29 November 2007

The Secret Of Christmas Revealed On The New Racquel Roberts Indie Release


Los Angeles, CA-November 26, 2007- November 26, 2007-Los Angeles, CA-Racquel Roberts is a female vocalist with a technique acquired through years of practice at the top level of musical theatre on Broadway and international stages. All of that experience reaches its fruition on her latest release The Secret of Christmas...READ MORE...

20 November 2007

Casey Desmond-No Disguise Review

Artist: Casey Desmond
Title: No Disguise
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Independent
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Casey Desmond comes right at you with No Disguise, her second studio recording. Her words are not a mish mash of mixed messages like some of the nonsensical musings you hear, it is the exact opposite, and every track packs a punch because of her honesty. Desmond is one of new breed of multi tasking indie musicians and in addition to that has her parents involved with studio production and managing her career....READ MORE...

19 November 2007

Tammy Allen From Me To You Review

Artist: Tammy Allen
Title: From Me To You
Genre: AC-Pop-Rock-Jazz
Label: TD Entertainment
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You know the old adage that it takes one person to say one bad thing for it to spread to ten people in no time? Well, imagine a world that was the polar opposite? Just think for a minute if every time someone said something negative that the one person that was receiving the message dismissed it and said something positive to ten different people during the course of a day. What kind of world would it be if everyone did that for just one day? I know this will probably never happen because it is not realistic, but it sure is nice to dream....READ MORE...

18 November 2007

Old Man Brown Releases New CD Return On Indie Label Boat Shop Records


Nashville, Tennessee-November 13, 2007- Old Man Brown is based in the Baltimore area, playing their own brand of original rock, blues, soul and funk that honors earlier traditions that have been forgotten with much of the new music coming out today...READ MORE...

Tony Senatore Makes History Releasing An Instructional DVD For The 12 String Bass


Newark, New Jersey-November 13, 2007- Tony Senatore’s introduction to music began when he was 5 years old when his father decided to start teaching him the trumpet and some basics of music theory. The young Senatore found he had perfect pitch and he progressed into teen years playing the trumpet. By the time he was 16 he discovered a lifelong friend, the bass...READ MORE...

11 November 2007

Mike Cullison-Blue Collar Tired

Artist: Mike Cullison
Title: Blue Collar Tired
Genre: Rock-Country-Blues
Label: Cullison Music
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Mike Cullison got his experience playing music in the honky-tonk clubs of Oklahoma. Johnny Neel, The wily old veteran from the south, shows up for yet another album joining Cullison on this session...READ MORE...

06 November 2007

Krescent4 To Showcase New Release Emperor At The Ontario Independent Music Awards


Ann Arbor, MI-November 5, 2007- Krescent 4 the hometown boys from Michigan are set to showcase their new album Emperor
at the Ontario Independent Music Awards in Toronto November 15th at The Phoenix Concert Hall. The event is also a charity event for The Toronto Wildlife Center. The band is very excited to be a part of the event, which supports indie music and charity with Rock ‘n’ Roll. The band will also be picking up a gig November 16 at The Savannah Room in Toronto....READ MORE...

Elvis A Generous Heart Released On DVD By Morada Music


November 5, 2007-Ventura,CA- Following the great success of the DVD Elvis Presley…From Beginning To End, the Collector’s Edition Volume 2 has arrived. Elvis’s accomplishments as an entertainer have been well documented and they continue to be with an endless stream of music and live performances. Because of his popularity long after his death, new material is continually unearthed and created to fill the demand. Marshall Blonstein, president of Morada Music, the parent company of Tangiers Entertainment, and his creative team have put together a new and unique and never before seen perspective on Elvis...READ MORE...

02 November 2007

Old Man Brown Return Review

Artist: Old Man Brown
Title: Return
Genre: Rock-Blues-Jazz
Label: Boat Shop Records
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Old Man Brown is a throwback to bands like the Allman Brothers and The Spencer Davis Group. The lead singer, Adam-Scott Wakefield, has a remarkable resemblance to Steve Winwood. I say this with fondness and appreciation for what this band accomplishes on their CD Return...READ MORE...