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Red Plastic Buddha-Sunflower Sessions Review

Artist: Red Plastic Buddha
Title: Sunflower Sessions
Genre: Garage Rock-Psychedelic
Label: Spade Kitty Records
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How could you not become immediately intrigued with a name like Red Plastic Buddha? The cover is like psychedelic 60s period poster artwork
and the music falls right in line. When you look at the fact there are
only six tracks, your first thought is it must be an EP, wrong! We are
reaching back to another time when a full album of songs was right
around 30 minutes in length or just under. Sunflower Sessions is 3:38 over
that previously taboo industry threshold...

Arek Religa-In Memory Of The Greatests Review

Artist: Arek Religa
Title: In Memory Of The Greatests
Genre: Instrumental-Jazz-Rock-Fusion
Label: Independent
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Arek Religa was honored with the Sonic Bids talent contest winner a few months ago. With his amazing guitar playing talents and his two-hand tapping technique video that leaves your mouth hanging open, made the choice obvious as we narrowed it down to the final three contestants...READ MORE...

Racquel Roberts-The Secret Of Christmas Review

Artist: Racquel Roberts
Title: The Secret Of Christmas
Genre: R and B-Jazz-Pop
Label: Peace Rock LLC
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The Secret Of Christmas is Racquel Roberts celebrating the holiday season her own way with a diversifed style and approach. Typically a Christmas album is filled with a more traditional framework in every aspect. This CD takes the word tradition and flips it around with great success....READ MORE...

Gordon James-In Joy Review

Artist: Gordon James
Title: In Joy
Genre: Smooth Jazz-Instrumental
Label: Caress Music
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This music is about the joy of life. Gordon James believes that we can interpret life in a beautiful way through music. I believe this to be true as music is the universal language everyone understands.....READ MORE...

Zdenko Ivanusic-Lost In HTML

Artist: Zdenko Ivanusic
Title: Lost In HTML
Genre: Instrumental Jazz-Fusion
Label: Zivaldo Records
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Zdenko Ivanusic provides a nice blend of contemporary smooth jazz combined with a modern fusion and improvisation, which for this listener is the best of both worlds...READ MORE...

The Secret Of Christmas Revealed On The New Racquel Roberts Indie Release


Los Angeles, CA-November 26, 2007- November 26, 2007-Los Angeles, CA-Racquel Roberts is a female vocalist with a technique acquired through years of practice at the top level of musical theatre on Broadway and international stages. All of that experience reaches its fruition on her latest release The Secret of Christmas...READ MORE...

Casey Desmond-No Disguise Review

Artist: Casey Desmond
Title: No Disguise
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Independent
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Casey Desmond comes right at you with No Disguise, her second studio recording. Her words are not a mish mash of mixed messages like some of the nonsensical musings you hear, it is the exact opposite, and every track packs a punch because of her honesty. Desmond is one of new breed of multi tasking indie musicians and in addition to that has her parents involved with studio production and managing her career....READ MORE...

Tammy Allen From Me To You Review

Artist: Tammy Allen
Title: From Me To You
Genre: AC-Pop-Rock-Jazz
Label: TD Entertainment
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You know the old adage that it takes one person to say one bad thing for it to spread to ten people in no time? Well, imagine a world that was the polar opposite? Just think for a minute if every time someone said something negative that the one person that was receiving the message dismissed it and said something positive to ten different people during the course of a day. What kind of world would it be if everyone did that for just one day? I know this will probably never happen because it is not realistic, but it sure is nice to dream....READ MORE...

Old Man Brown Releases New CD Return On Indie Label Boat Shop Records


Nashville, Tennessee-November 13, 2007- Old Man Brown is based in the Baltimore area, playing their own brand of original rock, blues, soul and funk that honors earlier traditions that have been forgotten with much of the new music coming out today...READ MORE...

Tony Senatore Makes History Releasing An Instructional DVD For The 12 String Bass


Newark, New Jersey-November 13, 2007- Tony Senatore’s introduction to music began when he was 5 years old when his father decided to start teaching him the trumpet and some basics of music theory. The young Senatore found he had perfect pitch and he progressed into teen years playing the trumpet. By the time he was 16 he discovered a lifelong friend, the bass...READ MORE...

Mike Cullison-Blue Collar Tired

Artist: Mike Cullison
Title: Blue Collar Tired
Genre: Rock-Country-Blues
Label: Cullison Music
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Mike Cullison got his experience playing music in the honky-tonk clubs of Oklahoma. Johnny Neel, The wily old veteran from the south, shows up for yet another album joining Cullison on this session...READ MORE...

Krescent4 To Showcase New Release Emperor At The Ontario Independent Music Awards


Ann Arbor, MI-November 5, 2007- Krescent 4 the hometown boys from Michigan are set to showcase their new album Emperor
at the Ontario Independent Music Awards in Toronto November 15th at The Phoenix Concert Hall. The event is also a charity event for The Toronto Wildlife Center. The band is very excited to be a part of the event, which supports indie music and charity with Rock ‘n’ Roll. The band will also be picking up a gig November 16 at The Savannah Room in Toronto....READ MORE...

Elvis A Generous Heart Released On DVD By Morada Music


November 5, 2007-Ventura,CA- Following the great success of the DVD Elvis Presley…From Beginning To End, the Collector’s Edition Volume 2 has arrived. Elvis’s accomplishments as an entertainer have been well documented and they continue to be with an endless stream of music and live performances. Because of his popularity long after his death, new material is continually unearthed and created to fill the demand. Marshall Blonstein, president of Morada Music, the parent company of Tangiers Entertainment, and his creative team have put together a new and unique and never before seen perspective on Elvis...READ MORE...

Old Man Brown Return Review

Artist: Old Man Brown
Title: Return
Genre: Rock-Blues-Jazz
Label: Boat Shop Records
Return CD Baby Link
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Old Man Brown is a throwback to bands like the Allman Brothers and The Spencer Davis Group. The lead singer, Adam-Scott Wakefield, has a remarkable resemblance to Steve Winwood. I say this with fondness and appreciation for what this band accomplishes on their CD Return...READ MORE...

Tony Senatore-A 12-String Bass X-Ploration

Artist: Tony Senatore
Title: A 12-String Bass X-Ploration
Genre: Instrumental-Rock-Jazz-Fusion
Label: Independent
Format: DVD
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The name Tony Senatore is not a household name when it comes to bass players. Chris Squire, Tony Levin and Jack Bruce are not mentioned in the same breath but I must say after hearing Tony’s music and watching his new DVD A 12-String Bass X-Ploration, that I am convinced; he could play right alongside those legends. Tony is a very humble man and he knows his instrument. He knows it so well that he decided to share his love and respect with his instrument by recording an instructional DVD for those that want to learn more about the bass that was born in 1978. Even if you do not play the bass, there is plenty of enjoyment on this DVD visually and aurally...READ MORE...

Laura Pursell-Somewhere In This Room

Artist: Laura Pursell
Title: Somewhere In This Room
Genre: Adult Contemporary-Rock-Pop
Label: Cloudshine Global Music
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Somewhere In This Room is a work of art put into motion with the angelic voice of Laura Pursell. If you were to base this recording on the lengthy write up that Laura contributes in the CD booklet before you listen, there is no doubt you will perceive everything quite differently. I took the time to read the introspective outlook the artist has on her world and music, and found that the output of her work matches her philosophy...READ MORE...

Heart’s Live Concert Performance Of Famed Album Dreamboat Annie Set For Release On DVD and CD


Los Angeles, CA – October 22, 2007- The iconic rock group Heart took the stage at The Orpheum Theatre in front of a live audience to perform their spectacular debut album Dreamboat Annie in its entirety for the first time, for a DIRECTV special. The performance aired Mother’s Day 2007, and will be re-aired in conjunction with Shout Factory’s release of a live DVD and CD of that concert in October 2007...READ MORE...

Heart-Dreamboat Annie Live Review

Artist: Heart
Title: Dreamboat Annie Live
Genre: Classic Rock
Label: Shout Factory
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My first instinct, upon receiving Dreamboat Annie Live for review, was to dig through my record collection and give the original Dreamboat Annie a spin. Released in 1976 by Canada’s Mushroom Records, Dreamboat Annie is a great album and a must have for any rock enthusiast. Heart, at that time, was a group of musicians who clearly loved rock-n-roll, and their debut album has influences from just about every seminal rock band that came along before it, while at the same time being totally fresh and original...READ MORE...

Darlene Love-It’s Christmas Of Course Review

Artist: Darlene Love
Title: It’s Christmas Of Course
Genre: Christmas/Holiday/R&B
Label: Shout! Factory
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Christmas comes earlier and earlier with each passing year. Last year, it seemed like they put out the red and green M&Ms and the cardboard Santa displays before the last trick-or-treater knocked at my door. So when I was given Darlene Love’s It’s Christmas of Course to review at the beginning of October this year I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Now don’t get me wrong; I like Christmas as much as the next guy but, anymore, I only enjoy Christmas music for the two weeks leading up to the big day itself, and that’s about it

Paul Cullen Releases Independent CD Dreamdance


Philadelphia, PA-October 10, 2007- Paul Cullen’s resourcefulness reaches fruition on his new release Dreamdance. By combining his love of music, fine food and wine, Paul brings his music to wine related events in several different regions of the country.

Paul was inspired at 19 years old by jazz-fusion artist Pat Metheny and Weather Report. After hour upon hour of diligent work with his new obsession, life was about to change. The opportunity to perform presented itself he started paying his dues on the road. It all paid off when he had a chance meeting with members of AC/DC in 1989...READ MORE...

The Legendary Voice Of The Crystals Fills Your Stocking With Modern Day Holiday Classics


Los Angeles, CA – October 11, 2007- Shout Factory will release Darlene Love’s first Christmas album, It’s Christmas, Of Course, which is sure to start a holiday tradition of its own. For the album, Darlene gives us her take on 12 tastefully selected holiday neo-classics and more....READ MORE...

Family Tree Records Release Sakai’s CD Dream Big


Los Angeles, California-October 8, 2007- Family Tree Records has joined forces with The Rob Nonies Label Group and Koch Distribution on the release of Sakai’s Dream Big. “I Like,” the first single from Dream Big is graced with the guitar-playing wizardry of Dwayne Wiggins of Tony! Tone! Toni!. “I Like,” debuted at the #8 position on Billboard’s “Hot R&B & Hip Hop Singles Sales”chart...READ MORE...

Deana Carter-The Chain Review

Title: The Chain
Genre: Country
Label: Vanguard Records
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Deana Carter’s ninth release The Chain is a collection of rock and country classics with an amazing ensemble of guest musicians who are featured on the songs they made popular over three decades ago. Imagine an album where Paul Simon, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Fred Carter, Jr. are all gathered together to perform on the songs they made popular at the height of their respective careers and you get an idea of what this album is all about...READ MORE...

Joey Sommerville-Like You Mean It

Artist: Joey Sommerville
Title: Like You Mean It
Genre: Jazz
Label: Sojo Music Inc.
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Like You Mean It is a descriptive title for this CD because Joey Sommerville plays the trumpet as if he really does means it with every note. He also shows us his versatility by playing keys, acoustic guitar and bass. The man has his groove in more than one area...READ MORE...

Sakai--Dream Big

Artist: Sakai
Title: Dream Big
Genre: R and B-Soul
Label: Family Tree Records
Dream Big CD Baby Link
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On her second full-length solo release, Dream Big, Oakland based soul singer Sakai steps to the forefront revealing several sides of her personality: the lover, the independent working woman and the spiritual woman who has faith that she can control her own destiny. This time around she has teamed up with producer/songwriter Darkside, and together they have recorded some funk infused soul music that combines elements of the Detroit and Philly sound with the hip-hop beats of today’s neo soul...READ MORE...

Deana Carter Releases The Chain On October 9TH


October 1, 2007-Santa Monica, CA– Award-winning singer/songwriter/performer Deana Carter unveils The Chain, her fifth studio record October 9th on Vanguard Records.

Each of the 12 songs on The Chain has a special importance to Deana, who personally chose material that had a great impact on her early life. She took the same care in recruiting collaborators for the project, assembling a group of musicians who influenced her as an artist....READ MORE...

Paul Cullen-Dreamdance

Artist: Paul Cullen
Title: Dreamdance
Genre: Adult Contemporary-Pop-Jazz
Label: Dreamdance Music
Dreamdance CD Baby Link
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After listening to Paul Cullen’s new release Dreamdance I had a hard time envisioning him as the former bass player for the rock legends Bad Company. He has an interesting story; after departing from the band in the early 90s he decided to take control of his career, taught himself how to play guitar and took singing lessons, and here we are with an appealing solo album that grabbed me right from the first track. I cannot speak for everyone, but that’s the way this CD affected me and I suspect there will be many other listeners that will feel the same way. Right from the first cut I felt relaxed and enchanted, and I was able to hold on to that feeling until the album concluded...READ MORE...

Terence Blanchard-A Tale Of God's Will (A Requiem For Katrina)

Artist: Terence Blanchard
Title: A Tale Of God’s Will (A Requiem For Katrina)
Genre: Blue Note
Label: Jazz
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A Tale Of God’s Will E Card
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A Tale Of Gods Will (A Requiem For Katrina) is more than just another jazz record and much more than a soundtrack recording; it is an epic recording that, while rooted in jazz, reaches far beyond any single genre. Multi Grammy winner and New Orleans native Terence Blanchard and company have taken the material he wrote for Spike Lee’s documentary “When the Levees Broke” and expanded it into a collection of tracks that is simply beyond category. The album reminds us of the musical gifts that New Orleans has given us, what has been lost, and what we are in jeopardy of losing in the aftermath of the flood...READ MORE...

Juan Oskar Is A Superhero On New Indie Release


Phoenix, Arizona-September 24, 2007- Juan Oskar is back after two years of preparation for the release of his new concept album Superhero. This time around each track and its music is designed to represent a different comic book character...READ MORE...

Guerilla Black Testifies To The Healing Power Of Rap With God Bless The Child


September 21, 2007-Los Angeles, CA- Guerilla Black’s grandfather used to say, “Be fast to listen, and slow to speak,” and Black (born Charles Williamson) has seen and heard a lot during his life. With the release of God Bless The Child, he is ready for us to listen because he’s got a lot to say about God, the hood, and the miracle of life...READ MORE...

Lee Nysted Enjoys A Strong Return To The Studio With New Album Whispers of Wisdom


Chicago, Illinois-September 17, 2007- Rock music has another hero and his name is Lee Nysted. Nysted is becoming a modern day musical shaman-an advocate for a spiritual life and making music that announces his new found freedom. On his new album Whispers of Wisdom Nysted teams with his normal cast of superb musicians and a special guest, Todd Sucherman, the drummer for rock legends Styx...READ MORE...

The Slack-Wishful Sinking

Artist: The Slack
Title: Wishful Sinking
Genre: Indie-Alternative-Rock
Label: Where’s My Elephant? (BMI)
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Dallas, Texas band The Slack makes music that has a dynamic pop/new-rock sound. The melodies change up dramatically during phases of a number of songs, and the band incorporates a wide range of instrumentation into many of the tracks on Wishful Sinking. There is a variety of styles on this release, and some of the songs have that quality where they almost sound familiar...READ MORE...

Joey Sommerville Rides Indie Wave to Top of Charts


Atlanta, Georgia- September 13, 2007- Trumpeter extraordinaire Joey Sommerville is blazing his way to the top of the Indie Jazz Charts. His latest release entitled Like You Mean It, features cuts with Wayman Tisdale, Marion Meadows, Phil Perry, Bob Baldwin, Rhonda Smith and Mike Phillips. Sommerville channels a perfect mix of bouncy grooves, Latin vibes and House Beats, all infused with the melodic soul of this incredible talent. The magical blend has catapulted the CD to reach as high as Number 7 on the smooth jazz Top 50 Indie charts.

Like You Mean It, features twelve hot, smooth and mellow tunes that draw on Joey’s life experiences. Childhood roots in the Baptist church inspired him to pursue playing the trumpet, but Sommerville didn’t stop there. To add even more impact to the soul and melodic fire of gospel music, Joey added a generous helping of be-bop, a dollop of rhythm and blues, and a sprinkle of hip-hop for an inspiring musical mélange. Detroit nativ…

Terence Blanchard’s A Tale Of God’s Will (A Requiem For Katrina) Takes On New Life


September 10, 2007-Los Angeles, CA-Los Angeles, CA-September 10, 2007- New Orleans has long been known as “The City that Care Forgot,” referring to the carefree and easy-going nature of its residents, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina these words have taken on an ironic new meaning as New Orleans silently fades from our collective attention. We all watched in disbelief from the safety of our TVs the plight of the thousands who were left behind to fend for themselves as the levees broke, and we saw peoples’ homes as well as some of the nation’s most cherished landmarks submerged under the overfed Mississippi River....MORE...

Steve Dooks-Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars

Artist: Steve Dooks
Title: Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars
Genre: Jazz-Blues
Label: Limelight Productions
Source Link

In 2004 I discovered Steve Dooks through his album Two Days on the Floor. Three years later he offers his listeners something entirely different with Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars. I know it sounds more like the title of a blues album; however, this is jazz with a little bit of the blues around the outer fringes and stuck in between (“It’s Called The Blues”). Jazz and blues - blues and jazz; whatever way you want to look at it they are kissin’ cousins, and Dooks goes down that path more than once....READ MORE...

Ann Wilson-Hope and Glory Review

Artist: Ann Wilson
Title: Hope and Glory
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Zoe Records
Amazon Link
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When you have been around for a while and have lived the life of the successful rock star what is left? Well, you keep plugging away and make great music, then there are no reasons to retire, and you have every reason to continue and in some instances record the album you always wanted to.....READ MORE

Jordan Rudess-The Road Home

Artist: Jordan Rudess
Title: The Road Home
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Magna Carta
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Jordan Rudess has found his Road Home through music. The versatile keyboard player that was once a classical pianist entered the world of progressive rock with Dream Theater many years ago and has never looked back, except on this album where he stops to reflect upon the music that got him where he is today. Rudess is prog-metal royalty now and it is obvious to me after listening to The Road Home that his love for this music has not waned at all over the years; on the contrary, it feels strong and poignant. The keyboard wizard makes every track his own by improvising and adding his special touch to give each one the respect it deserves while making sure his stamp is left everywhere in between. There are six tracks on this CD with the classic ELP track “Tarkus” running for nearly 24 minutes alone; it’s packed with long stretches of keyboard virtuosity. This is what you want …

Ann Wilson Shares An Essential Message For Our Times With Hope and Glory


August 31, 2007-Los Angeles, CA- At a time when America was beginning the lengthy healing process that followed the Viet Nam War and rock bands like Aerosmith, The Eagles and The Steve Miller Band were dominating FM radio airwaves, Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson emerged at the center of one of the first critically recognized female fronted rock-n-roll bands. With Heart the Wilson sisters redefined what it meant to be a woman in the male dominated world of rock and helped to pave the way for future female artists, and along the way they made some invaluable contributions to the rich lexicon of rock-n-roll music...MORE...

Buck 69-When She Whispers Your Name

Artist: Buck 69
Title: When She Whispers Your Name
Genre: Blues-Rock-Jam-Band
Label: TRC
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Buck 69 is the creation of father/son musical team Tom and Alex Clawson. It is a multi-generational, blues-style jam-band with some off-the-hook guitar playing. For their debut When She Whispers Your Name, they have served up a funk injected blues album that would be the perfect accompaniment to a late night swingers’ party. Why a swingers’ party? I’ll get to that...READ MORE

Lee Nysted-Whispers of Wisdom

Artist: Lee Nysted
Title: Whispers of Wisdom
Genre: Rock
Label:Nysted Music/The Orchard
Source Link

With Whispers of Wisdom, Lee Nysted has become a sort of modern-day musical shaman. The title of this album suggests the invisible spirit within each of us that will guide us through the most troubling of times and deliver to us an inner peace - if we only take the time to hear its voice. His lyrics are both personal and philosophic, but he modestly credits a higher power for his inspiration. His acoustic guitar playing would have made Andrés Segovia sit up and take notice and his electric playing is on par with many great contemporary artists of today...READ MORE...

Dream Theater-Systematic Chaos

Artist: Dream Theater
Title: Systematic Chaos
Format: Special Edition-Enhanced 5.1 Surround Sound CD/ DVD
Genre: Progressive Rock-Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Amazon Link

The last time I listened to an album repeatedly, I mean twice a day for a stretch of two weeks, began the day I picked up Black Sabbath’s 1973 album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. It became a permanent resident on my turntable and drove my parents crazy. History does repeat itself and for many reasons I could not stop listening to Dream Theater’s most recent release Systematic Chaos. I have long wondered if they could possibly release an album as good as Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence; now I am elated to discover that they have surpassed that 2002 release for consistency and overall excellence in production, musicianship, lyrics and storytelling - this is their best effort to date! READ MORE...

Natalie Walker-Urban Angel Review

Artist: Natalie Walker
Title: Urban Angel
Genre: Dance-Electronic
Label: Dorado Records / Quango Music Group
CD Baby Link

When I read about the song of the siren luring seafaring men to their doom in classic literature, I imagine singing like that of Natalie Walker. Her vocalization is gentle and sweet to the ears, and the only word I can find to describe her voice is dulcet. Add to that her physical beauty; she has the sort of fair complexion and big blue eyes that make you want to put your arms around her and protect her from the cruelty of the world. Her lyrics are personal and exhibit an emotional and spiritual maturity, and she has the uncanny ability to team up with gifted musician/composers. For her debut solo album, Natalie Walker has pulled all of these elements together and given us Urban Angel...READ MORE... Relaunches With New Look And New Services For Indie Artists


Boston, MA-August 27, 2007- In 1998 Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck launched his own website in order to satisfy a desire to be involved in the music industry. Eight years laterm has gone through several incarnations and become one of the leading Indie Music Reviews and Artist Publicity sites on the internet. The site is now being re-launched with a cutting edge look and an improved focus for the artists that the site supports.

In early 2007 Hannaleck entered into a partnership with a marketing and services firm in Massachusetts and was reborn with an entirely different look and additional services for indie artists. After several months of redesigning the site, implementation, and building the right partnerships, the site is ready to raise the bar for indie artists.

The look and feel has changed but the personal touch has not. The site and its staff intend to keep the personal contact with artists in place in order to maintain the lon…

Natalie Walker Releases Urban Angel In America


Los Angeles,CA-August 27, 2007- Those who were canny enough to get their hands on an imported copy of her solo debut Urban Angel, or who have downloaded the sensual new single “Crush” from iTunes, already understand the allure of Natalie Walker’s dulcet vocalization. For the rest of us, Dorado Records and Quango Music Group are proud to announce a special U.S release of Urban Angel on August 28, 2007.

Music fans were first introduced to Natalie Walker’s voice on Daughter Darling’s debut album Sweet Shadows. The Philadelphia based band gained attention for the song “Broken Bridge”, which was featured in the pilot episode for Fox Television’s popular medical drama House.

Now she has teamed up with Nate Greenberg and Dan Chen (aka Stuhr) in Brooklyn, NY. Together they have created the soothing and liquid Urban Angel. This album contains some of the most personal and revealing songs Natalie has ever performed, and the guys from Stuhr have created a lush soundscape to c…

Kellie Coffey-Walk On Review

Artist: Kellie Coffey
Title: Walk On
Genre: Country
Label: Duet
“I Would Die For That” Video
CD Baby Link

I have always thought of country as music for guys who like to dress up and play cowboy on the weekend. What can I say? I have a few hang-ups, but I want to taste all that music’s rich buffet has to offer. With Walk On, Kellie Coffey has side-stepped some of the stereotypes I have held about country music through the years. The country music scene isn’t just some good-ol’-boy’s club; these are every-day people not much different from you and me...READ MORE

Country Singer/Songwriter Kellie Coffey Releases Much Anticipated New Album Walk On


Video Single I Would Die For That Exploding on YouTube Over 70,000 Hits in Four Weeks

Los Angeles, CA-August 20, 2007- The Academy of Country Music’s Top New Female of 2003, Kellie Coffey, is back with a new independent album entitled Walk On. The follow-up release to her debut album, “When You Lie Next to Me,” was produced by Wayne Kirkpatrick (Little Big Town) and features 12 tracks, 11 co-written by Coffey. The video for the first single, “I Would Die For That,” is exploding on YouTube with over 70,000 hits in only four weeks.

Walk On,is the kind of deep introspective album that most artists aspire to make. “We wrote songs about our life experience and what moved us,” Coffey said of her co-writers. “It was probably the purest creative experience of my life.” The new album represents more than one dream come true; Coffey became pregnant and gave birth to her baby boy during the writing and recording of the album.

Coffey was inspired to write the powerful bal…

Thelma Houston-A Woman’s Touch Review

Artist: Thelma Houston
Title: A Woman’s Touch
Genre: R & B-Soul-Pop
Label:Shout! Factory
Amazon Link

Thelma Houston may have been a diva in the ‘70s but the title still applies several decades later. She has a smoldering soulful album out now titled A Woman’s Touch. The CD features tracks originally recorded by male singers including Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye and Sting, to mention a few.

The songs are from a woman’s vantage point but even the male listener can reinterpret it all from their side and find enjoyment and appreciation for what Houston accomplishes on this outing. From any viewpoint, this is good music and it comes from the tip of Houston’s toes, through her heart, and into your ears. Ultimately, it saturates your soul as well.

Similar to the beginning of the Lion King, the album opens with a familiar call to the wild, and then Thelma gives the world her own wake up call on “Wake up Everybody.” This opening track has enormous impact and the message comes thro…

Pet Buffalo-Independent Variable

Artist: Pet Buffalo
Title: Independent Variable
Genre: Rock-Blues-Folk
Label: Independent
CD Baby Link

Don’t you wish you had your own Pet Buffalo? Well… probably not, but I do have something better; a band with that peculiar (eccentric) name, and the best part about it is they are high-grade.

Their new release Independent Variable is loaded with emotionally drenched bluesy rock and folk tracks. The lead singer, Teri Hitt, has a voice that dares you to listen and then listen again. She beckons you with her smooth vibrato and you begin to fall into the words. Once you are in the middle of it all there is no turning back. It’s the kind of album I would want to make.

The music presented here is a combination of rock, blues and folk. It all leans more towards an earthy blues rock feel, but the folk element remains a constant thread running through each track and it serves as a jumping off point into the different styles. In addition to singing, Hitt plays the acoustic guitar while Chris…

Saro Tribastone-Fanusa

Artist: Saro Tribastone
Title: Fanusa
Genre: Popular Sicilian-Spanish Flamenco-Latin
Label: Quango Music Group
CD Baby Link

Saro Tribastone has spent much of his career composing music for documentaries and touring with various Sicillian music groups; now he introduces his music to audiences around the world with his new EP CD Fanusa. This debut album boasts a modest four tracks, and a running time of approximatly fifteen minutes, and two of the tracks are actually alternate versions of the same song titled “Fanusa”.

The album is like a little slice of the rich Mediterranean musical culture, and is evocative of the region’s landscape and its people. With its flamenco guitar styling and Latin rhythms, however brief, it possesses the ability to transport the listener to that tranquil part of the globe.

The song “Fanusa” is subtle and rhythmic with a Spanish feel. I can imagine driving along the Costa Brava with the sea spread out below me to one side and olive trees poking out o…

‘70s Diva Thelma Houston Gives Her Favorite Songs A Woman's Touch


Los Angeles, CA-August 13, 2007- Thelma Houston, the dynamic voice behind the disco anthem “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” is back with her first album in over 17 years. In a clever twist, Houston uses A Woman’s Touch (in stores August 14th via Shout! Factory) to transform songs made famous by some of the biggest singers – male singers - in R&B and pop.

The new Cd was entirely conceived by Thelma Houston, as well as executive produced by Thelma in association with Stephen Ford of Diva Central, Inc.

A Woman’s Touch is filled with songs she has long been a fan of. “They are songs I always wished I had recorded,” she explains, “and I loved doing them from a woman’s standpoint.” But Houston doesn’t just put a female spin on the lyrics, she takes over and completely reworks the songs through soul, R&B, blues and dance floor filters. “Ain’t That Peculiar,” and Sting’s “Brand New Day,” get bluesy, sassy make overs, while “Disco Heat/Mighty Real” (a nod to Houston’s…