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Byran Lavigne-Big Picture Idiot

Artist: Byran Lavigne
Title: Big Picture Idiot
Genre: Rock-Metal-Punk
Label: Independent
CD BabyLink

Byran Lavigne is a quite a story. He is a former Computer Network Engineer that decided babysitting executive idiots was not a life he would choose to live any longer. His life changed when he had a child. He then decided coming home frustrated and angry every night would not create a good environment for his family...

Paul McCartney-Memory Almost Full

Artist:Paul McCartney
Title: Memory Almost Full
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: MPL
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Paul McCartney has reached another crossroads of his life with the end of a long-term relationship, a divorce with his wife Heather. Surely, this hurt at this stage of his life but it could not hold a candle to losing Linda, his soul mate and lifetime friend. Leave it to an outstanding artist like McCartney to take his life experiences and turn them into some great music...READ MORE

Nad Neslo-Back From Gone

Artist: Nad Neslo
Title: Back From Gone
Genre: Rock-Blues
Label: Independent
CD Baby Link

Finding an artist like Nad Neslo is a real discovery for this listener. The Internet affords so many opportunities for the performer and listeners now, the choices are endless, and at times, it can be confusing. I found Nad on CD Baby, listened to some samples and that was all she wrote. I needed to hear the entire CD... READ MORE

Alex Rosselli's Instrumental Rock

Artist: Alex Rosselli
Title: My Red Guitar – 2005, Arlekkino – 2004, Moonlight – 2003, Walking Through the Gates – 2002 Impression – 2000-2001
Genre: Instrumental-Rock-Jazz-Fusion
Label: Independent
CD Baby Link All Releases

Alessandro “Alex” Rosselli is a versatile guitar player from Italy. Fans of instrumental rock will enjoy all of his current recordings. It so happens I have a proclivity for this kind of music so I seek it out. Finding an artist with 5 albums worth of material, and all of it instrumental, for this listner was like being a kid in a (ear) candy store. I was poking around CD Baby one afternoon and started sampling this man’s music and was intrigued by what he had to offer...READ MORE

Lance Reegan-Diehl Releases All Instrumental CD


Seoul, Korea-June 18, 2007- Lance Reegan-Diehl has a released a long awaited career spanning compilation featuring some of his finest instrumental guitar work titled Chasing My Reflection.

The recording spans the period from 1992 to 2006. With no vocals to get in the way of his extraordinary guitar work, Diehl paints images with the many different tones and sounds he coaxes from his electric axe. The 13 tracks cover the gamut of musical expressions and tastes. Diehl feels equally at home rocking, playing the blues or jazz fusion. Chasing My Reflection is a great tribute to his work and development over the years as one of the world’s best guitar players.

Lance is not only receiving rave reviews for his recent release; he has been traveling the world performing and teaching at clinics. On January 26, 2007, the artist demonstrated the JamMate USB Guitar, as well as midi technology, and his acoustic playing at a Seoul Jazz Academy. You can check out the video on You …

The April Skies-How It All Played Out

Artist: The April Skies
Title: How It All Played Out
Genre: Rock-Pop-Alternative
Label: Wiab Records
CD Baby

The first time I heard The April Skies a few years ago on The Breathe EP I felt…now there was an indie band out there doing their own thing yet using all of their influences to their advantage instead of to their detriment. Then on Flood they reached a level that I knew they were very capable of. Ok so far no disappointments...READ MORE

K4 Comes Of Age With First Full Length Release Emperor


Ann Arbor, MI-June 11, 2007- After months of working hard in the Document Room studios in Malibu, California, with producer TJ Meskiel K4 has just completed their first full-length release Emperor. K4 and Gregg Leonard made the final tweaks of the mixes completed in April and May in the band’s hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan at Big Sky Studios.

K4 will be doing a special pre-record release on June 15th in the intimate setting of The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI for friends and family.

The lead track “Emperor” shows a band hitting a high and sounding very mature, while “No Consequence” introduces how they are able to ratchet down their energy and hard rocking sound to become more subtle and ballad like. Longtime fans will realize very quickly that this recording was worth the wait. After releasing three very successful EPs the band decided, it was time to get down to business and give their fans a long player to enjoy. All the hard work and perseverance has paid off, …

No Restraints-In The Left Lane

Artist: No Restraints
Title: In The Left Lane
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Independent
CD Baby Link

Did you ever feel like you are traveling in the left lane of life? No Restraints is not In The Left Lane of music so to speak but their music covers those feelings that make us feel like we are outside looking in, not a part of, all alone in a crowd of 300 people. I think you get my drift...READ MORE

Joe Anfuso-Meet His Gaze

Artist: Joe Anfuso
Title: Meet His Gaze
Genre: Christian Folk Rock
Label: Independent
CD Baby Link

Joe Anfuso is doing some exceptional work to make the world a better place. I am impressed by the accomplishments of his life. I am doing something I never do, take something from an artists’ site verbatim…READ MORE