvelous example of clear and concise guitar lines while “Beaten Paths” is a stage for the versatility and genre flip flopping that makes Clinco a player to be admired and respected by his contemporaries and adored by fans of instrumental jazz. “Beaten Paths” is on fire with rock, jazz, and Latin riffs peeled off in several layers to suit each part of the composition. It finds a way home to the finish line triumphantly, taking complexity and turning into simplicity. This is a masterstroke of pure musical genius at work. I was amazed at the fluidity and craftsmanship of Clinco on this track more than any other.

I highly recommend Neon to jazz listeners, guitar players, and those in the industry that are looking for tracks suitable for several types of media that need a soundtrack. In the end regardless of these facts, this is a great jazz album featuring a player that everyone should listen to. He takes guitar playing to another level rarely attained.

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

April 30, 2009

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1. Bookends
2. Sonship
3. Neon
4. X Cue Says
5. Daystream
6. Amalgam
7. Beaten Paths
8. Charade
9. Rest Will Follow

04 May 2009

Roy Rogers-Split Decision Review

Artist: Roy Rogers
Title: Split Decision
Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Blind Pig
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There is nothing like a good blues-rock album to get your blood circulating and if it’s good enough it can serve as aphrodisiac. In the case of the first Roy Rogers album with The Delta Rhythm Kings in seven years, all of the above are applicable.

Split Decision is well crafted for more than your typical hot blooded blues audience, this has some gripping songwriting and outstanding guitar playing, most notably some blistering slide with both acoustic (“Your Sweet Embrace”) and electric (“Patron Saint of Pain” and several others) that would appeal to a wide array of listeners.

Rogers has many talents and one of the more recognized besides his acumen with the six-string are his producing of legendary bluesman such as John Lee Hooker and Ramblin' Jack Elliott followed by several Grammy nominations for the work. Having one foot in the production and the other in making the music is a combination that can only work for the most talented and experienced in the music industry and Rogers qualifies unequivocally.

I enjoyed the clearly stated lyrics backed by driving rhythms and scorching red-hot guitar licks that Rogers and The Delta Rhythm Kings produce from the beginning to the finish line of this production. The instrumentals are awe inspiring workouts of blues, rock, jazz, and a fusion, real cookers that linger on long after the song has completed and moved on to the next track. Fine examples of this musical showcase are “Your Sweet Embrace” and “Rite of Passage”, which surely are indicative of the veterans’ nod to the legends that inspired him to pick up a guitar in the first place. And finally the closer “Walkin' the Levee” a fitting instrumental, although brief in comparison to the others, is a grungy blues rocker with a killer saxophone to bring it on home for the team.

Rogers is not only a fine musician and producer, he knows how to write then deliver each track with just as much emotion with singing as playing. This music is like the deadly venom of a rattlesnake bite, the kind that feels good, like sweet pain but it spares your life in the end and gives you the blues so you get try to dodge the bullet just one more time.

Signing on with Blind Pig was a good choice for Rogers and his mates, they like their rivals Alligator, have served the blues very well for many years. Now they have a man that gives back to the people and the blues what it so justly deserves, blues-rock with all the emotion and dedicated musicianship that it has always meant to have.

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

April 28, 2009

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01. Calm Before the Storm
02. Patron Saint of Pain
03. Little Queen Bee
04. River of Tears
05. Bitter Rain
06. Your Sweet Embrace
07. Someone Like You
08. Rite of Passage
09. Requiem for a Heavyweight
10. I Would Undo Anything
11. Holy Ghost Moan
12. Walkin' the Levee

02 May 2009

Lesley Spencer-Moments Musicaux Review

Artist: Lesley Spencer
Title: Moments Musicaux
Genre: Classical-New Age-AC
Label: Gabriella Music
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Lesley Spencer is a free-lance producer, composer, and pianist with a considerable amount of recorded works. Moments Musicaux is her tenth full length album. Ms. Spencer also has contributed to the San Francisco Opera, Victory Gardens Theatre, Urban Gateways, and Radio City Recording.

Moments Musicaux is a beautiful collection of Classical, New Age, and Adult Contemporary tracks meant for easy listening and relaxation. All of these instrumental tracks would be suitable for a movie soundtrack or commercial use. The original compositions are so strong and appealing that they could be easily used for those looking for a meditative experience. Do not misinterpret that as a suggestion that this music will put you to sleep, it’s quite the contrary. The piano playing that Lesley exhibits on this recording is exemplary and full of life and positive energy, like individual time capsules of poetic exquisiteness without words played especially for you.

The fact that all the tracks are originals composed by the performing artist, scores highly with this listener. Every single track is a work of art that takes shape promptly and then easily leads you down a guided path of “Child”s Play” or “The Dance of Life.”

Right down to every detail and the perfectly named tracks, Moments Musicaux is a foray into instrumental bliss that will delight all lovers of music and those partial to instrumental songs that take elements of classical and turn them into what was classified as new age several decades ago. New Age is not new in the sense of what the music actually sounds like, it was a buzz word coined to give a an age old genre a little more appeal to an audience that it would normally not attract.

This type of collection holds many possibilities for listeners and it has the power to appeal to any age group anywhere in the world. All you have to do is open up the CD and give it a spin, no further explanation is necessary.

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

April 29, 2009

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01. Dance Of Life
02. Child's Play
03. Fellini Waltz
04. Pirouette
05. The Lost Baby
06 The Path Of My Soul
07. Ode To Harry Potter
08. Good Bye Dear Friends
09. Morning Edition
10. Scherzo
11. Little Jazz Waltz
12. Rainy Day Theme
13. Force Of Nature
14. Inventing Time
15. Waltz For Keegan
16. Raison d'Etre

01 May 2009

No Restraints-Xout Review

Artist: No Restraints
Title: Xout
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Independent
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Two years ago I was introduced to No Restraints and found myself captivated by their progressive rock sound on the 2007 release In The Left Lane. Now their follow up Xout has been officially released today.

This release is different but more intense lyrically and musically. The keyboards and vocals of Mark Smith once again lead the way with a touch of gothic and some operatic vocals provided by Christina Terry. She does a good job filling the necessary parts in tracks and it all seems to fit quite well together.

The title of the CD is bit of play on words, one look and it says X Out and the next is Xout, which actually means external output. This makes sense because the meaning can be two fold if you so choose. It is whatever you want it to be and they invite that kind of self examination and introspection with their music. I had some fun with the possibilities. I love the way this album kicks off with a track titled “She’s A Tsunami”, it is an early indicator that No Restraints is going to hold back nothing to get your attention. It comes as no surprise that is exactly the way it turns out as each successive track stands up tall and proud with fantastic piano runs and haunting vocals that are designed perfectly for a theater near you. When you hear the closing track, an instrumental called “Clovis Point”; this becomes clear as a blue sky without a single cloud to clutter the vision that you will hear if you are paying close attention.

Mark Smith is brilliant and his band mates Ron Wood (drums), Mitch Parker (bass), and Christina Terry (vocals) are equally impressive and up for the challenge of each composition.

Xout is taking a step in the right direction and clearly there has been some serious development with their music. They made some changes with members and stepped back and got back to basics so their sound is more defined and poignant than it ever was. People in prog circles really need to start paying attention to this band because they are paving their own way and making a mark with Xout.

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

May 1, 2009

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1 She's A Tsunami
2 Makes You Mad
3 Who Cares?
4 Cauldera (3rd Variation)
5 I'm On My Own
6 3 Shadows
7. Clovis Point

Ed Maly-Guitar Jock Review

Artist: Ed Maly
Title: Guitar Jock
Genre: Blues
Label: Hot Texas Tunes
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On his seventh release Guitar Jock, Ed Maly delivers a set of scathing blues-rock songs. Maly’s guitar playing on the album is a pleasure to any blues fan, and he is aptly backed by his band to create a smart combination of toe-tapping rhythms and inspiring guitar melodies. The guitarists’ raspy vocals on tracks like “That’s Just How Much” and “Seven Deadly” tops the sound of Guitar Jock off nicely, giving the album a classic blues feel.

Maly does a great job changing out guitar and rhythm styles on Guitar Jock to bring a level of diversity to his songs that keeps each track sounding fresh. The opening track “That’s Just How Much” and the title-song “Guitar Jock” are anchored by the impressive soloing of Maly. However, he adds in a second guitar line that makes the most of wah- wah pedal, giving the tracks an undeniable funk feel.

Maly pulls this funky-blues sound off several times on Guitar Jock with a lot of success, most notably on “Cinderella” and the correctly titled “Wah Wah Eyes.”

Other songs on the LP have their roots in jazz as well as blues. The wailing key melodies of “Seven Deadly” and “Guitar Man” showcase this aspect of Maly’s sound well.

At other times, Guitar Jock uses a more traditional blues sound. The simmering guitar melodies of “If You Were A Guitar,” “Happy Blues” and “History” leave no doubt that Maly is a talented blues musician.

Fans of country music will also find something to like on the record. The twangy melodies of “Country Girl” and “Get-ter Bug” build a rockabilly vibe that country fans will find hard not to get along with.

No matter what kind of stylistic changes Ed Maly uses on Guitar Jock, he has success with all of them. The album is a unique take on the blues that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.

4/5 Stars

MuzikReviews.com Assistant Senior Editor- Chris Homer

April 30, 2009

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01. That’s Just How Much
02. Guitar Jock
03. Cinderella
04. Wants Her Guitar Man
05. Seven Deadly
06. Country Girl
07. If You Were A Guitar
08. Get-ter Bug
09. Wah Wah Eyes
10. Guitar Man
11. Happy Blues
12. Demo
13. You Just Keep On
14. History
15. For A Song
16. I’m So Sorry
17. To Get You On The Dance Floor