29 September 2008

The Stryker/Slagle Band-The Scene Review

The Stryker/Slagle Band is Dave Stryker (guitar) and Steve Slagle (alto and soprano sax, flute). These two men came together because of a mutual respect for music and many of the people that have come and gone over the years before them so they could be some of the privileged few to create great music in their image and memory. Different people, places and things inspire us all and music holds a special kind of goodwill that we all seem to understand when we listen, particularly when the performing musicians let you know that some of that...more...

25 September 2008

Lance Reegan-Diehl Launches History of Rock Tour

Seoul, Korea-September 24, 2008- Lance Reegan Diehl, international recording artist, has gathered a group of musicians to celebrate the greatest songs in rock history. The band will go on tour for six weeks of festivals starting on October 3rd and running to November 17th. The History of Rock tour with the L.R.D. Band will kickoff for US troop support October 3rd at Yongsan Post Korea...READ MORE...

23 September 2008

Elvin Bishop-The Blues Rolls On Review

Artist: Elvin Bishop
Title: The Blues Rolls On
Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Delta Groove
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Elvin Bishop is struttin’ his stuff again just as he has for a long time now. It was 1975 when the album Struttin’ My Stuff came out and suddenly it seems (in reference to musical output) that 2008 came very fast indeed. Bishop is still crankin’ out the blues on The Blues Rolls On...READ MORE...

18 September 2008

Susannah Blinkoff Releases Eclectic Rock-Pop Nugget Let’s Pretend

Los Angeles, CA-September 10, 2008- Born and raised in the Big Apple, Susannah Blinkoff began singing professionally in clubs and off-Broadway when she was only twelve years old. As an actress, she has appeared in numerous TV movies, sitcoms and plays on both coasts. With plentiful experience on the stage, she decided to to take her act and talent to the world of music...READ MORE...

16 September 2008

Circle Syndicate-String Theory Review

Artist: Circle Syndicate
Title: String Theory
Genre: Hip Hop-Rock-Blues
Label: Independent
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The artist known as Circle Syndicate (aka JP) has a unique sound and lyrical send off in every one of his tracks. Although String Theory was released in 2006, it sounds fresh and relevant, just as if it was released yesterday. In addition, most certainly the real life relevancy of this artist and his songs resonates with validity...READ MORE...

07 September 2008

Tuck and Patti-I Remember You Review

Artist: Tuck and Patti
Title: I Remember You
Genre: Jazz
Label: T and P Records
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You would think a long-standing duo such as vocalist Patti Cathcart and guitarist Tuck Andress would have covered the American Songbook on one of their many releases over the past 20 some years but it simply is not the case. I Remember You is their first complete recording dedicated to covers of the jazz book of classic songs and the couple’s way of saying hello again to all the tunes they love....READ MORE...

04 September 2008

Susannah Blinkoff-Let’s Pretend Review

Artist: Susannah Blinkoff
Title: Let’s Pretend
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Bunnyhead Music
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Technology is truly amazing today for recording artists. The day of paying thousands for studio time is for the elite, the select few. Indie talent like Susannah Blinkoff team up with people like Rich Jacques to produce an entire album in his living room. The multi-talented Jacques also added backup vocals and played all the instruments with the exception of drums on a few tracks. I realize this is commonplace but it will always amaze me how this is done and in such a professional and convincing fashion...READ MORE...