30 January 2008

Brian Linne Releases Single Shared Cross To Aid Catholic Social Services


Port Huron, MI-January 28, 2008 Brian Linne is an independent rock-pop artist on mission, not only to spread the word about his music but the meaning and purpose of it. Driven by his own motivations to succeed in life and take a Christian path, Brian decided to give back to the Catholic Church and its social services with the song “Shared Cross.”...READ MORE...

24 January 2008

Alex Rosselli-2012 Review

Artist: Alex Rosselli
Title: 2012
Genre: Instrumental-Rock-Progressive-Fusion
Label: Independent
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Alex Rosselli has reached another level of creativity and conceptual artistry on his new release 2012. After listening to this interesting and entertaining recording of instrumental rock, fusion, and progressive amalgamations, it seems all of the albums prior to this were developmental, leading to the current creation and metamorphosis of this incredibly talented artist.....READ MORE...

Mike McCarroll- At The Crossroads Review

Artist: Mike McCarroll
Title: At The Crossroads
Genre: Rock-Blues-Country
Label: Independent
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Mike McCarroll is a sure fire bet to become a working class hero if his music catches on. McCarroll started his own business once the kids grew up and he was satisfied enough to give it his best shot, knowing there was nothing to distract or stop him. After paying some dues and building a successful business venture ("Business Traveler Blues”) was in place, it was time to grab his guitar, head into the studio, and make the album he always wanted to....READ MORE...

14 January 2008

Drummer Larry Cox Debuts Do-It-Yourself Drums Product Line

Las Vegas, Nevada-January 7, 2008– The Channel House Publishing booth, at this year’s NAMM Show 2008, in Anaheim, Ca, will debut the complete Do-It-Yourself product line of books and DVD’s, featuring Deaf Symphony drummer Larry Cox. ...READ MORE...

Introducing Blue Comet Cafe: The Premier Virtual Music Venue!

Los Angeles, CA-January 11, 2008- Thanks to the advances of technology and streaming video online, Blue Comet Café takes elements of what radio used to do, breaking new artists, and combines that with a social networking environment and a global reach that only the Internet can provide....READ MORE...

Arek Religa Releases Multifaceted Instrumental Indie Album In Memory Of The Greatests

Chicago, Illinois-January 10, 2008- Arek Religa came to America from Poland in the year 2000. He started playing guitar at the age of 16. His musical talent soon transformed him into recognized talent and he was playing on major Polish stages in short order. Religa played with many well-known musicians and bands over the years before arriving on US soil...READ MORE...

09 January 2008

Ultimate Grammy Collection Review

Artist: Various
Title: Ultimate Grammy Collection: 7 CD Collection
Genre: Pop-Rock-Country-R and B
Label: Shout! Factory
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The Grammy’s is the ultimate award for your accomplishments as an artist in the field of recorded music. It is on par with the Academy Awards for motion pictures. I have my own thoughts and opinions about the award process but that is another conversation for a different time....READ MORE...

07 January 2008

Sharon Rae North-The Way You Make Me Feel Review

Artist: Sharon Rae North
Title: The Way You Make Me Feel
Genre: Smooth-Contemporary-Jazz
Label: Northstar Entertainment Group
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Sharon Rae North quite simply, has a great voice. She has a quiet confidence beaming from her pretty face on the cover of her new CD The Way You Make Me Feel...READ MORE...

04 January 2008