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Mike Marino and His RestlessSoul Releases Folk-Americana Gem Out Of The Darkness


Philadelphia, PA-July 26, 2007- Mike Marino and His RestlessSoul has a message for music lovers. He asks us all to come Out Of The Darkness and think about the world we live in, to make an effort to change our own surroundings and address our habits. This may sound ambitious for an indie artist that plays roots, Americana, and folk music, but why not? Bob Dylan did it and became a legend for his outspoken stance on politics and the human condition. They key is that the music has to be good and the message clear - and that is exactly the case here.

Marino makes a big impression on Out Of The Darkness and has reached another level of musicianship and lyrical prose. Folk, Americana, and Blues fans will be delighted with the combination of 70’s flavored acoustic and electric guitar work that Marino and his Tri-State all-star team provides on the session.

Mike was musically influenced at first by the British Explosion; particularly The Beatles, The Who, Cream, Procol Harem, The Moody Blues, Dave Mason/ Traffic, and John Mayall's Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton. His songwriting roots are firmly planted in the American Heartland and that is more apparent than ever on the standout release Out Of The Darkness.The album is produced by the artist and Co-Produced by Mike Dugan & Robert Campanell.

Prolific tracks such as “Racin’ To A Red Light”, a hard look at our fast paced lives, and “Stuck Out In The Rains”, a revealing look at the flood in New Orleans that quickly became a national disaster, are bound to win the hearts and ears of millions that enjoy Americana and folk sprinkled with the blues.

Visit the Mike Marino and His RestlessSoul website for sound samples, downloads, pictures, and updates on upcoming live events.

Contact: Mike Marino
Company: Restless Soul Records
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Tel: 856-467-4946
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