31 May 2008

Gordon Weiss-Sum of Its Parts Review

Artist: Gordon Weiss
Title: Sum of Its Parts
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Gornpop
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Gordon Weiss starts his Sum of Its Parts CD in a strange way with a woman reciting a deranged version of “Roses Are Red” (from the Italian horror classic Suspiria) on “Fountains of Weezer,” then he starts singing his purposefully distorted vocals. He then makes a statement with his guitar on the track, which abruptly cuts off the psycho woman and leads right into the song....READ MORE...

28 May 2008

Mike Zito-Today Review

Artist: Mike Zito
Title: Today
Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Eclecto Groove Records
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My first impression of Mike Zito was one of complete satisfaction and joy internalized after listening to every track on his new release Today. Those feelings were only amplified with each subsequent listen. His album is a gritty down to earth performance with razor sharp guitar lines and vocals that not only come from the heart but from deep down in the man’s soul....READ MORE...

27 May 2008

KingBathmat-Blue Sea Black Heart Review

Artist: KingBathmat
Title: Blue Sea Black Heart
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent
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KingBathmat is not a hard name to remember. I have this ability to remember every artist I have ever heard and did a review on but cannot remember a thought that crossed my mind 5 minutes ago.

I covered Fantastic Freak Show Carnival three years ago this month. I found that album to be a progressive rock-psychedelic gem and hoped folks would discover this multi-talented artist. His real name is John Basset in case you were interested...READ MORE...

21 May 2008

The Tide’s In For Brian Rolland–Jazz Pop Release Makes Waves

Boston, MA-May 20, 2008- The Tide’s In For Brian Rolland–Jazz Pop Release Makes WavesIn 2007 Brian Rolland released The Tide’s In, a highly acclaimed jazz-pop release featuring Rolland’s beautiful acoustic guitar lines…expertly played and defined by some of the finest craftsmanship found in the independent music community.....READ MORE...

18 May 2008

Mike Zito Releases New Blues-Rock Album "Today" On May 20

Los Angeles, CA-May 12, 2008-Eclecto Groove Records is proud to announce the release of singer/songwriter/guitar player Mike Zito’s national debut release, Today on May 20, 2008.

On Today, Zito has teamed up with Grammy Award-winning producer David Z. (Prince, Etta James) and a lineup of studio musicians that includes bassist James "Hutch" Hutchinson (Bonnie Raitt, Boz Scaggs, Joe Cocker); Heartbreakers and Mudcrutch keyboardist Benmont Tench; co-producer/drummer Tony Braunagel (Taj Mahal, B.B. King) and percussionist Michito Sanchez (Nelly Furtado, Steve Winwood). Also appearing on Today are Joe Sublett (saxophone), Darrell Leonard (trumpet), Mitch Kashmar (harmonica) with Teresa James and Ce Ce Bullard (background vocals)
....

17 May 2008

Bobby St. Vincent-16 Beers to Bedtime

Artist: Bobby St. Vincent
Title: 16 Beers to Bedtime
Genre: Acoustic-Rock
Label: Acoustic Juice Inc.
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With a similar sound of Dave Matthews Band and the Barenaked Ladies, 16 Beers to Bedtime is an album of laid-back acoustic songs that are easy- to- listen- to whether it be at a bar or driving along in your car. Bobby Vincent came onto the rock scene in 2005 with the release of his self-titled acoustic EP. Since, he has been tearing up the Tempe, Arizona music scene......READ MORE...

15 May 2008

VertigoNation-Emigrate Review

Artist: VertigoNation
Title: Emigrate
Genre: Electronica-Rock-Pop
Label: Independent
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VertigoNation is supercharged music fueled by pulsating beats, hard driving keyboards and a female lead vocalist that has a refined English accent that reminded me of The Human League ("Don’t You Want Me Baby") in their glory days in so many ways.....READ MORE...

04 May 2008

JoJo Styles Renews His Love for Latin Instrumental Jazz on Two Releases

Oakland, CA-May 1, 2008- JoJo Styles got inspiration from living in the Bay Area during rock music’s most pivotal and productive times, the 60s. JoJo had the opportunity to see Hendrix, Santana, Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea and other luminaries of the day at the festivals and concerts going on regularly at venues and parks. It was the most colorful and influential decade of music and anyone that was lucky enough to experience it all can attest to that fact...READ MORE...

01 May 2008

Brian Rolland-The Tide’s In Review

Artist: Brian Rolland
Title: The Tide’s In
Genre: Jazz-Pop
Label: On The Full Moon Productions
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Brian Rolland is a seasoned jazz player with several studio albums and many years of practical training behind him. On the 2007 release The Tide’s In, he has a host of great support behind him to make the recording exceptional....READ MORE...