30 October 2008

Sista ‘O’ And D’Vine Praize Prove Their Faith With Meditation

Sacramento, CA - October 28, 2008- Melding classic traditions with pop sensibility, Sista ‘O’ and D’Vine Praize find salvation through music with their debut release Meditation. The album deftly mixes jazz, soul, and gospel to convey hopeful messages of faith and worship, succeeding musically while staying true to the word of God...READ MORE...

29 October 2008

Eric Van Aro-Desert Motel Review

Artist: Eric Van Aro
Title: Desert Motel
Genre: Jazz-Pop
Label: Eraki Entertainment
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I was introduced to Eric Van Aro in 2005 on his Friends album. Back then, I felt Van Aro had a special talent and I could see him climbing up the ladder and finding his way to higher ground in the digital cesspool that the internet can be for an artist trying to make a name....READ MORE...

25 October 2008

Denise Donatelli-What Lies Within Review

Artist: Denise Donatelli
Title: What Lies Within
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Label: Savant Records
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A vocalist like Denise Donatelli leaves a lasting impression. On her recent release What Lies Within, she impresses as a polished and sophisticated veteran with the wherewithal and presence to stand tall alongside all of her more well known major label contemporaries...READ MORE...

23 October 2008

Eric Van Aro Releases Independent Desert Motel EP

Lugano, Switzerland-October 20, 2008- It has been three years since Eric Van Aro released new music but as they say, good things come to those who wait. Friends was released in 2005 to worldwide acclaim and the new EP Desert Motel is a sure bet to follow in the wake of that success....READ MORE...

18 October 2008

Bob Mover Claims Spotlight With It Amazes Me

New York, NY - October 14, 2008- Quietly entertaining jazz lovers for decades, Bob Mover is finally ready to step into the spotlight with his new album It Amazes Me. The ten-track release serves as Mover’s humble testament and dedication to the art of sax – a life’s work laid out in rich music. Dubbed “one of the greatest and most underexposed musicians in jazz” by legendary pianist Hank Jones, Mover is sure to finally get his share of attention with the breakthrough that is It Amazes Me...READ MORE...

15 October 2008

Osaru-Home Review

Artist: Osaru
Title: Home
Genre: R and B-Fusion
Label: Osaru Records
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Osaru is a musician, composer and vocalist who lives and works in the heart of the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina, USA. His debut CD, Home, now available on CD Baby, takes you on an R&B and Jazz infused journey through his early adult years to the present day. It celebrates life, love and long-term commitment...READ MORE...

Stryker/Slagle Band Pay Respects With The Scene

New York, NY - October 7, 2008- With their newest release The Scene, The Stryker/Slagle Band serve up a dedication to men and women playing their kind of music: warm, soulful jazz. Each and every track acts as an affectionate ode to personal friends and musical heroes alike, all while demonstrating the skillful guitar playing of Dave Stryker and warm saxophone riffs of Steve Slagle. Respectful yet upbeat, the recording shows what modern jazz can achieve in the hands of its biggest fans...READ MORE...

11 October 2008

Bob Mover-It Amazes Me Review

Artist: Bob Mover
Title: It Amazes Me
Genre: Jazz
Label: Zoho Music
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Bob Mover has been around a long time entertaining jazz lovers everywhere. The one thing that eludes him is the recognition many of his peers receive. Although deserving you just do not hear his name mentioned in the same conversation about the best alto and tenor sax players in history...READ MORE...

02 October 2008

Tamara Lewis Releases Indie CD Living Down River

Seattle, Washington-September 30, 2008- Tamara Lewis’s new release Living Down River serves a twofold purpose. The recording is a powerful personal and musical statement that goes beyond one simple listen. The thought provoking CD is inspired by conversations with friends, life’s experiences and her 20-year career as psychotherapist. Tamara’s survival of ten years of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction contributed heavily to the reflective and poignant lyrical content of the album...READ MORE...