29 April 2008

Will-Be Here For You

Artist: Will
Title: Be Here For You
Genre: R and B-Pop
Label: DNA/Import Records
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Will is Will Miller, a song crafter, vocalist, an artist firmly entrenched in the genre of R & B and Pop music. On Be Here For You, his second solo album, he shows why he is a rapidly rising star in the world of indies...READ MORE...

23 April 2008

Thoroughfare-As Yet Unborn Review

Artist: Thoroughfare
Title: As Yet Unborn
Genre: Rock
Label: Rockpie Records
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Thoroughfare brings the kind of excitement to your speakers that you crave to hear from an indie artist, especially if you happen to be a rocker at heart. For this listener it gets tiresome hearing the major label assembly line crap. Thankfully, indie music saved my soul many years ago and young and vibrant bands like Thoroughfare carry on the tradition of strong blood pumping indie rock that we have become accustomed to hearing...READ MORE...

16 April 2008

Miles High Productions Press Release: Sean Costello 1979 - 2008

Los Angeles, April 16, 2008-Delta Groove recording artist Sean Costello passed away in Atlanta, GA on Tuesday, April 15th, one day before his 29th birthday. Sean was not only a member of the Delta Groove musical family, he was also a friend, and words cannot express the sorrow we feel at having to say goodbye so soon. Losing someone as young, vibrant, and talented as Sean, who had accomplished so much in just a few short years and still had so much potential,...READ MORE...

15 April 2008

Rosey-Luckiest Girl Review

Artist: Rosey
Title: Luckiest Girl
Genre: Jazz-Pop
Label: Quango
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As the back of the CD of Rosey’s Luckiest Girl says, “There is something undeniably seductive about jazz music.” Rosey personifies that statement on her 12 tracks of spicy hot jazz and pop...READ MORE...

14 April 2008

JoJo Styles-Bossa Nuevo Vol. 1 & 2 Review

Artist: JoJo Styles
Title: Bossa Nuevo Vol. 1 & 2-Light of Love/The Offering (Cool Groove-Hot Guitar)
Genre: Instrumental-Latin-Jazz
Label: Casa Grande Records
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JoJo Styles had the benefit of developing his music while watching some of the legendary figures perform in San Francisco. He saw Hendrix and Santana and was all over the Bay Area attending the free concerts of the day. Those days are history but for the people that lived and soaked up the vibes of those times the memories are forever imprinted on their souls...READ MORE...

12 April 2008

Elliot Scott-Danger Is Here Review

Artist: Elliot Scott
Title: Danger Is Here
Genre: Electronica-Alternative Pop
Label: Independent
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Elliot Scott is a composer/singer/musician that creates soundscapes that get inside your head and never find their way out. There are several reasons why the music on Danger Is Here has that effect on you. Scott produces a catchy blend of electronica-pop that is reminiscent of a different time in music. Think Bowie during the Eno era...READ MORE...

03 April 2008

The DoGoodEveryday.com Launch Party

Atlanta, GA-April 2, 2008-Have you every wished you could acknowledge the people in your life who make a difference? You wouldn’t know it by listening to the news, but there are millions of people donating their talents, money and most importantly their time to make the world a better place. Do Good Everyday.com is a website created to encourage and acknowledge selfless acts of kindness...READ MORE...

01 April 2008

Tim Miller-Adelaide Review

Artist: Tim Miller
Title: Adelaide
Genre: Acoustic-Rock-Folk
Label: Independent
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Recorded onto tape, Tim Miller’s Adelaide is an example of emotionally- charged, mature songwriting. Produced by Chris Bell (Erykah Badu, Polyphonic Spree, Eagles) and mastered by Adam Ayan (Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Phish, Ani DiFranco), Adelaide features Tim Miller’s honest and soothing voice performing melodic folk rock songs in a style similar to singer/songwriters, James Blunt and Ari Hest.....READ MORE...