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Into The Presence Review

Artist: Into The Presence
Title: Into The Presence
Genre: Rock
Label: Razor & Tie
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For their self-titled debut album, the duo of Into The Presence delivers an exciting rock album that shows various rock influences. Composed of drummer Tim Alexander, who has worked with the likes of Primus and A Perfect Circle, and experienced session player Luis Maldonado on guitar and vocals, Into The Presence has a pleasing classic rock backbone that more modern sounds are layered on with success.

One of Into The Presence’s biggest influences becomes immediately visible on the opening track “End Game.” Here, Maldonado’s powerful, operatic vocals call pleasantly on the voice of Queen’s Freddie Mercury and creates instant intrigue for Into The Presence. “Lovers” also shows off Maldonado’s built-for-rock voice.

While Maldonado’s vocals may remind you of Queen, the riff-friendly guitar parts are unmistakably modern, as evident from the Muse-like riffs of “Lovers” and the dark, brooding guitar sound of “The Garden.”

“The Garden” is one of the album’s most textured tracks and does a great job switching styles from the full, grunge sound of the chorus to the carefully planned rhythmic riffing of the verse.

Interestingly, Into The Presence elected to not use modern digital recording techniques for their debut, instead relying on analog tape machines. This technique pays off well for the duo on songs like “Broken Words” and the emotional “Phone Call,” adding a raw sound to both tracks that’s often missing from modern rock.

Later, Into The Presence’s guitar sound becomes markedly more distorted on songs like “Radio” and “Coming Home,” adding a pleasant Pink Floyd-edge of psychedelic sounds that will be enjoyed by any rock fan.

Into The Presence makes a strong impression with their debut. The album is an excellent example of the mighty sound a band can create by sticking with classic rock elements and adding more modern styles judiciously.

4/5 Stars Assistant Senior Editor- Chris Homer

April 21, 2009


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