30 September 2007

Deana Carter Releases The Chain On October 9TH


October 1, 2007-Santa Monica, CA– Award-winning singer/songwriter/performer Deana Carter unveils The Chain, her fifth studio record October 9th on Vanguard Records.

Each of the 12 songs on The Chain has a special importance to Deana, who personally chose material that had a great impact on her early life. She took the same care in recruiting collaborators for the project, assembling a group of musicians who influenced her as an artist....READ MORE...

27 September 2007

Paul Cullen-Dreamdance

Artist: Paul Cullen
Title: Dreamdance
Genre: Adult Contemporary-Pop-Jazz
Label: Dreamdance Music
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After listening to Paul Cullen’s new release Dreamdance I had a hard time envisioning him as the former bass player for the rock legends Bad Company. He has an interesting story; after departing from the band in the early 90s he decided to take control of his career, taught himself how to play guitar and took singing lessons, and here we are with an appealing solo album that grabbed me right from the first track. I cannot speak for everyone, but that’s the way this CD affected me and I suspect there will be many other listeners that will feel the same way. Right from the first cut I felt relaxed and enchanted, and I was able to hold on to that feeling until the album concluded...READ MORE...

26 September 2007

Terence Blanchard-A Tale Of God's Will (A Requiem For Katrina)

Artist: Terence Blanchard
Title: A Tale Of God’s Will (A Requiem For Katrina)
Genre: Blue Note
Label: Jazz
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A Tale Of Gods Will (A Requiem For Katrina) is more than just another jazz record and much more than a soundtrack recording; it is an epic recording that, while rooted in jazz, reaches far beyond any single genre. Multi Grammy winner and New Orleans native Terence Blanchard and company have taken the material he wrote for Spike Lee’s documentary “When the Levees Broke” and expanded it into a collection of tracks that is simply beyond category. The album reminds us of the musical gifts that New Orleans has given us, what has been lost, and what we are in jeopardy of losing in the aftermath of the flood...READ MORE...

25 September 2007

Juan Oskar Is A Superhero On New Indie Release


Phoenix, Arizona-September 24, 2007- Juan Oskar is back after two years of preparation for the release of his new concept album Superhero. This time around each track and its music is designed to represent a different comic book character...READ MORE...

21 September 2007

Guerilla Black Testifies To The Healing Power Of Rap With God Bless The Child


September 21, 2007-Los Angeles, CA- Guerilla Black’s grandfather used to say, “Be fast to listen, and slow to speak,” and Black (born Charles Williamson) has seen and heard a lot during his life. With the release of God Bless The Child, he is ready for us to listen because he’s got a lot to say about God, the hood, and the miracle of life...READ MORE...

20 September 2007

Lee Nysted Enjoys A Strong Return To The Studio With New Album Whispers of Wisdom


Chicago, Illinois-September 17, 2007- Rock music has another hero and his name is Lee Nysted. Nysted is becoming a modern day musical shaman-an advocate for a spiritual life and making music that announces his new found freedom. On his new album Whispers of Wisdom Nysted teams with his normal cast of superb musicians and a special guest, Todd Sucherman, the drummer for rock legends Styx...READ MORE...

15 September 2007

The Slack-Wishful Sinking

Artist: The Slack
Title: Wishful Sinking
Genre: Indie-Alternative-Rock
Label: Where’s My Elephant? (BMI)
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Dallas, Texas band The Slack makes music that has a dynamic pop/new-rock sound. The melodies change up dramatically during phases of a number of songs, and the band incorporates a wide range of instrumentation into many of the tracks on Wishful Sinking. There is a variety of styles on this release, and some of the songs have that quality where they almost sound familiar...READ MORE...

14 September 2007

Joey Sommerville Rides Indie Wave to Top of Charts


Atlanta, Georgia- September 13, 2007- Trumpeter extraordinaire Joey Sommerville is blazing his way to the top of the Indie Jazz Charts. His latest release entitled Like You Mean It, features cuts with Wayman Tisdale, Marion Meadows, Phil Perry, Bob Baldwin, Rhonda Smith and Mike Phillips. Sommerville channels a perfect mix of bouncy grooves, Latin vibes and House Beats, all infused with the melodic soul of this incredible talent. The magical blend has catapulted the CD to reach as high as Number 7 on the smooth jazz Top 50 Indie charts.

Like You Mean It, features twelve hot, smooth and mellow tunes that draw on Joey’s life experiences. Childhood roots in the Baptist church inspired him to pursue playing the trumpet, but Sommerville didn’t stop there. To add even more impact to the soul and melodic fire of gospel music, Joey added a generous helping of be-bop, a dollop of rhythm and blues, and a sprinkle of hip-hop for an inspiring musical mélange. Detroit native Sommerville explains, “If you aren’t touching the listener’s soul, you aren’t really playing music”, he says. “Soul communication is the key”. Sommerville’s talent for communicating with listeners is evident from the large number of enthusiastic fans who support his performances.

Atlanta’s Smooth Jazz 107.5 WJZZ has not only placed Like You Mean It, in heavy radio rotation, they broadcast Sommerville’s live performances every Thursday night at Sambuca Jazz Café. Nationally known artists such as the legendary Ronnie Laws, Marion Meadows, keyboard legend and producer Jeff Lorber, the incredibly talented Paul Taylor and more make special guest appearances each week. Every Thursday features a new special guest performance from a rotating list of smooth jazz giants. Shows are at 7:00pm and 9:00pm at Sambuca Jazz Cafe and host Dave Kosh will broadcast live on Smooth Jazz 107.5 WJZZ.

Contact: Terri Harof
Company: TD Entertainment
Address: 200 Market Place Suite 200, Roswell, GA 30075
Tel: 404-786-7410
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09 September 2007

Terence Blanchard’s A Tale Of God’s Will (A Requiem For Katrina) Takes On New Life


September 10, 2007-Los Angeles, CA- Los Angeles, CA-September 10, 2007- New Orleans has long been known as “The City that Care Forgot,” referring to the carefree and easy-going nature of its residents, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina these words have taken on an ironic new meaning as New Orleans silently fades from our collective attention. We all watched in disbelief from the safety of our TVs the plight of the thousands who were left behind to fend for themselves as the levees broke, and we saw peoples’ homes as well as some of the nation’s most cherished landmarks submerged under the overfed Mississippi River....MORE...

08 September 2007

Steve Dooks-Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars

Artist: Steve Dooks
Title: Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars
Genre: Jazz-Blues
Label: Limelight Productions
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In 2004 I discovered Steve Dooks through his album Two Days on the Floor. Three years later he offers his listeners something entirely different with Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars. I know it sounds more like the title of a blues album; however, this is jazz with a little bit of the blues around the outer fringes and stuck in between (“It’s Called The Blues”). Jazz and blues - blues and jazz; whatever way you want to look at it they are kissin’ cousins, and Dooks goes down that path more than once....READ MORE...

06 September 2007

Ann Wilson-Hope and Glory Review

Artist: Ann Wilson
Title: Hope and Glory
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Zoe Records
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When you have been around for a while and have lived the life of the successful rock star what is left? Well, you keep plugging away and make great music, then there are no reasons to retire, and you have every reason to continue and in some instances record the album you always wanted to.....READ MORE

05 September 2007

Jordan Rudess-The Road Home

Artist: Jordan Rudess
Title: The Road Home
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Magna Carta
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Jordan Rudess has found his Road Home through music. The versatile keyboard player that was once a classical pianist entered the world of progressive rock with Dream Theater many years ago and has never looked back, except on this album where he stops to reflect upon the music that got him where he is today. Rudess is prog-metal royalty now and it is obvious to me after listening to The Road Home that his love for this music has not waned at all over the years; on the contrary, it feels strong and poignant. The keyboard wizard makes every track his own by improvising and adding his special touch to give each one the respect it deserves while making sure his stamp is left everywhere in between. There are six tracks on this CD with the classic ELP track “Tarkus” running for nearly 24 minutes alone; it’s packed with long stretches of keyboard virtuosity. This is what you want to hear if you happen to love the original tracks and appreciate the talent and genius of Mr. Rudess...READ MORE...