31 March 2008

Noteborn Music Company Announces Contests For Professional Recording Session Opportunity

Ann Arbor, MI-March 31, 2008--With over 20 years in the music industry, Noteborn Music Company is an international publishing company that hand picks quality artists and music for use in movies, TV shows, advertising campaigns, and for music producers. This groundbreaking company values independent and signed artists of...READ MORE...

Jan Seiden-Memory Of Time Review

Artist: Jan Seiden
Title: Memory of Time
Genre: World-Native American
Label: FluteJourney Records
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Jan Seiden has her own niche in the world of music. She is a renowned Native America flute player that has performed at important powwows across the U.S. and shared stages with Grammy award winners Joanne Shenandoah, Mary Youngblood, Tito LaRosa, and NAMA-winner Jeff Ball. ...READ MORE...

19 March 2008

Jason Ricci and New Blood-Rocket Number 9 Review

Artist: Jason Ricci and New Blood
Title: Rocket Number 9
Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Eclecto Groove
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Jason Ricci & New Blood tear the roof off the house on their new killer CD Rocket Number 9. Jason sings, plays harmonica and note flute while the New Blood behind him are...READ MORE...

18 March 2008

Five A.M.-Raise the Sun Review

Artist: Five A.M.
Title: Raise the Sun
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Big Bus Music
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The last album I covered for Five A.M. was the 2002 release Degrees of Falling. I was impressed with this band six years ago; in fact, I gave that release 5 stars. So the question is now would Raise the Sun be just as impressive? I can honestly answer that with a reverberating yes!...READ MORE...

16 March 2008

Paolo “Apollo” Negri-A Bigger Tomorrow Review

Artist: Paolo “Apollo” Negri
Title: A Bigger Tomorrow
Genre: Funk-Jazz-Lounge-Soul-Groove-Fusion
Label: Hammondbeat

Paolo “Apollo” Negri, the world-renowned Italian Hammond organist, brings his one of a kind musical style to the table with A Bigger Tomorrow. A Bigger Tomorrow is a masterful blend of funk, rhythm & blues, jazz, soul, groove and fusion tunes...READ MORE...

12 March 2008

Glamour Kings-For Full Stimulation Review

Artist: Glamour Kings
Title: For Full Stimulation
Genre: Rock-Electronica
Label: Unhinge/Urge Records
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Technology and indie music is a wonderful thing these days. Bands like Glamour Kings are taking full advantage of the current musical trends and the wide variety of listener’s worldwide ready to download their tracks to their iPods and MP3 players...READ MORE...

11 March 2008

Seventhings-Unraveled Review

Artist: Seventhings
Title: Unraveled
Genre: Pop-Rock-Modern Rock
Label: Independent
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Seventhings is the pop-rock product of the Californian singer/songwriter/producer power-duo Margaret McClure and Andy Machin. McClure started out in the music industry with a successful solo career, first as a violinist in the Orange County District Orchestra and then as a solo performer in the California rock scene....READ MORE...

10 March 2008

The Darbuki Kings-Lawrence Of Suburbia Review

Artist: The Darbuki Kings
Title: Lawrence Of Suburbia
Genre: Instrumental-World
Label: Darbuki King Records
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The Darbuki Kings are having a lot of fun with their new release Lawrence of Suburbia. The two European looking gentlemen on the cover of the CD are actually Antonio H. Albarran (Laouto, Bouzouki & Sitar Guitar) and Robin Adnan Anders (Tabla, Tabla Beladi, Tars, Rigg, Dabola, Muzhar, Zills, Guitarron, Strings,Kanun)...READ MORE...

08 March 2008

Ed Hale Transcends Iranian Conflict-Rock Star And Good Will Ambassador Will Visit Iran

New York, New York-February 25, 2008- 14 delegates chosen from across the United States will be going on a Peace Delegation to the country of Iran with The Fellowship of Reconciliation (www.forusa.org) – an organization headquartered in over 40 countries worldwide...READ MORE...

Philadelphia Based Band All Crazy Releases New Album Sex, Drugs, and Hip-Rock

Philadelphia, PA-March 4, 2008-Philly’s own premier “hip-rock” band All Crazy is an appealing crossover mixture of rock and hip-hop that is gaining momentum and pulling in a large audience with their charismatic performances along the east coast...READ MORE...

04 March 2008

Next Order-Live-Roaring Colors Review

Artist: Next Order
Title: Live-Roaring Colors
Genre: Jazz-Rock-Fusion
Label: LoLo Records
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Formed in 2002, Next Order is a jazz/rock/fusion group from Japan who has set out to impress American audiences with their aggressive and colorful improvisation style. Next Order has heavily toured Japan sharing the stage with acts, such as Gongzilla, Tribal Tech and African Express Trio. The musicians behind Next Order are four virtuosos...READ MORE...

03 March 2008

Charley Ramsay Releases Indie Solo Debut Catalyst

Charley Ramsay Releases Indie Solo Debut Catalyst

Austin, Texas-March 3, 2008-Charley Ramsay established himself as a songwriter and performer playing and singing with the local band, “Hey Zeus” for over ten years in Austin, Texas in the 90s. His band achieved radio play and a loyal Austin following....READ MORE...

02 March 2008

Mike McCarroll Releases Debut Indie Release At The Crossroads


Atlanta, Georgia-March 4, 2008-Mike McCarroll has spent the better part of his life working hard every day to raise a family and become a successful independent business owner...READ MORE...