25 February 2009

Jazz Ensemble Iron City Knows How To Put The Flavor On It

Boston, MA-February 25, 2009- Amherst Massachusetts based Iron City is an instrumental jazz trio with their roots steeped in the past but a step ahead of everyone else with a leap into the future on their new release Put The Flavor On It...READ MORE...

24 February 2009

Jake Hertzog Releases Jazz Fusion Instrumental Album Chromatosphere

New York, New York-February 24, 2009- Jake Hertzog is a guitarist, composer, and bandleader that has just realized his potential with an all instrumental jazz fusion release titled Chromatosphere on That’s Out Records, which will be released April 7, 2009...READ MORE...

23 February 2009

Meryl Romer Sounds So Sure On New Release

New York, New York-February 23, 2009- For Meryl Romer being sure of her abilities as a vocalist comes as second nature and on her debut release So Sure. The singer embodies that driving spirit and exudes confidence at every twist and turn on all 12 tracks. The CD will be released on Lady Pearl Music April 4, 2009...READ MORE...

18 February 2009

Cannata Reaches Back To Classic Songs On My Back Pages Volume 1

New Haven, CT–February 17, 2009- From his days with Jasper Wrath, Arc Angel, and a brilliant solo career, Jeff Cannata has been at the forefront of the progressive rock movement and the latest recording technologies...READ MORE...

Mark Winkler Gets It Right on Ninth Release

New York, New York-February 16, 2009- With the release of Till I Get It Right, Mark Winkler’s ninth release and his first on FreeHam Records, jazz critics are already raving about the veteran’s latest creation...READ MORE...

17 February 2009

The Soul of John Black-Black John Review

Artist: The Soul of John Black
Title: Black John
Genre: Funk-Rock-Soul-Gospel
Label: Eclecto Groove Records
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Black John and The Soul of John Black. Whichever way you look at it, this John has got his groove thang going nonstop on this recording on the sizzling hot Eclecto Groove label. I have not heard a CD from this label that I did not love yet....READ MORE...

09 February 2009

Greg Skaff Releases Instrumental Jazz CD East Harlem Skyline

New York, NY-February 9, 2009- Greg Skaff brings the harmony of life and expertise to every song he creates. Just as they were on his previous release on Zoho Music, Ellington Boulevard, the spirits of guitar and organ trios of the past are honored with the new release East Harlem Skyline...READ MORE...

03 February 2009

Dead Copycats Win Indie Spotlight On MuzikReviews.com

New York, NY - February 2, 2009- The Dead Copycats are a talented rock band hailing from New York City. The indie band recently entered a contest put on by MuzikReviews.com through Sonic Bids and found themselves the winners amongst a strong field of candidates...READ MORE...