26 November 2008

Roger Kellaway Shines On Live At The Jazz Standard Set

New York, New York-November 24, 2008- No one can make a piano sing like Roger Kellaway, and nowhere is that more true than on his new release, Live at the Jazz Standard. Beautifully performed and recorded at New York’s legendary Jazz Standard, Kellaway and his usual cast of virtuosos – including guitarist Russell Malone and vibist Stefon Harris – bring to life the classics of Nat King Cole...READ MORE...

25 November 2008

Funk and Soul Artist FEMI Releases Debut EP Sweet Water Soul

Los Angeles, CA-November 24, 2008- FEMI has come a long way in a short period. She rose up from the Oakland underground to record her grand entrance into the world of recorded music with Sweet Water Soul.
FEMI’s debut, a six track EP titled Sweet Water Soul,...READ MORE...

23 November 2008

FEMI-Sweet Water Soul Review

Artist: FEMI
Title: Sweet Water Soul
Genre: Funk-Soul
Label: Talking House Records
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FEMI takes me back to a Sade concert I attended in San Francisco in the 1985-86 time frame. These are fond memories because I was jumping head first into exploring jazz and all of its sub genres. Sade was a combination of pop and jazz...READ MORE...

21 November 2008

The James Moody and Hank Jones Quartet-Our Delight Review

Artist: The James Moody and Hank Jones Quartet
Title: Our Delight
Genre: Jazz
Label: Mighty Quinn Productions
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With a mere 140 years of performing experience between them, James Moody and Hank Jones finally decided to sit down and bounce some ideas off each other and Our Delight was born.....READ MORE...

20 November 2008

Ralph Lalama Quartet-Energy Fields Review

Artist: Ralph Lalama Quartet
Title: Energy Fields
Genre: Jazz
Label: Mighty Quinn Productions
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Ralph Lalama (tenor sax), John Hart (guitar), Rick Petrone (bass) and Joe Corsello (drums) are the extraordinary musicians that are the Ralph Lalama Quartet....READ MORE...

16 November 2008

The James Moody and Hank Jones Quartet Release Jazz Classic Our Delight

New York, NY - November 14, 2008- With two amazing careers traveling alongside one another but never intersecting, it only seemed natural that James Moody and Hank Jones would finally find each other on the same road...READ MORE...

Ralph Lalama Quartet Releases Jazz CD Energy Fields

New York, NY - November 17, 2008- When a group of similar minded musicians gets together and can relate to each other on a fundamental level about their influences, everything seems to fall into place. In the case of The Ralph Lalama Quartet, those quintessential synergies are apparent on their new release Energy Fields....READ MORE...

15 November 2008

The Pulltops Review

Artist: The Pulltops
Title: The Pulltops
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent Records
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The Pulltops feature a big sound produced by the power trio of Tom Crowell (guitar, vocals), Mark Pierret (drums, vocals) and Steve Kerwin (bass)...READ MORE...

08 November 2008

Project Grand Slam-Play Review

Artist: Project Grand Slam
Title: Play
Genre: Jazz
Label: Cakewalk Records
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Project Grand Slam shows why it helps to have veterans together for a recording session on Play...READ MORE...

07 November 2008

Denise Donatelli Rides The Waves Of Success With New CD What Lies Within

New York, NY - October 28, 2008- Sure to please jazz lovers everywhere, smooth vocalist Denise Donatelli turns in a virtuoso effort with her new release What Lies Within. Described by the Los Angeles Times as “a singer jazz musicians love to love,” the accomplished alto Donatelli has impressed audiences everywhere with her range, dedication, and confidence...READ MORE...

06 November 2008

Cynthia Felton Releases Jazz Masterpiece Afro Blue – The Music Of Oscar Brown Jr.

New York, NY - November 4, 2008- With her beautiful voice and alluring style, it’s hard to resist Cynthia Felton and her newest release, Afro Blue – The Music of Oscar Brown Jr. Confident, sensual, and infectiously jazzy, Felton displays her pipe power and music knowledge thoroughly and proudly on every track...READ MORE...

04 November 2008

Cynthia Felton-Afro Blue-The Music of Oscar Brown Jr.Review

Artist: Cynthia Felton
Title: Afro Blue-The Music of Oscar Brown Jr.
Genre: Jazz
Label: Felton Entertainment
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As Cynthia Felton shows how slender and beautiful she is on the cover, her voice is just as attractive once you venture under the CD cover to find a voice that allures you into her world...READ MORE...

02 November 2008

Project Grand Slam Hits It Out of the Park With Play

Hollywood, CA-October 28, 2008- Project Grand Slam promises to hit plenty of homeruns with the October 28 release of their debut album Play. With five of its thirteen tracks and the band having already been prominently featured on the hit NBC Series “Lipstick Jungle...READ MORE...