30 July 2008

The Tea Club Makes The Perfect Cup For Progressive Rock Enthusiasts On New Release

Philadelphia, PA-July 29, 2008- ith the Tea Club progressive rock and indie music take another step towards respectability. Hailing from the Jersey shores the multi talented three-piece, have endeavored to create a stripped down progressive rock sound modeled after their main influences King Crimson and The Beatles...READ MORE...

29 July 2008

26 July 2008

Mutlu-Livin’ It Review

Artist: Mutlu
Title: Livin’ It
Genre: Soul-Folk-Pop
Label: Manhattan
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Mutlu Onaral known as simply Mutlu has a new album out, his third, titled Livin’ It. Having absolutely no familiarity with this artist gave me the element of surprise right from the start. ...READ MORE...

22 July 2008

Swampdawamp-2.0 Review

Artist: Swampdawamp
Title: 2.0
Genre: Southern Rock-Blues
Label: Big Penny Entertainment
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Swampdawamp is crankin it up again and getting those southern fried rock and blue fires burnin! On this teaser, titled 2.0 a Special Edition pre release CD, they are offering up three studio tracks and interviews and a rehearsal recording. The boys sound like they are ready to release another great album sometime later this year...READ MORE...

21 July 2008

The Tea Club-General Winter’s Secret Museum Review

Artist: The Tea Club
Title: General Winter’s Secret Museum
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Independent
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The Tea Club sounds like a perfectly innocent and unassuming name but do not let the serene CD cover and band name fool you. As you will learn when you open up the General Winter’s Secret Museum CD the sleeve enclosed and the artwork does get a bit more interesting and the lyrics are included to set your mind reeling...READ MORE...

09 July 2008

Amelia-A Long, Lovely List of Repairs Review

Artist: Amelia
Title: A Long, Lovely List of Repairs
Genre: Folk-Roots
Label: Adrenaline
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Amelia the band, not the girl, has been making a name for themselves in the Pacific Northwest and seem positioned perfectly with their new release A Long, Lovely List of Repairs to solidify their foundation and expand upon it. In spite of the confusion that the name of the band creates, they decided that they would stick with it and it has not hindered their growth or success....READ MORE...

07 July 2008

Swampdawamp Release 2.0–Another Big Helping of Southern Rock and Blues

Los Angeles, CA-July 7, 2008- SwampDaWamp (pronounced swamp duh wamp) is the creation of singer-songwriter-guitarist Gig Michaels. Hailing from Charlotte, NC, SwampDaWamp is the powerful and creative collaboration of six talented and seasoned musicians: Gig Michaels (lead vocals & acoustic guitar); David Lee (drums); Michael Hough (guitar & vocals); Keith Inman (guitar); Mike Huffman (keyboards, B3 & vocals); and Cody Bennett (bass)...READ MORE...

02 July 2008

Marilyn Scott-Every Time We Say Goodbye Review

Artist: Marilyn Scott
Title: Every Time We Say Goodbye
Genre: Jazz (Standards)
Label: Venus Records
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How many times can an artist release a recording with just standards? When it comes to jazz standards, I do not believe the true music lover and jazz devotee feels there are ever too many of these types of albums. Timeless classics from the likes of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington…well it is obvious that you cannot go wrong when you travel down this road lined with literal music gold...READ MORE...

Amelia Releases Atmospheric Folk Roots Album A Long, Lovely List of Repairs

Los Angeles, CA-July 1, 2008- Hailing from the great Northwest, Amelia, the band, not a person, is ready to fill your head with a rich pageant of musical tapestries and atmospheres on their new release A Long, Lovely List of Repairs, on the Adrenaline imprint...READ MORE...

01 July 2008

Alex Lattimore Comes Full Circle

Atlanta, GA-June 30, 2008- Velvety vocalist Alex Lattimore has been around the world and has returned home sweet home for a local tour of venues. The multi-talented musician was honored with international success in both South Africa and Japan while touring with The Ananda Project, and is ready to celebrate the independent release of his debut solo CD, Promise. His series of local concerts will demonstrate his incredible musical abilities to lucky audiences all over Atlanta...READ MORE...