16 December 2008

Marco Granados Celebrates The Music of Venezuela On New Release

New York, NY - December 16, 2008- Prepare to take a vacation unlike any other! Warm culture, proud tradition, and undeniable spirit come together in the form of passionate music with renowned flutist Marco Granados’ newest release Music of Venezuela. The record embodies the infectious joy of Granados’ homeland and serves as a whirlwind tour of jazzy, Latin America-inspired folk music.....READ MORE...

14 December 2008

Garry Dial and Terre Roche-Us An’ Them: A Collection of National Anthems

New York, NY-December 9- Musicians have long set out to bring the world closer together with their music, but few endeavors have been as ambitious and successful as Garry Dial and Terre Roche’s Us An’ Them: A Collection of National Anthems (Made In New York). Jazz pianist/arranger/educator Dial and folk guitarist/singer-songwriter Roche have both sought to bring about positive change...READ MORE...

Freddy V-Easier Than It Looks Review

Artist: Freddy V
Title: Easier Than It Looks
Genre: Jazz-Funk-Soul
Label: Independent
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Fred Vigdor (or Freddy V) pushed his stake in the ground a long time ago when he stepped in with his saxophone to help the legendary pop-soul band Average White Band climb the charts. AWB remains one of my favorites to this day. For a decade Freddy’s trademark sax was a steady groove on AWB tracks. His accomplishments with that band alone still resonate today...READ MORE...

12 December 2008

Marco Granados-Music of Venezuela Review

Artist: Marco Granados
Title: Music of Venezuela
Genre: World-Latin-Folk-Instrumental
Label: Soundbrush Records
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Marco Granados states in the liner notes of his beautiful serenade to his country Music of Venezuela, that the music of Venezuela is one of the rare treasures of Latin America, it seamlessly combines cultures, musical traditions, rhythms and the spirit of a people in a joyful and innocent voice....READ MORE...

06 December 2008

Charmaine Clamor Releases A Filipino Serenade on FreeHam Records

New York, NY - December 8- Charmaine Clamor’s critically acclaimed recordings have the ability to amalgamate the soul and swing of American jazz combined with traditional Filipino folk music, languages and instruments. By doing something so unique, it instantaneously created a new fusion genre she dubbed jazzipino....READ MORE...

04 December 2008

Donna Lee Quartet-Mellow Review

Artist: Donna Lee Quartet
Title: Mellow
Genre: Jazz
Label: Zivaldo Records
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In 1999 Zdenko Ivanusic and Andrej Henigman, two classically trained altoists from Croatia crossed paths while playing in the Croatian Army Symphonic Wind Orchestra in 1992...READ MORE...

01 December 2008

Roger Kellaway-Live At The Jazz Standard Review

Artist: Roger Kellaway
Title: Live At The Jazz Standard
Genre: Jazz
Label: IPO Recordings
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The most remarkable thing about Live At The Jazz Standard is how Roger Kellaway and his ensemble make this recording sound as if it was recorded right in the studio. This is a tribute to the excellence of Kellaway on piano, his exceptional accompaniment, and not to mention the high standard of recording a live performance...READ MORE...