16 December 2008

Marco Granados Celebrates The Music of Venezuela On New Release

New York, NY - December 16, 2008- Prepare to take a vacation unlike any other! Warm culture, proud tradition, and undeniable spirit come together in the form of passionate music with renowned flutist Marco Granados’ newest release Music of Venezuela. The record embodies the infectious joy of Granados’ homeland and serves as a whirlwind tour of jazzy, Latin America-inspired folk music.....READ MORE...

14 December 2008

Garry Dial and Terre Roche-Us An’ Them: A Collection of National Anthems

New York, NY-December 9- Musicians have long set out to bring the world closer together with their music, but few endeavors have been as ambitious and successful as Garry Dial and Terre Roche’s Us An’ Them: A Collection of National Anthems (Made In New York). Jazz pianist/arranger/educator Dial and folk guitarist/singer-songwriter Roche have both sought to bring about positive change...READ MORE...

Freddy V-Easier Than It Looks Review

Artist: Freddy V
Title: Easier Than It Looks
Genre: Jazz-Funk-Soul
Label: Independent
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Fred Vigdor (or Freddy V) pushed his stake in the ground a long time ago when he stepped in with his saxophone to help the legendary pop-soul band Average White Band climb the charts. AWB remains one of my favorites to this day. For a decade Freddy’s trademark sax was a steady groove on AWB tracks. His accomplishments with that band alone still resonate today...READ MORE...

12 December 2008

Marco Granados-Music of Venezuela Review

Artist: Marco Granados
Title: Music of Venezuela
Genre: World-Latin-Folk-Instrumental
Label: Soundbrush Records
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Marco Granados states in the liner notes of his beautiful serenade to his country Music of Venezuela, that the music of Venezuela is one of the rare treasures of Latin America, it seamlessly combines cultures, musical traditions, rhythms and the spirit of a people in a joyful and innocent voice....READ MORE...

06 December 2008

Charmaine Clamor Releases A Filipino Serenade on FreeHam Records

New York, NY - December 8- Charmaine Clamor’s critically acclaimed recordings have the ability to amalgamate the soul and swing of American jazz combined with traditional Filipino folk music, languages and instruments. By doing something so unique, it instantaneously created a new fusion genre she dubbed jazzipino....READ MORE...

04 December 2008

Donna Lee Quartet-Mellow Review

Artist: Donna Lee Quartet
Title: Mellow
Genre: Jazz
Label: Zivaldo Records
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In 1999 Zdenko Ivanusic and Andrej Henigman, two classically trained altoists from Croatia crossed paths while playing in the Croatian Army Symphonic Wind Orchestra in 1992...READ MORE...

01 December 2008

Roger Kellaway-Live At The Jazz Standard Review

Artist: Roger Kellaway
Title: Live At The Jazz Standard
Genre: Jazz
Label: IPO Recordings
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The most remarkable thing about Live At The Jazz Standard is how Roger Kellaway and his ensemble make this recording sound as if it was recorded right in the studio. This is a tribute to the excellence of Kellaway on piano, his exceptional accompaniment, and not to mention the high standard of recording a live performance...READ MORE...

26 November 2008

Roger Kellaway Shines On Live At The Jazz Standard Set

New York, New York-November 24, 2008- No one can make a piano sing like Roger Kellaway, and nowhere is that more true than on his new release, Live at the Jazz Standard. Beautifully performed and recorded at New York’s legendary Jazz Standard, Kellaway and his usual cast of virtuosos – including guitarist Russell Malone and vibist Stefon Harris – bring to life the classics of Nat King Cole...READ MORE...

25 November 2008

Funk and Soul Artist FEMI Releases Debut EP Sweet Water Soul

Los Angeles, CA-November 24, 2008- FEMI has come a long way in a short period. She rose up from the Oakland underground to record her grand entrance into the world of recorded music with Sweet Water Soul.
FEMI’s debut, a six track EP titled Sweet Water Soul,...READ MORE...

23 November 2008

FEMI-Sweet Water Soul Review

Artist: FEMI
Title: Sweet Water Soul
Genre: Funk-Soul
Label: Talking House Records
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FEMI takes me back to a Sade concert I attended in San Francisco in the 1985-86 time frame. These are fond memories because I was jumping head first into exploring jazz and all of its sub genres. Sade was a combination of pop and jazz...READ MORE...

21 November 2008

The James Moody and Hank Jones Quartet-Our Delight Review

Artist: The James Moody and Hank Jones Quartet
Title: Our Delight
Genre: Jazz
Label: Mighty Quinn Productions
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With a mere 140 years of performing experience between them, James Moody and Hank Jones finally decided to sit down and bounce some ideas off each other and Our Delight was born.....READ MORE...

20 November 2008

Ralph Lalama Quartet-Energy Fields Review

Artist: Ralph Lalama Quartet
Title: Energy Fields
Genre: Jazz
Label: Mighty Quinn Productions
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Ralph Lalama (tenor sax), John Hart (guitar), Rick Petrone (bass) and Joe Corsello (drums) are the extraordinary musicians that are the Ralph Lalama Quartet....READ MORE...

16 November 2008

The James Moody and Hank Jones Quartet Release Jazz Classic Our Delight

New York, NY - November 14, 2008- With two amazing careers traveling alongside one another but never intersecting, it only seemed natural that James Moody and Hank Jones would finally find each other on the same road...READ MORE...

Ralph Lalama Quartet Releases Jazz CD Energy Fields

New York, NY - November 17, 2008- When a group of similar minded musicians gets together and can relate to each other on a fundamental level about their influences, everything seems to fall into place. In the case of The Ralph Lalama Quartet, those quintessential synergies are apparent on their new release Energy Fields....READ MORE...

15 November 2008

The Pulltops Review

Artist: The Pulltops
Title: The Pulltops
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent Records
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The Pulltops feature a big sound produced by the power trio of Tom Crowell (guitar, vocals), Mark Pierret (drums, vocals) and Steve Kerwin (bass)...READ MORE...

08 November 2008

Project Grand Slam-Play Review

Artist: Project Grand Slam
Title: Play
Genre: Jazz
Label: Cakewalk Records
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Project Grand Slam shows why it helps to have veterans together for a recording session on Play...READ MORE...

07 November 2008

Denise Donatelli Rides The Waves Of Success With New CD What Lies Within

New York, NY - October 28, 2008- Sure to please jazz lovers everywhere, smooth vocalist Denise Donatelli turns in a virtuoso effort with her new release What Lies Within. Described by the Los Angeles Times as “a singer jazz musicians love to love,” the accomplished alto Donatelli has impressed audiences everywhere with her range, dedication, and confidence...READ MORE...

06 November 2008

Cynthia Felton Releases Jazz Masterpiece Afro Blue – The Music Of Oscar Brown Jr.

New York, NY - November 4, 2008- With her beautiful voice and alluring style, it’s hard to resist Cynthia Felton and her newest release, Afro Blue – The Music of Oscar Brown Jr. Confident, sensual, and infectiously jazzy, Felton displays her pipe power and music knowledge thoroughly and proudly on every track...READ MORE...

04 November 2008

Cynthia Felton-Afro Blue-The Music of Oscar Brown Jr.Review

Artist: Cynthia Felton
Title: Afro Blue-The Music of Oscar Brown Jr.
Genre: Jazz
Label: Felton Entertainment
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As Cynthia Felton shows how slender and beautiful she is on the cover, her voice is just as attractive once you venture under the CD cover to find a voice that allures you into her world...READ MORE...

02 November 2008

Project Grand Slam Hits It Out of the Park With Play

Hollywood, CA-October 28, 2008- Project Grand Slam promises to hit plenty of homeruns with the October 28 release of their debut album Play. With five of its thirteen tracks and the band having already been prominently featured on the hit NBC Series “Lipstick Jungle...READ MORE...

30 October 2008

Sista ‘O’ And D’Vine Praize Prove Their Faith With Meditation

Sacramento, CA - October 28, 2008- Melding classic traditions with pop sensibility, Sista ‘O’ and D’Vine Praize find salvation through music with their debut release Meditation. The album deftly mixes jazz, soul, and gospel to convey hopeful messages of faith and worship, succeeding musically while staying true to the word of God...READ MORE...

29 October 2008

Eric Van Aro-Desert Motel Review

Artist: Eric Van Aro
Title: Desert Motel
Genre: Jazz-Pop
Label: Eraki Entertainment
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I was introduced to Eric Van Aro in 2005 on his Friends album. Back then, I felt Van Aro had a special talent and I could see him climbing up the ladder and finding his way to higher ground in the digital cesspool that the internet can be for an artist trying to make a name....READ MORE...

25 October 2008

Denise Donatelli-What Lies Within Review

Artist: Denise Donatelli
Title: What Lies Within
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Label: Savant Records
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A vocalist like Denise Donatelli leaves a lasting impression. On her recent release What Lies Within, she impresses as a polished and sophisticated veteran with the wherewithal and presence to stand tall alongside all of her more well known major label contemporaries...READ MORE...

23 October 2008

Eric Van Aro Releases Independent Desert Motel EP

Lugano, Switzerland-October 20, 2008- It has been three years since Eric Van Aro released new music but as they say, good things come to those who wait. Friends was released in 2005 to worldwide acclaim and the new EP Desert Motel is a sure bet to follow in the wake of that success....READ MORE...

18 October 2008

Bob Mover Claims Spotlight With It Amazes Me

New York, NY - October 14, 2008- Quietly entertaining jazz lovers for decades, Bob Mover is finally ready to step into the spotlight with his new album It Amazes Me. The ten-track release serves as Mover’s humble testament and dedication to the art of sax – a life’s work laid out in rich music. Dubbed “one of the greatest and most underexposed musicians in jazz” by legendary pianist Hank Jones, Mover is sure to finally get his share of attention with the breakthrough that is It Amazes Me...READ MORE...

15 October 2008

Osaru-Home Review

Artist: Osaru
Title: Home
Genre: R and B-Fusion
Label: Osaru Records
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Osaru is a musician, composer and vocalist who lives and works in the heart of the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina, USA. His debut CD, Home, now available on CD Baby, takes you on an R&B and Jazz infused journey through his early adult years to the present day. It celebrates life, love and long-term commitment...READ MORE...

Stryker/Slagle Band Pay Respects With The Scene

New York, NY - October 7, 2008- With their newest release The Scene, The Stryker/Slagle Band serve up a dedication to men and women playing their kind of music: warm, soulful jazz. Each and every track acts as an affectionate ode to personal friends and musical heroes alike, all while demonstrating the skillful guitar playing of Dave Stryker and warm saxophone riffs of Steve Slagle. Respectful yet upbeat, the recording shows what modern jazz can achieve in the hands of its biggest fans...READ MORE...

11 October 2008

Bob Mover-It Amazes Me Review

Artist: Bob Mover
Title: It Amazes Me
Genre: Jazz
Label: Zoho Music
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Bob Mover has been around a long time entertaining jazz lovers everywhere. The one thing that eludes him is the recognition many of his peers receive. Although deserving you just do not hear his name mentioned in the same conversation about the best alto and tenor sax players in history...READ MORE...

02 October 2008

Tamara Lewis Releases Indie CD Living Down River

Seattle, Washington-September 30, 2008- Tamara Lewis’s new release Living Down River serves a twofold purpose. The recording is a powerful personal and musical statement that goes beyond one simple listen. The thought provoking CD is inspired by conversations with friends, life’s experiences and her 20-year career as psychotherapist. Tamara’s survival of ten years of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction contributed heavily to the reflective and poignant lyrical content of the album...READ MORE...

29 September 2008

The Stryker/Slagle Band-The Scene Review

The Stryker/Slagle Band is Dave Stryker (guitar) and Steve Slagle (alto and soprano sax, flute). These two men came together because of a mutual respect for music and many of the people that have come and gone over the years before them so they could be some of the privileged few to create great music in their image and memory. Different people, places and things inspire us all and music holds a special kind of goodwill that we all seem to understand when we listen, particularly when the performing musicians let you know that some of that...more...

25 September 2008

Lance Reegan-Diehl Launches History of Rock Tour

Seoul, Korea-September 24, 2008- Lance Reegan Diehl, international recording artist, has gathered a group of musicians to celebrate the greatest songs in rock history. The band will go on tour for six weeks of festivals starting on October 3rd and running to November 17th. The History of Rock tour with the L.R.D. Band will kickoff for US troop support October 3rd at Yongsan Post Korea...READ MORE...

23 September 2008

Elvin Bishop-The Blues Rolls On Review

Artist: Elvin Bishop
Title: The Blues Rolls On
Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Delta Groove
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Elvin Bishop is struttin’ his stuff again just as he has for a long time now. It was 1975 when the album Struttin’ My Stuff came out and suddenly it seems (in reference to musical output) that 2008 came very fast indeed. Bishop is still crankin’ out the blues on The Blues Rolls On...READ MORE...

18 September 2008

Susannah Blinkoff Releases Eclectic Rock-Pop Nugget Let’s Pretend

Los Angeles, CA-September 10, 2008- Born and raised in the Big Apple, Susannah Blinkoff began singing professionally in clubs and off-Broadway when she was only twelve years old. As an actress, she has appeared in numerous TV movies, sitcoms and plays on both coasts. With plentiful experience on the stage, she decided to to take her act and talent to the world of music...READ MORE...

16 September 2008

Circle Syndicate-String Theory Review

Artist: Circle Syndicate
Title: String Theory
Genre: Hip Hop-Rock-Blues
Label: Independent
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The artist known as Circle Syndicate (aka JP) has a unique sound and lyrical send off in every one of his tracks. Although String Theory was released in 2006, it sounds fresh and relevant, just as if it was released yesterday. In addition, most certainly the real life relevancy of this artist and his songs resonates with validity...READ MORE...

07 September 2008

Tuck and Patti-I Remember You Review

Artist: Tuck and Patti
Title: I Remember You
Genre: Jazz
Label: T and P Records
Tuck & Patti Website
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You would think a long-standing duo such as vocalist Patti Cathcart and guitarist Tuck Andress would have covered the American Songbook on one of their many releases over the past 20 some years but it simply is not the case. I Remember You is their first complete recording dedicated to covers of the jazz book of classic songs and the couple’s way of saying hello again to all the tunes they love....READ MORE...

04 September 2008

Susannah Blinkoff-Let’s Pretend Review

Artist: Susannah Blinkoff
Title: Let’s Pretend
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Bunnyhead Music
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Technology is truly amazing today for recording artists. The day of paying thousands for studio time is for the elite, the select few. Indie talent like Susannah Blinkoff team up with people like Rich Jacques to produce an entire album in his living room. The multi-talented Jacques also added backup vocals and played all the instruments with the exception of drums on a few tracks. I realize this is commonplace but it will always amaze me how this is done and in such a professional and convincing fashion...READ MORE...

26 August 2008

Tamara Lewis-Living Down River Review

Artist: Tamara Lewis
Title: Living Down River
Genre: Folk-Americana-Blues
Label: Independent
CD Baby Link
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Tamara Lewis is a brave soul. After suffering through 10 years of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction, she decided to pick up the guitar, write songs and sing them. All of this happened at the tender age of 46. Now if that is not inspiring, what is?...READ MORE...

19 August 2008

Sick of Sarah Review

Artist: Sick of Sarah
Title: Sick of Sarah
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Adamant Records
Source Link

I have always enjoyed energetic all girl rock bands like The Runaways but the attention they get has never been a focus of the media as a whole. These days of equal opportunity and the internet have changed things considerably and women with talent seem to be getting a much fairer shake than the old days....READ MORE...

18 August 2008

Truth On Earth-Achieving Peace Through Non-Violent Protest Review

Artist: Truth On Earth
Title: Achieving Peace Through Non-Violent Protest
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Independent
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Tess, Kiley and Serena are three sisters on mission to wake up the world. They are off to darn good start on their CD Achieving Peace Through Non-Violent Protest, an album dedicated to the beliefs and teachings of Gandhi....READ MORE...

16 August 2008

Jude Johnstone- Mr.Sun Review

Artist: Jude Johnstone
Title: Mr.Sun
Genre: Jazz-Blues
Label: Bojak Records
CD Baby Link
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On Jude Johnstone’s third effort Blue Light I discovered a rare new talent that had enormous potential. On Mr. Sun, that potential comes bursting through every song in the most beautiful untarnished way. The session prior to this is what spurred Jude on to get into a creative groove that kept going so they just continued to record and got enough material together to put out this new recording...READ MORE...

30 July 2008

The Tea Club Makes The Perfect Cup For Progressive Rock Enthusiasts On New Release

Philadelphia, PA-July 29, 2008- ith the Tea Club progressive rock and indie music take another step towards respectability. Hailing from the Jersey shores the multi talented three-piece, have endeavored to create a stripped down progressive rock sound modeled after their main influences King Crimson and The Beatles...READ MORE...

29 July 2008

26 July 2008

Mutlu-Livin’ It Review

Artist: Mutlu
Title: Livin’ It
Genre: Soul-Folk-Pop
Label: Manhattan
iTunes Link
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Mutlu Onaral known as simply Mutlu has a new album out, his third, titled Livin’ It. Having absolutely no familiarity with this artist gave me the element of surprise right from the start. ...READ MORE...

22 July 2008

Swampdawamp-2.0 Review

Artist: Swampdawamp
Title: 2.0
Genre: Southern Rock-Blues
Label: Big Penny Entertainment
Source Link

Swampdawamp is crankin it up again and getting those southern fried rock and blue fires burnin! On this teaser, titled 2.0 a Special Edition pre release CD, they are offering up three studio tracks and interviews and a rehearsal recording. The boys sound like they are ready to release another great album sometime later this year...READ MORE...

21 July 2008

The Tea Club-General Winter’s Secret Museum Review

Artist: The Tea Club
Title: General Winter’s Secret Museum
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Independent
MyBandsMusic Profile
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The Tea Club sounds like a perfectly innocent and unassuming name but do not let the serene CD cover and band name fool you. As you will learn when you open up the General Winter’s Secret Museum CD the sleeve enclosed and the artwork does get a bit more interesting and the lyrics are included to set your mind reeling...READ MORE...

09 July 2008

Amelia-A Long, Lovely List of Repairs Review

Artist: Amelia
Title: A Long, Lovely List of Repairs
Genre: Folk-Roots
Label: Adrenaline
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Amelia the band, not the girl, has been making a name for themselves in the Pacific Northwest and seem positioned perfectly with their new release A Long, Lovely List of Repairs to solidify their foundation and expand upon it. In spite of the confusion that the name of the band creates, they decided that they would stick with it and it has not hindered their growth or success....READ MORE...

07 July 2008

Swampdawamp Release 2.0–Another Big Helping of Southern Rock and Blues

Los Angeles, CA-July 7, 2008- SwampDaWamp (pronounced swamp duh wamp) is the creation of singer-songwriter-guitarist Gig Michaels. Hailing from Charlotte, NC, SwampDaWamp is the powerful and creative collaboration of six talented and seasoned musicians: Gig Michaels (lead vocals & acoustic guitar); David Lee (drums); Michael Hough (guitar & vocals); Keith Inman (guitar); Mike Huffman (keyboards, B3 & vocals); and Cody Bennett (bass)...READ MORE...

02 July 2008

Marilyn Scott-Every Time We Say Goodbye Review

Artist: Marilyn Scott
Title: Every Time We Say Goodbye
Genre: Jazz (Standards)
Label: Venus Records
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How many times can an artist release a recording with just standards? When it comes to jazz standards, I do not believe the true music lover and jazz devotee feels there are ever too many of these types of albums. Timeless classics from the likes of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington…well it is obvious that you cannot go wrong when you travel down this road lined with literal music gold...READ MORE...

Amelia Releases Atmospheric Folk Roots Album A Long, Lovely List of Repairs

Los Angeles, CA-July 1, 2008- Hailing from the great Northwest, Amelia, the band, not a person, is ready to fill your head with a rich pageant of musical tapestries and atmospheres on their new release A Long, Lovely List of Repairs, on the Adrenaline imprint...READ MORE...

01 July 2008

Alex Lattimore Comes Full Circle

Atlanta, GA-June 30, 2008- Velvety vocalist Alex Lattimore has been around the world and has returned home sweet home for a local tour of venues. The multi-talented musician was honored with international success in both South Africa and Japan while touring with The Ananda Project, and is ready to celebrate the independent release of his debut solo CD, Promise. His series of local concerts will demonstrate his incredible musical abilities to lucky audiences all over Atlanta...READ MORE...