30 October 2007

Tony Senatore-A 12-String Bass X-Ploration

Artist: Tony Senatore
Title: A 12-String Bass X-Ploration
Genre: Instrumental-Rock-Jazz-Fusion
Label: Independent
Format: DVD
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The name Tony Senatore is not a household name when it comes to bass players. Chris Squire, Tony Levin and Jack Bruce are not mentioned in the same breath but I must say after hearing Tony’s music and watching his new DVD A 12-String Bass X-Ploration, that I am convinced; he could play right alongside those legends. Tony is a very humble man and he knows his instrument. He knows it so well that he decided to share his love and respect with his instrument by recording an instructional DVD for those that want to learn more about the bass that was born in 1978. Even if you do not play the bass, there is plenty of enjoyment on this DVD visually and aurally...READ MORE...

29 October 2007

Laura Pursell-Somewhere In This Room

Artist: Laura Pursell
Title: Somewhere In This Room
Genre: Adult Contemporary-Rock-Pop
Label: Cloudshine Global Music
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Somewhere In This Room is a work of art put into motion with the angelic voice of Laura Pursell. If you were to base this recording on the lengthy write up that Laura contributes in the CD booklet before you listen, there is no doubt you will perceive everything quite differently. I took the time to read the introspective outlook the artist has on her world and music, and found that the output of her work matches her philosophy...READ MORE...

27 October 2007

Heart’s Live Concert Performance Of Famed Album Dreamboat Annie Set For Release On DVD and CD


Los Angeles, CA – October 22, 2007- The iconic rock group Heart took the stage at The Orpheum Theatre in front of a live audience to perform their spectacular debut album Dreamboat Annie in its entirety for the first time, for a DIRECTV special. The performance aired Mother’s Day 2007, and will be re-aired in conjunction with Shout Factory’s release of a live DVD and CD of that concert in October 2007...READ MORE...

Heart-Dreamboat Annie Live Review

Artist: Heart
Title: Dreamboat Annie Live
Genre: Classic Rock
Label: Shout Factory
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My first instinct, upon receiving Dreamboat Annie Live for review, was to dig through my record collection and give the original Dreamboat Annie a spin. Released in 1976 by Canada’s Mushroom Records, Dreamboat Annie is a great album and a must have for any rock enthusiast. Heart, at that time, was a group of musicians who clearly loved rock-n-roll, and their debut album has influences from just about every seminal rock band that came along before it, while at the same time being totally fresh and original...READ MORE...

17 October 2007

Darlene Love-It’s Christmas Of Course Review

Artist: Darlene Love
Title: It’s Christmas Of Course
Genre: Christmas/Holiday/R&B
Label: Shout! Factory
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Christmas comes earlier and earlier with each passing year. Last year, it seemed like they put out the red and green M&Ms and the cardboard Santa displays before the last trick-or-treater knocked at my door. So when I was given Darlene Love’s It’s Christmas of Course to review at the beginning of October this year I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Now don’t get me wrong; I like Christmas as much as the next guy but, anymore, I only enjoy Christmas music for the two weeks leading up to the big day itself, and that’s about it

16 October 2007

Paul Cullen Releases Independent CD Dreamdance


Philadelphia, PA-October 10, 2007- Paul Cullen’s resourcefulness reaches fruition on his new release Dreamdance. By combining his love of music, fine food and wine, Paul brings his music to wine related events in several different regions of the country.

Paul was inspired at 19 years old by jazz-fusion artist Pat Metheny and Weather Report. After hour upon hour of diligent work with his new obsession, life was about to change. The opportunity to perform presented itself he started paying his dues on the road. It all paid off when he had a chance meeting with members of AC/DC in 1989...READ MORE...

14 October 2007

The Legendary Voice Of The Crystals Fills Your Stocking With Modern Day Holiday Classics


Los Angeles, CA – October 11, 2007- Shout Factory will release Darlene Love’s first Christmas album, It’s Christmas, Of Course, which is sure to start a holiday tradition of its own. For the album, Darlene gives us her take on 12 tastefully selected holiday neo-classics and more....READ MORE...

09 October 2007

Family Tree Records Release Sakai’s CD Dream Big


Los Angeles, California-October 8, 2007- Family Tree Records has joined forces with The Rob Nonies Label Group and Koch Distribution on the release of Sakai’s Dream Big. “I Like,” the first single from Dream Big is graced with the guitar-playing wizardry of Dwayne Wiggins of Tony! Tone! Toni!. “I Like,” debuted at the #8 position on Billboard’s “Hot R&B & Hip Hop Singles Sales”chart...READ MORE...

04 October 2007

Deana Carter-The Chain Review

Title: The Chain
Genre: Country
Label: Vanguard Records
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Deana Carter’s ninth release The Chain is a collection of rock and country classics with an amazing ensemble of guest musicians who are featured on the songs they made popular over three decades ago. Imagine an album where Paul Simon, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Fred Carter, Jr. are all gathered together to perform on the songs they made popular at the height of their respective careers and you get an idea of what this album is all about...READ MORE...

03 October 2007

Joey Sommerville-Like You Mean It

Artist: Joey Sommerville
Title: Like You Mean It
Genre: Jazz
Label: Sojo Music Inc.
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Like You Mean It is a descriptive title for this CD because Joey Sommerville plays the trumpet as if he really does means it with every note. He also shows us his versatility by playing keys, acoustic guitar and bass. The man has his groove in more than one area...READ MORE...

01 October 2007

Sakai--Dream Big

Artist: Sakai
Title: Dream Big
Genre: R and B-Soul
Label: Family Tree Records
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On her second full-length solo release, Dream Big, Oakland based soul singer Sakai steps to the forefront revealing several sides of her personality: the lover, the independent working woman and the spiritual woman who has faith that she can control her own destiny. This time around she has teamed up with producer/songwriter Darkside, and together they have recorded some funk infused soul music that combines elements of the Detroit and Philly sound with the hip-hop beats of today’s neo soul...READ MORE...