26 July 2007

Mike Marino and His RestlessSoul Releases Folk-Americana Gem Out Of The Darkness


Philadelphia, PA-July 26, 2007- Mike Marino and His RestlessSoul has a message for music lovers. He asks us all to come Out Of The Darkness and think about the world we live in, to make an effort to change our own surroundings and address our habits. This may sound ambitious for an indie artist that plays roots, Americana, and folk music, but why not? Bob Dylan did it and became a legend for his outspoken stance on politics and the human condition. They key is that the music has to be good and the message clear - and that is exactly the case here.

Marino makes a big impression on Out Of The Darkness and has reached another level of musicianship and lyrical prose. Folk, Americana, and Blues fans will be delighted with the combination of 70’s flavored acoustic and electric guitar work that Marino and his Tri-State all-star team provides on the session.

Mike was musically influenced at first by the British Explosion; particularly The Beatles, The Who, Cream, Procol Harem, The Moody Blues, Dave Mason/ Traffic, and John Mayall's Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton. His songwriting roots are firmly planted in the American Heartland and that is more apparent than ever on the standout release Out Of The Darkness.The album is produced by the artist and Co-Produced by Mike Dugan & Robert Campanell.

Prolific tracks such as “Racin’ To A Red Light”, a hard look at our fast paced lives, and “Stuck Out In The Rains”, a revealing look at the flood in New Orleans that quickly became a national disaster, are bound to win the hearts and ears of millions that enjoy Americana and folk sprinkled with the blues.

Visit the Mike Marino and His RestlessSoul website for sound samples, downloads, pictures, and updates on upcoming live events.

Contact: Mike Marino
Company: Restless Soul Records
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Tel: 856-467-4946
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24 July 2007

Emerson Hart-Cigarettes and Gasoline Review

Artist: Emerson Hart
Title: Cigarettes and Gasoline
Genre: Rock-Pop-Alternative
Label: Manhattan Records
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Emerson Hart has a past that follows him in his music and in his life. As the former lead singer of the popular band Tonic he made an impression in the heads of younger music fans, and an impact on the charts. Now he continues to develop as a prolific solo artist...READ MORE

Bob Marley and the Wailers-Roots, Rock, Remixed Review

Artist: Bob Marley and the Wailers
Title: Roots, Rock, Remixed
Genre: Reggae-Electronica
Label: Tuff Gong/Rockr
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Bob Marley’s importance goes beyond that of any other reggae artist past or present. Now I’m not, nor have I ever have been a big reggae fan, but Bob Marley is a big exception. He left his mark in music and put an indelible mark upon the consciousness of an entire generation because of what his music stood for – smokin’ a spliff and chillin’ with good friends....READ MORE

09 July 2007

Tony Adamo-Straight Up Deal

Artist: Tony Adamo
Title: Straight Up Deal
Genre: Jazz-Pop-Funk-R & B
Label: Urban Zone Records
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It has been four years since I heard from Tony Adamo and the last time he was Up In It (2004 EP). However, this time out there is a long player to check out. The soul brother of jazz, the one who epitomizes the word cool, is back with his groove on again. He is laying down those smooth soulful vocals to woo the women and give the gents a reason to give this CD a spin with their partners present to get them in mood. This music really does set up a pleasant frame of mind if you are alone or with someone, it does not really matter, it does the trick......READ MORE

08 July 2007

Dennise Neill-“One Kiss” Is Not Enough

Artist: Dennise Neill
Title: “One Kiss” Is Not Enough
Genre: Jazz-Vocals-Latin
Label: DNP
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Dennise Neill’s “One Kiss” Is Not Enough is a multi-lingual jazz vocal album mixed with Latin vibes featuring vocals in English, Italian, French, and Spanish. Now how is that for worldly coverage? Jazz is a universal language and it only seems fitting that you have the opportunity to hear it in several different languages all at once on one album. I cannot say it is very common to find a recording like this and I must say it was a nice change from anything else I have heard for quite some time...READ MORE

07 July 2007

Emerson Hart Transforms Memories Into Enduring Gems On Cigarettes And Gasoline


Los Angeles, CA – July 9, 2007- Singer/songwriter Emerson Hart digs deep into past, often painful, emotions and memories for inspiration on his introspective solo debut, Cigarettes And Gasoline, to be released July 17 on Manhattan Records. The 12-track CD, which Hart began conceiving in 2005 after moving to Nashville, showcases his penchant for writing thoughtful, memorable songs about life, love and loss, wrapped in some of the most irresistible pop-rock melodies you’ll hear this year. Hart also enlisted the production talents of Bob Rock (Metallica, Bon Jovi), Jason Lehning (Guster, Steve Forbert) and Mike Napolitano (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Joseph Arthur) for the recording sessions in Nashville and New Orleans.

Standout tracks include the propulsive opening track “Run To,” the reflective, exhilarating “I Wish the Best For You,” the rousing first single “If You’re Gonna Leave,” the harmonious, guitar-driven “Ordinary,” the transporting “Flyin’,” and the title track, “Cigarettes and Gasoline,” which is drawn from childhood memories, and touches on the difficult topic of Hart’s father’s still-unresolved murder when he was a boy growing up in New Jersey. “I obsessively write every day,” comments Hart. “Writing is my therapy, that’s how I exist.”

Manhattan Records general manager Ian Ralfinicomments, “Millions of people are already familiar with Emerson’s poignant lyrics, smart songcraft, and evocative voice. When they hear his new music, they’ll know that he is on the verge of a significant new chapter in an already-illustrious career. I’m proud that he is joining the Manhattan artist roster.”

As former lead singer for alt-rock radio and concert favorites Tonic, Hart enjoyed platinum sales, chart topping singles and albums--including the # 1 hit “If You Could Only See”--and two Grammy nominations in 2003.

Contact: Chip Schutzman
Company: Miles High Productions
Address: 6622 Delongpre Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90028
Tel: 323-806-0400
Fax: 323-462-0829
Emerson Hart Website
Emerson Hart MySpace Site
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03 July 2007

Alex Rosselli Releases Series Of Instrumental Guitar Recordings


Rome, Italy-July 2, 2007- Alessandro “Alex” Rosselli was born in Bressanone on the Austrian borders.His interest in music began later in life, not like your typical musician that picks up their first guitar at 4 years old. When Alex was 20 years old, a Greatest Hits presentation of Carlos Santana on TV captured his imagination and things began to take shape. In 1989, a friend handed him an old acoustic guitar and he reluctantly accepted the gift unknowing at the time how it would transform his life.

His first attempts at playing songs like the rock classic “Voodoo Chile” pushed him to reach a level of perfection that took many hours of practice and patience. In the period from 1990-2000 there many different musical experiences with rock, metal, pop, progressive rock, entertainment (pop, rock, Italian folk, Latin, Bossa Nova) bands. This time proved to be invaluable as it give the fledgling artists and opportunity to experiment and find what direction he wanted to go in when the time was right to record. From 2000-2001 Alex took lessons from Charlie Banacos. Charlie is the originator of the now classic exercises on such tunes as “Autumn Leaves,” ”Giant Steps,” “Anthropology” and major and minor blues.

The series of recordings from Rosselli (2001-2005) cover many styles of six-string wizardry, inspired by the likes of Hendrix. Impressions, Walking Through The Gates, Moonlight, Arlekkino, and My Red Guitar can be sampled at CD Baby.

Alex Rosselli will continue to evolve as an artist and technician of his chosen instrument. Surely international acclaim is right around the corner as more listeners tune into to his hypnotic six-string instrumental music.

Stop by Alex’s Myspace site to find out more about him and his current releases.

Contact: Alex Rosselli
Company: Alessandro Rosselli Music
Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 41/a, 39042 – Bresssanone,Italy
Tel: +39 347 2794632
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01 July 2007

Bryan Lavigne Says Goodbye To Corporate America On Big Picture Idiot CD


Tulsa, OK-July 2, 2007-For independent artist Bryan Lavigne the inspiration for his new album Big Picture Idiot came out of the frustration with going to an office 5 days a week and doing something he simply did not enjoy. This became more apparent by finding something to do that he did enjoy, songwriting and recording music. The birth of a child also put a different light on things and after that, the decision was easy, become a stay at home dad and make music. None of this happened impulsively however, careful planning was in place all along. Lavigne had all of his songs complete before turning in his keys and walking away to a new future filled with hope and promise.

All of Big Picture Idiot was recorded, mixed, and then mastered in the home studio of Lavigne. His former occupation of Computer Engineer gave him the necessary troubleshooting skills to learn about audio engineering. From the days of making multi-track recordings using 2 cassette decks and spliced wires while in college with no money, to a 4 track cassette, then finally into digital computer recording today-the artist has learned the basics and built upon that to bring him to a level that few reach while recording independently at home. Coming up with a process using the computer that allowed him to write ideas and take it all the way to a finished song was just the beginning for the inspired Lavigne.

Most songs on Big Picture Idiot started with a guitar part. Lavigne would add bass and drums then write lyrics and melodies, believing Kurt Cobain's philosophy that the music comes first. He would then rework the rhythm section if necessary, to fit the melody, come up with some leads, harmonies and sometimes keyboard parts. From that point, the rough mix was ready for re-recording all the parts starting with the drums. The final tracks would start with a final drum take to lock in a good groove, and the basic parts were finished and ready for changing parts, mostly leads, keyboards or harmonies-then finally the mixing and mastering to complete the album.

Lavigne played and sang all parts on the CD. He played guitar, bass, drums, and some keyboards. His love for bands like Rush, Beck, Cake, and Sting come through in different parts of the recording but it all boils down to tough as nails rock-metal with a punk underbelly to drive that final stake into the heart of his past. Music can be the healer and the impetus to change, and Bryan Lavigne did it all his own way, making a CD full of energy and conviction.

Visit Bryan’s website for updates, downloads, purchase options, and lyrics.

Contact: Straight Grain Music
Company: Bryan Lavigne
Address: Claremore, OK 74019
Tel: 918-344-3658
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